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R.I.P. Angela Bofill

Music: Non-Prince 10/24/20 12:43am

Diane Warren appreciation thread

Music: Non-Prince 10/23/20 6:23pm

Beyoncé Models Her New Adidas x Ivy Park Collection...

Music: Non-Prince 10/23/20 4:29pm

The pope said he supports civil unions for same-sex couples.

Politics & Religion 10/23/20 4:25pm

purple rain therapy

Prince: Music and More 10/23/20 4:23pm

Diamonds & Pearls Tour

Prince: Music and More 10/23/20 10:38am

Prince + Horns = Perfection

Prince: Music and More 10/23/20 8:34am

PICARD series

General Discussion 10/23/20 8:23am

Alan Leeds Podcast with Michael Dean

Art, Podcasts, & Fan Content 10/23/20 7:32am

maxi singles

Prince: Music and More 10/23/20 3:43am

Who is the Better songwriter: Beyonce Knowles or Britney Spears?

Music: Non-Prince 10/22/20 11:02pm

Andy Gibb

Music: Non-Prince 10/22/20 7:10pm

Election Day - USA - November 3

Politics & Religion 10/22/20 6:44pm

Now that I'm in my 30s, Prince in his 30s makes A LOT more sense to me.

Prince: Music and More 10/22/20 5:50pm

is the slave era something to be proud of now?

Prince: Music and More 10/22/20 4:37pm

In an alternative universe where Prince only wrote the songs that have been released posthumously and you .......

Prince: Music and More 10/22/20 10:50am

Is This The Best Song Of The Year?

Music: Non-Prince 10/22/20 6:55am

Move Over Adele?

Music: Non-Prince 10/22/20 6:47am

The journey - Meba ofilia feat . Khasi bloods

Music: Non-Prince 10/22/20 12:02am

Please delete

The Marketplace: For Sale/Trade 10/21/20 10:51pm

Lenny Kravitz Recalls When Prince Called Him to ‘Mess With Michael’ Jackson

Music: Non-Prince 10/21/20 8:01pm

Sly and The Family Stone 20 Best Songs

Music: Non-Prince 10/21/20 5:59pm

Being a Social Justice Warrior

Politics & Religion 10/21/20 5:40pm

Sequencing Dream Factory, Camille & Crystal Ball *Updated*

Prince: Music and More 10/21/20 5:09pm

Would officially curated streaming playlists of the unreleased SOTT era albums be a good idea?

Prince: Music and More 10/21/20 3:20pm