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NFL 2021 Season Part 4: Playoffs & Superbowl

General Discussion 01/16/22 1:34am

Hello?! Sade...over due for the next album!

Music: Non-Prince 01/15/22 9:18pm

Joe Bala's "Wha Vinyl, Cassette, 8 Track, Reel to Reel or CD ya listening to!?" Continued...

Music: Non-Prince 01/15/22 6:01pm


General Discussion 01/15/22 10:56am

Ain't No Mountain High Enough: Which Version Is Better?

Music: Non-Prince 01/15/22 7:59am

Artists who peaked with their debuts

Music: Non-Prince 01/15/22 4:51am

Song: "Dirty Diana"(1987) - M. Jackson.

Music: Non-Prince 01/15/22 3:57am

Multitracks/stems wishlist

Prince: Music and More 01/14/22 6:11pm

It's final — Prince's estate is worth $156.4 million

Prince: Music and More 01/14/22 6:02pm

The Estate Discussion (Court stuff) - Continues Here .........

Prince: Music and More 01/14/22 5:55pm

Who wants to hear Prince’s version of Send In The Clowns??

Prince: Music and More 01/14/22 5:32pm

What is your dream invention?

General Discussion 01/14/22 10:45am

Can your die from choking on dick?

General Discussion 01/14/22 10:40am

Loveletter's latest album is really cool!

Art, Podcasts, & Fan Content 01/14/22 7:34am

From now on HRH Prince Andrew, the Duke of York to be referred to by his new title…..

General Discussion 01/13/22 3:29pm

Just My Imagination Small Club Vs Los Angeles 1988.

Prince: Music and More 01/13/22 1:17pm

Animated D&P cover on Tidal - SDE coming soon?

Prince: Music and More 01/13/22 8:54am

The Jazz Playlist (Even For The Uninitiated).

Music: Non-Prince 01/12/22 2:21pm

RIP Ronnie Spector

Music: Non-Prince 01/12/22 2:16pm

Morris day in the washroom

Associated artists & people 01/12/22 11:55am

Prince's Early Musical and Artistic Development

Prince: Music and More 01/12/22 11:36am

Prince Demo of Manic Monday and The Bangles version?

Prince: Music and More 01/12/22 10:47am

The Bangles: "Manic Monday"

Music: Non-Prince 01/12/22 10:16am

Could Prince's life be used as a cautionary tale in the war on drugs?

Prince: Music and More 01/11/22 11:07pm

Who Was The Pre-Cursor Act To Mid-90s Neo-Soul

Music: Non-Prince 01/11/22 5:06pm