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Celebration 2024: Thursday 20 June - Monday 24 June

Celebration 2004 at Paisley Park discussed here Posted by bizzie in Prince: Music and More (31 comments)

Diamonds and Pearls SDE

The long-anticipated multi-disc release (in various formats) is now available to pre-order for 27 October release: Posted by lustmealways in Prince: Music and More (848 comments)

Marvels of Modern Music Feat: PRINCE @ RR Auction

RR Auctions is back with yet more Prince goodies. Lots of great stuff here... Gold Experience mic... GB cufflinks... sealed Black Album WHUTTT...

Posted by BostonRR in Prince: Music and More (27 comments)

Celebration announcement: 2023

Paisley Park announces performers and special appearances for 8-11 June, 2023 Posted by lustmealways in Prince: Music and More (141 comments)

Celebration 2022 - Part 2

Post your experiences, pics etc. Posted by luv4u in Fan Gatherings (21 comments)

Iconic Auction "Prince" Collectibles up for BID Now (ends Saturday!)

Iconic Auctions has 17 Prince-related items up for auction right now, including some really cool stuff (outfits, jewelry...) check it out!
Posted by iconicauctions in The Marketplace: For Sale/Trade (3 comments)

New Ban for Morris Day & the Time From the Prince Estate

Seems the Prince Estate has now banned Morris Day from using Morris Day & The Time name in any capacity. Read more about it. Posted by BlackSweat86 in Associated artists & people (232 comments)

Prince Estate Denies Use of 'Nothing Compares 2 U' in O'Connor documentary

The estate of world-renowned singer Prince denied the use of 'Nothing Compares 2 U' in a recently debuted documentary about the life and career of Sinéad O'Connor. Click link to read more.

What is your take on this? Surprised? Posted by luv4u in Prince: Music and More (66 comments)

Sony new reissues for February 2022

Oh sweeeeet!! Check it out!! Posted by RODSERLING in Prince: Music and More (109 comments)

DJ Brotha Jules Has Passed Away

DJ Brotha Jules has passed away. Did DJ'ing for Prince was a big part of the purple community. Condolences to his family. Posted by luv4u in Associated artists & people (16 comments)

Prince items at auction (ends tomorrow, 11/27/2021)

Prince items (some from Mayte's collection) at Auction ending 11/27. Clothing, jewelry... Posted by ben in Prince: Music and More (23 comments)

NPG Jazz: Collins & Barbarella at Paisley Park - December 11, 2021 (SOLD OUT)

You are invited to the NPG Music Club this December for NPG Jazz, a new live music series. Link for more information and to purchase tix. Get tix before they are gone!! (SOLD OUT) Posted by luv4u in Concerts (7 comments)

First Steps Made in Congress to Honor Pop Superstar Prince

Minnesota’s Congressional delegation on Monday is introducing a resolution to posthumously award the Congressional Gold Medal to pop superstar Prince, citing his “indelible mark on Minnesota and American culture,” The Associated Press has learned.----- How exciting! Click on link to read more about this. Posted by onlyforaminute in Prince: Music and More (35 comments)

Prince Estate to release 1979 demo of "Do Me, Baby"

The Prince Estate are set to release the previously unheard demo of Do Me, Baby. There will be 1,981 limited edition cassettes and a 7" etched vinyl, plus availability on streaming services. Posted by VaultCurator in Prince: Music and More (239 comments)

The O2 Unveils Special Honour for Prince, 14 years on From His Record-Setting Run

21 September 2021: The O2 has unveiled a special piece of custom artwork commissioned to honour Prince and his record breaking ‘21 Nights in London’ residency at the venue in 2007, and has subsequently kick-started the ‘21 Club at The O2’ to celebrate any artist or performer who has played 21 or more dates at the arena. Posted by mattj in Prince: Music and More (16 comments)

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“This is one of the reasons I believe that his death, Prince's, should not be held silent just to appease those who can't deal with it, or think it's too long after, or etc., etc., etc. Yadda, yadda, yadda. Nobody should put their own beliefs, or restrictions, upon somebody else. Nobody should bitch at another person because their discomfort in dealing with something should be the same yours. You should be able to grieve for as long as you need to, publicly or privately. The choice in posting this thread is that simple for me. And anyone who has discomfort with this discussion should not click on the thread - the topic or subject matter, is clearly listed in the title. If it is not for you, simply skip this thread. No one will miss you or your reason for doing so. ”June7, 1/19 in the forums

“When he lived with me, I thought he wasn’t doing anything during the day while I was away at work, but I found out that he was teaching other kids in the building how to play instruments and that they would have jam sessions. Prince was the kind of person who like to teach and bring out the best in others. - Sharon Nelson on her brother, Prince”June7, 8/17 in the forums

“Well, that WB deal for the PR reissue was developed by those who really didn’t know my brothers business, we are not consulted or asked for input on any of the released materials. You are probably going to see many more mistakes since many of those in charge are not asking us for input and are making decisions while attempting to learn Prince 101. - Sharon Nelson”June7, 8/17 in the forums

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