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Song “Time” from AOA, Remix?

Prince: Music and More 06/18/19 10:19pm

Uterus transplants and their future.

Politics & Religion 06/18/19 9:47pm

The Future Remix

Prince: Music and More 06/18/19 6:59pm

Trump officially launches 2020 campaign

Politics & Religion 06/18/19 5:22pm

Que Sera Sera--Sly and The Family Stone

Music: Non-Prince 06/18/19 3:26pm

"CYBERSINGLE" an observartion and a question about vocal fx

Prince: Music and More 06/18/19 2:08pm

Illegal Immigration and Trump

Politics & Religion 06/18/19 8:30am


Prince: Music and More 06/18/19 7:57am

Complete, official George Clinton / Parliament / Funkadelic / P-Funk Allstars discography. Wow!

Music: Non-Prince 06/18/19 7:34am

Thoughts on future vault tracks - clean up the sound & release as he left them OR get OG bands to finish them off?

Prince: Music and More 06/18/19 3:42am

The importance of Piano & a Microphone

Prince: Music and More 06/17/19 8:09pm

2020 elections polls (summer 2019)

Politics & Religion 06/17/19 5:11pm

Apollonia 6 album STILL not on TIDAL

Associated artists & people 06/17/19 2:26pm

Sacrifice of Victor Book for $2500?

The Marketplace: For Sale/Trade 06/17/19 1:21pm

"The Glamorous Life" An analog snag on the latest digital master

Associated artists & people 06/17/19 12:51pm

A Stroke of Genius: Prince’s ‘Batman’ Turns 30 | Anniversary Retrospective

Prince: Music and More 06/17/19 10:14am

Ultimate Rave Disc Flaw

Prince: Music and More 06/17/19 8:00am

R.I.P. Gloria Vanderbilt

General Discussion 06/17/19 7:27am

Challenge: Prince Songs from the '90s

Prince: Music and More 06/16/19 7:08pm

Dave Hampton is the latest to be featured at PRN Alumni Foundation' Stories From the Park

Associated artists & people 06/16/19 2:31pm

What is the Crystal Ball?

Prince: Music and More 06/16/19 2:27pm

Bakery, falsely? accused of racism awarded 22 million from Oberlin College by jury. Yikes.

Politics & Religion 06/16/19 12:35pm

Noam Chomsky: We have an innate need to be free and become democratic.

Politics & Religion 06/16/19 12:18pm

Hot Dogs recalled, Breakfast burritos recalled. Why Capitalism is so bad.

Politics & Religion 06/16/19 10:26am

Gorgeous new pic of Prince & Sheila E

Prince: Music and More 06/15/19 3:38pm