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Artists who peaked with their debuts

Music: Non-Prince 26

What is your dream invention?

General Discussion 26

Prince Demo of Manic Monday and The Bangles version?

Prince: Music and More 24

Who Was The Pre-Cursor Act To Mid-90s Neo-Soul

Music: Non-Prince 21

Are you happy with how Dexter: New Blood ended?

General Discussion 21

Recent concerts you saw and the next you will see

Music: Non-Prince 22

MEGA STAR Will Smith ‘King Richard’ Earns Actor His First Golden Globe Win Ever!!

General Discussion 21

RIP: Bob Saget

General Discussion 22

R.I.P. Mtume

Music: Non-Prince 25

100 Greatest Soundtracks of All Time: ‘Batman’ (1989): Albumism

Prince: Music and More 67

Ranking Tracks from the Black Album and Lovesexy

Prince: Music and More 37

I Want A "When Doves Cry" SUPER DELUXE

Prince: Music and More 36

The Lubricated Lady - Mandela Effect?

Prince: Music and More 32

John Legend sells rights to his catalog.

Music: Non-Prince 62

Anyone here dislike The Rainbow Children album?

Prince: Music and More 105

Taylor Swift: Will the Music Industry Black Ball her liked they did Prince?

Music: Non-Prince 54

When did Prince stop baring his chest onstage?

Prince: Music and More 23

What happened 2 all the hot chicks at prince concerts?

Prince: Music and More 32

Private Joy (Edit)

Prince: Music and More 34

The Weeknd-Dawn FM

Music: Non-Prince 33

Wall of Berlin Appreciation

Prince: Music and More 23

Streaming Platform [Wish List]

Prince: Music and More 52

RIP: Betty White

General Discussion 55

I'm starting to really like MPLS Sound.

Prince: Music and More 32

How Prince and MJ Portrayed and Viewed Women

Music: Non-Prince 21