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Romance 1600 the song

Prince: Music and More 03/27/23 11:15am

New Funk? Recommendations Please!

Music: Non-Prince 03/27/23 8:48am

Bang Bang

Prince: Music and More 03/25/23 12:44am

I want to see your best Prince memes

Prince: Music and More 03/24/23 7:33pm

My biggest regret: I had tickets to a secret Prince gig – but was too tired to go (Guardian article)

Prince: Music and More 03/23/23 1:51pm

Modern shelf cd player / boomboxes question

General Discussion 03/21/23 5:37pm

New Clips: Fun Love (1986) + Other Stuff

Prince: Music and More 03/21/23 3:41pm

Can we have an open discussion with the moderator site discussion 03/21/23 3:19pm

Is Carmen Electra the final nail in the coffin as to why Prince started his fight with WB ?

Prince: Music and More 03/21/23 10:41am

Good news & Bad news

General Discussion 03/21/23 6:56am

Lovesexy (Stripped/ alternate album - NEW LEAK)

Prince: Music and More 03/21/23 1:41am

I would die 4 U........nice

Music: Non-Prince 03/20/23 9:13pm

Did Apollonia write these songs like she claims ?

Associated artists & people 03/20/23 2:09pm

When Prince jumps and twists his legs in the air

Prince: Music and More 03/19/23 7:15pm

Is there video footage of "Computer blue Hallway speech" ?

Prince: Music and More 03/19/23 10:48am

RIP Lance Reddick

General Discussion 03/17/23 12:39pm

Your physical collection

Music: Non-Prince 03/16/23 12:15pm

Hard to Get

Prince: Music and More 03/16/23 3:09am

Curious about a D&P era outfit

Prince: Music and More 03/15/23 4:51pm

Prince the Purple Prophesier: His Internet & Intellectual Property-Based Revolution for the Advancement of Black Capital

Prince: Music and More 03/15/23 2:29pm

Prince’s Estate Versus Morris Day: Whatever Happened With All That?

Prince: Music and More 03/15/23 2:27pm


Prince: Music and More 03/15/23 2:26pm

Please help me get votes

General Discussion 03/15/23 1:45pm

RIP Bobby Caldwell

Music: Non-Prince 03/15/23 1:40pm

New Sheila E album Hella Fonk E

Associated artists & people 03/14/23 6:51pm