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2020 Emmys

General Discussion 09/21/20 12:25pm

Just Want Peace

Politics & Religion 09/21/20 11:31am

Check out this new Prince book!

Prince: Music and More 09/21/20 10:36am

What Prince song do real fans consider a classic that you just don't see?

Prince: Music and More 09/21/20 10:13am

Justice Dept. brands NYC an ‘anarchist jurisdiction,’ targets federal funds

Politics & Religion 09/21/20 7:20am

Sue Anne Carwell

Associated artists & people 09/21/20 6:03am

Ortez Infotech Private Limited

Prince: Music and More 09/21/20 5:59am

Taylor Swift's Folklore album

Music: Non-Prince 09/21/20 5:56am

"Matt Fink divulges a secret about “Purple Rain”’s creation"

Prince: Music and More 09/20/20 11:41pm

Rate the last movie you watched #47

General Discussion 09/20/20 9:07pm

Two appearances of Prince in the series "I'll be gone in the Dark"

Prince: Music and More 09/20/20 8:48pm

What's next - 2021

Prince: Music and More 09/20/20 2:44pm

Hidden gems on underwhelming/underperforming albums

Music: Non-Prince 09/20/20 2:32pm

Graffiti Bridge Deluxe would be bloody brilliant IF Nude tour were included?

Prince: Music and More 09/20/20 2:17pm

"get up bitch... NASTY BITCH!!!"

General Discussion 09/20/20 2:11pm

Tired yet?

Politics & Religion 09/20/20 11:42am

Dr. Fink and Sheila E. on Small Club

Associated artists & people 09/20/20 8:38am

She's gonna cut my head off! But IDC

Music: Non-Prince 09/19/20 9:15pm

Is Kamala Harris really black?

Politics & Religion 09/19/20 6:07pm

the black album should have been released in 87

Prince: Music and More 09/19/20 3:24pm

Steve Lukather talks about "Beat It"

Music: Non-Prince 09/19/20 2:46pm

The Steely Dan/Prince Thing... Again.

Prince: Music and More 09/19/20 12:26am

Prince - all samples...YouTube video of sounds and samples ...and the origins

Prince: Music and More 09/18/20 11:36pm

Madonna uploads HD version of her "Music" video on YouTube

Music: Non-Prince 09/18/20 11:25pm

Shana Tova

Politics & Religion 09/18/20 6:47pm