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Sticky: ** When Threads Are HIDDEN -Please READ ** OldFriends4Sale 0 13,647

Jan 25 2017 11:34am

  Sticky: Prince archivist Michael Howe talks through SOTT bonus cuts tecstar 156 24,060

Aug 19 2020 6:44amjump to last reply
by Se7en

  Sticky: SIGN O’ THE TIMES SUPER DELUXE EDITION - PART 3 - Scheduled for September 25th 2020 - CONTINUED luv4u 719 72,335

Today at 4:21pmjump to last reply
by violetcrush

Sticky: SOTT RELEASE official DISCUSSION - Links posted within (Now Open) OldFriends4Sale 0 4,294

Sep 23 2020 7:27am

  Sticky: The Estate Discussion - Continued here ......... luv4u 9 548

Sep 27 2020 6:57amjump to last reply
by PennyPurple

Sticky: other Sign of the Times related discussions OldFriends4Sale 0 372

Sep 27 2020 9:02am

  I heard the new Sign O The Times deluxe is sourced from a lossy master. getwild180 41 2,577

Today at 8:31pmjump to last reply
by williamb610

Sign O' the Times deluxe 120 pg book discussion OldFriends4Sale 47 2,682

Today at 8:26pmjump to last reply
by FunkyStrange

SOTT Vault, Part 2 (LP 7 & LP 8) discussion OldFriends4Sale 140 11,428

Today at 8:22pmjump to last reply
by FunkyStrange

  Where is the full lyrics of La, La, La, He, He, Hee (Highly Explosive)? peacewild 6 360

Today at 7:51pmjump to last reply
by peacewild

  SOT Vault, Part 1 (LP 5 & LP 6) discussion OldFriends4Sale 113 10,275

Today at 7:35pmjump to last reply
by sulls

SOTT Single Mixes & Edits (LP 3 & LP 4) discussion OldFriends4Sale 27 1,658

Today at 6:46pmjump to last reply
by databank

  SOTT SDE- your arrival date? laytonian 138 4,220

Today at 6:31pmjump to last reply
by Nonamesfan


Today at 6:03pmjump to last reply
by databank

  Should we really be listening to the vault songs? mrjj71 62 2,261

Today at 6:01pmjump to last reply
by purplethunder3121

  Gold Stickers damage on SDE's and other issues glamlife2 14 516

Today at 5:10pmjump to last reply
by WhisperingDandelions

  LoveSexy/Black Album should be one SDE right? emesem 36 1,241

Today at 5:00pmjump to last reply
by rebelenterprise

  The Story of Sign O' The Times, Episode 5: It Be's Like That Sometimes VaultCurator 111 4,272

Today at 4:36pmjump to last reply
by violetcrush

  what do you NOT want the estate to release? funkbabyandthebabysitters 83 2,478

Today at 4:07pmjump to last reply
by databank

SOTT Live @ Paisley Park – December 31, 1987 (DVD) discussion OldFriends4Sale 126 8,348

Today at 3:11pmjump to last reply
by databank

  Favorite songs on SOTT deluxe so far? TKO 40 2,257

Today at 2:21pmjump to last reply
by jdcxc

  Sheila E The Guardian interview DiscoMafia 43 3,295

Today at 1:33pmjump to last reply
by ChocolateBox3121

SOTT DVDs - NYE/Miles Davis MILLION x better than SOTT movie! PURPLEIZED3121 7 298

Today at 1:32pmjump to last reply
by KoolEaze

Sign o the Times Remastered Album (LP 1 & 2) discussion OldFriends4Sale 88 6,277

Today at 1:23pmjump to last reply
by JoeyCococo

SOTT Vault, Part 3 (LP 9 & LP 10) discussion OldFriends4Sale 160 11,720

Today at 1:10pmjump to last reply
by SquirrelMeat

  all the fuss over SOTT actually makes me feel a bit sad about how prince's life ended funkbabyandthebabysitters 20 862

Today at 12:21pmjump to last reply
by MarshallStacks

  which bootlegs can we ditch? lurker316 43 1,753

Today at 12:07pmjump to last reply
by Pjwest

SOTT Live In Utrecht (LP 11, LP 12 & LP 13) OldFriends4Sale 67 4,273

Today at 12:04pmjump to last reply
by databank

  let's just go ahead and.. expansion dm3857 1 278

Today at 10:48amjump to last reply
by jumptheysaid

  Nevaeh Ni Ecalp A reversed themanfromneptune 33 1,560

Today at 10:20amjump to last reply
by Pellwormer

  WALKIN' IN GLORY is a ballz out mega-masterpiece... soladeo1 37 1,988

Today at 9:50amjump to last reply
by masaba

  Prince Song Used in Pre-Game to Super Bowl 1993? pwyler 7 304

Today at 7:22amjump to last reply
by dodger

  Songs that inexplicably made it all the way through to SOTT emesem 90 4,268

Today at 5:26amjump to last reply
by FunkJam

  sound levels of the posthumous Prince releases... AvocadosMax 6 436

Today at 5:11amjump to last reply
by olb99

  SoTT Deluxe... the missing vault tracks hyperpessimist 82 2,846

Today at 4:52amjump to last reply
by LoveGalore

  Strange Relationship - Camille album version? FUNKNROLL 6 786

Today at 12:04amjump to last reply
by TrivialPursuit

  1999 or Sign SDE? milesb 13 545

Yesterday at 7:58pmjump to last reply
by strongoxman1

  HiRes 44.1/24 Question tyme 5 474

Yesterday at 7:41pmjump to last reply
by WhisperingDandelions

  Prince’s BEST/PEAK era AvocadosMax 33 909

Yesterday at 6:15pmjump to last reply
by databank

  Thoughts on Prince's 2013 Montreux Jazz Festival 3 night shows johnnieb 24 1,511

Yesterday at 5:20pmjump to last reply
by kookooman73

  What free software to reverse Nevaeh Ni Ecalp A? Gustavm 7 200

Yesterday at 5:13pmjump to last reply
by luv4u

  sott deluxe set willie 2 200

Yesterday at 5:06pmjump to last reply
by SoulAlive

List of songs Prince offerered to other artists who declined to use them databank 30 1,263

Yesterday at 2:36pmjump to last reply
by fms

  From The Lotus or Back 2 Te Lotus thebanishedone 12 806

Yesterday at 1:57pmjump to last reply
by paisleypark4

  DREAM FACTORY - The Complete Version jaorecords 8 738

Yesterday at 12:42pmjump to last reply
by jaawwnn

  Rave into year 2000 DVD OG vs Box comparison Quexzea 2 231

Yesterday at 11:11amjump to last reply
by Quexzea

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