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If you could look like anyone, who would it be?

General Discussion 10/30/20 2:35pm

Lenny .Michael and Prince

Prince: Music and More 10/30/20 2:30pm

Is Harry Styles' STYLE styled on Prince...?

Music: Non-Prince 10/30/20 10:47am

a visual appreciation of the Planet Earth era 2007 pt 2

Prince: Music and More 10/30/20 10:11am

The scariest horror films ever made

General Discussion 10/30/20 7:11am

What happens when a narcissist loses? Expect "rage" and "terror," psychologists warn

Politics & Religion 10/30/20 12:57am

Morris Day - Cooler than Santa Claus

Associated artists & people 10/29/20 10:51pm

Early 80s Madonna

Music: Non-Prince 10/29/20 8:07pm

Will good music videos come back this decade?

Music: Non-Prince 10/29/20 4:51pm

RIAA top 20 artists based on album sales

Music: Non-Prince 10/29/20 1:49pm

St. Paul gets trolled by his own daughter

Associated artists & people 10/29/20 1:18pm

Prince Fans in Dallas/Fort Worth, Texas?

Prince: Music and More 10/29/20 1:12pm

Whitney Houston has 3 diamond albums now! + Library of Congress

Music: Non-Prince 10/29/20 12:51pm

a visual appreciation of the 3121 era 2007 pt 1

Prince: Music and More 10/29/20 11:51am

The Black Album was saying " This is all blackness"

Prince: Music and More 10/29/20 7:01am

Inspiration for Pegasus is Prince -TrippieRedd

Prince: Music and More 10/29/20 4:09am

The New York Times called ‘Anonymous’ op-ed author Miles Taylor a Trump ‘senior official.’ Was that accurate?

Politics & Religion 10/28/20 10:21pm

The Mystery of Playing With Fear

General Discussion 10/28/20 7:50pm

What are you eating for Thanksgiving this year?

General Discussion 10/28/20 4:40pm

Ranking the Funk Bands of Dayton

Music: Non-Prince 10/28/20 4:05pm

Shitty but legal in the EU broadcast bootlegs invite themselves to vinyl now

Prince: Music and More 10/28/20 1:48pm

Dumb things you did as a child?

General Discussion 10/28/20 1:36pm

Jennifer Lopez/Marc Anthony Concert DVDs.

Music: Non-Prince 10/28/20 11:13am

The Eagles - FareWell 1 Tour - Live From Melbourne - Concert DVD, (2005).

Music: Non-Prince 10/28/20 6:54am

How to sell 50 albums and make the top 10 of the Billboard 200

Music: Non-Prince 10/27/20 7:15pm