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Purple Rain (the album) turned 35 on 25 June

Prince: Music and More 06/26/19 3:33am

Mueller subpeonaed to Testify Before Congress

Politics & Religion 06/25/19 9:35pm

Prince In A Camisole: Undressing The ‘Originals’ Album

Prince: Music and More 06/25/19 7:14pm

Don’t count on deluxe reissues: UMG fire destroys decades of music heritage

Music: Non-Prince 06/25/19 3:26pm

Worthy Covers

Prince: Music and More 06/25/19 11:50am

Head of U.S. border protection resigns as 100 migrant kids moved back to troubled facility

Politics & Religion 06/25/19 11:48am

Congratz, Prince is immortal. (k-pop video)

Prince: Music and More 06/25/19 10:00am

First democratic primary debates June 26& 27 2019

Politics & Religion 06/25/19 9:40am

10 years ago, Michael Jackson died

Music: Non-Prince 06/25/19 6:44am

Rolling Stone Article - Collaborators Talk "Originals" Look Back

Prince: Music and More 06/24/19 9:52pm

Beth Chapman from 'Dog the Bounty Hunter' is in a medically induced coma

General Discussion 06/24/19 9:44pm

Prince Mention During A Ray Parker Jr. Interview, At The 34:37 Mark

Music: Non-Prince 06/24/19 9:44pm

YouTube and Universal Music Group are remastering old music videos

Music: Non-Prince 06/24/19 2:48pm

Interview with Susannah Melvoin

Art, Podcasts, & Fan Content 06/24/19 1:46pm

"you can always change your underwear."

General Discussion 06/24/19 9:32am

Dave Bartholomew, New Orleans composer who helped create rock ‘n’ roll, dies at 100

Music: Non-Prince 06/24/19 9:28am

"KingBAD… pardon me 4 breathin', can we borrow some of your air? "

General Discussion 06/24/19 9:24am

Prince’s ‘Batman’ at 30: How the Film Saved His Career From ‘Horrible’ Financial Straits

Prince: Music and More 06/24/19 8:34am

Prince - was he the greatest lyricist / songwriter?- its beyond all comprehension.

Prince: Music and More 06/24/19 7:10am

Prince - I am One (Bootleg on Tidal again)

Prince: Music and More 06/24/19 6:18am

Anyone able to translate this Jill Jones interview?

Art, Podcasts, & Fan Content 06/24/19 1:55am

Did they change the cover to The Beautiful Ones book?

Prince: Music and More 06/23/19 10:49pm

Are you a hater?

Politics & Religion 06/23/19 9:19pm

Inspiiration for The Undertaker

Prince: Music and More 06/23/19 8:51am

PRINCE PROM 7/19/19 Los Angeles

Fan Gatherings 06/22/19 9:52pm