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Thread started 08/17/17 12:50am






Here is PART II of the Sharon Nelson Interview!

Again, I want to thank Ms. Sharon Nelson and Mr. Charles F. Spicer, Jr., for making this happen - especially to Ms. Sharon for your time and candid responses to these questions. I’m sure this wasn’t easy emotionally.

I have attempted a little more ‘order’ in this presentation compared to last, which is why it took a little longer … Anyway, I hope you all enjoy PART II of this memorable and exclusive Q&A. – June7



Q: I was wondering (the answer may be out there somewhere but I haven't come across it yet) but, as for your father's album that is coming out- will it be available in CD form? I am an old school kind of girl, I like to own my music - I still like CD's and records so I'm hoping it will be an album on a CD and if so, will it be available on Amazon or in stores? Thank you ---

A: I’m old school too; definitely, there will be cd’s and vinyl too.

Q: Also, it seems Prince was very much like his father- would you say that is true? Do you think they were similar?

A They were similar in their focus on music and their creative process was similar, dad was a creative musician also, Prince didn’t play a lot of other peoples songs and my dad would play only his songs.

Q: You all seem like very nice people _ I hope the best for all of you---- Please keep Paisley Park up and running- it can be like a Graceland but better, in my opinion

A: Thank you for your kind words!

Q: P.S. here is my suggestion for Paisley Park --- Maybe some high end clothing made by his seamstress(es) It would be so great if there were items for sale like the Emancipation white bubble coat or a nice Lovesexy blazer or nice, blazers with "Minneapolis," on the arm- stuff like that! How cool! I would pay good money for it! Just an idea

A: I can’t promise this but you never know what the future will bring.

Q: Also, Sharon, do you know if there are any hand drawings done by Prince? Any artwork that you've come across at PP- in the Vault- or his office or anywhere- that you might have made into prints and might sell? I would die for something like that! We haven’t seen any.

A: At this time the focus is figuring out how best to get the music to you guys.


Q: Do you have anything to do with his YouTube channel? If so, when can we expect to see more content?? It would be wonderful if all his "official" music videos would finally be available for fans to enjoy.

A: The Warner Bros stuff is being release currently on Youtube , more to come.



Q: Hi Sharon, this is more of a request than a question. It would be so nice if we had an official Prince website. A website where people could purchase past and future music, videos, official merchandise, tickets to Paisley Park. Do you know if any work is being done on that front?

A: No, however, this is something we will do once we obtain ownership, as of right now what is defined as the estate is not inclusive , most of what is being done or released is not of the opinion and decision of the heirs.



Q: But if you can, please could you tell us about what you know regarding the months prior to Prince's passing and what he was dealing with? There is so much congecture, tabloid gossip and general confusion surrounding everything that a first hand account would help to clear things up and, no doubt, provide closure to many. I guess in a nutshell my question is: What on earth happened and why?

A: Believe me, we all will find out the truth!



Q: So why does nobody open up and speak the truth? I'm still grieving and it seems as if I won't be able to find any comfort as long as there are no answers. Because of this it doesn't sit well with me to support any of the new Prince offerings by the estate. Pop is a big fat lie, but life isn't.

A: I understand your frustration; we are dealing with this issue as well.



Q: My question is: 'What is your most favorite memory of Prince and you?'

A: When he lived with me, I thought he wasn’t doing anything during the day while I was away at work, but I found out that he was teaching other kids in the building how to play instruments and that they would have jam sessions. Prince was the kind of person who like to teach and bring out the best in others.



Q: When was the first time you thought "wow, my brother's famous!"?

A: The first time he sold out The Garden.

Q: What is your favourite & least favourite song/album of his?

A: Favourite is the Purple rain album, I wasn’t a fan back then of Darling Nikki.

Q: What is your ideal scenario for continuing his legacy?

A: Having us heirs controlling the estate through management we develop, this would allow us to bring out his new music on a platform that is similar to the NPG Music Club or a indie label that is run by us, owning our own business. This would mean no limitations, nobody trying to control what we can and cannot do, thus allowing us to give the fans what they want, generate income, support charities, and not continue to waste money on all the ongoing frivolous litigation.

Q: Is there any truth to the rumours about a reality show?

A: There will be no reality show!

Q: Do you think he intentionality didn't leave a will?

A: Yes!

Q: Tyka is quoted as saying she had known for 2 years and had already "made peace" by the time of his passing, was it a shock to you or had you "made peace" too?

A: An absolute shock, and no, there was no idea of that on my part.



Q: I heard recently that there are four unreleased Prince & The Revolution albums in the vault. What are the chances that we will get to finally see those released in the next couple of years?

A: I must emphasize that the decisions made by the estate are not the decisions of the heirs; we have been told recently “the heirs do not have any authority to negotiate or do anything concerning any decisions regarding the matters of this estate”. We are no further along as heirs as we were a year ago, which is very unfortunate. We are going to continue to do our best in light of the situation. Time to break out the eyeliner if you get my drift!



Q: Do you know who inspired "Condition Of The Heart"?

A: Prince was inspired in many ways, but I have no idea what inspired that song.


Q: Anyway, you probably can't answer that but perhaps you can tell us when and if the 3121 movie or any other video will be released other than what is already out?

A: It is our intention to give the fans what they suggest, but we have to ask that you all be patient, there is so much to consider.


Q: Also, what is the one memory that you will cherish most about your brother?

A: His impact on the world, when he passed the whole world seemed to stop and recognize him for who he was and what he meant to everyone.


Q: 1. When additional unreleased music might be released as strictly standalone releases from the vault?

A: Please see my answer to PurpleThunder3121 questions



Q: I am wondering if there are any plans to re-issue out-of-print albums such as Diamonds and Pearls, , Emancipation, and Musicology. Diamonds and Pearls (my second favourite Prince album) was one of his best-selling albums, yet it is virtually impossible to purchase new copies of it in CD form from major retailers, both in brick-and-mortar stores or online.

A: Yes, eventually we will try to get all his previous released material out and available

Q: I am a former elementary special education teacher and am wondering if the Estate has considered working with a publisher to create Prince-related children's books in order to provide younger generations with greater exposure to Prince. Here are 2 examples:

- A biography about Prince that is appropriate for children

- An illustrated version of "Starfish and Coffee" in which the song's lyrics are the words and an illustrator would make illustrations.

A: Right now we are focused on his business and the music, we will eventually look into other options but at this time children’s books are not in the plan for now.



Q: If it isn't prying too much, are you able to share any memory of Prince that makes you smile or laugh biggrin

A: The Wrecka Stow scene from under the Cherry Moon always makes me laugh, because that was the type of thing Prince would actually do, always cracking jokes.



Question 1: what is your favourite Prince song/album?

Question 2: I don't know how much input you have regarding reissues but could you pressure labels to fact check for future releases? The liner notes of the PR reissue contained a lot of errors regarding recording details.

A: Well, that WB deal for the PR reissue was developed by those who really didn’t know my brothers business, we are not consulted or asked for input on any of the released materials. You are probably going to see many more mistakes since many of those in charge are not asking us for input and are making decisions while atempting to learn Prince 101.



Q: I would like to know 2 things: Does any footage exist of Prince playing from the very early days, ie. from Grand Central up to the For You album?

A: I’m not aware of any at this time but it doesn’t mean that it does not exist, maybe some family members or old friends may have some?

Q: Also, I understand he stayed with you in New York before he was signed trying to get a record deal. What was he like then and what conversations did you have with him about his future?

A: He was quiet, focused, and ready to set the world on fire!



1. When Prince changed his name to a symbol, what did you call him?

A: I called him Prince, that rule didn’t apply to us; we understood the reason why he wrote slave on his face with eyeliner and why he had to changed his name.

Q: 2.Will Paisley Park items (books etc) be available to purchase in Europe?

A: There will be an exhibition in October at the O2 arena, it’s quite possible the books may be available.

Q: 3. Lastly, I hope nobody minds this question, but as a creative dyslexic person myself, I've often wondered, was Prince dyslexic in anyway?

A: No Prince was just Prince, our dear brother to us as he said, “There’ll never be another like me”



Q: I'd like to know your thoughts on the song 'Sister' and if you've ever had any negative experiences because of that song and those lyrics?

A: I personally have never had any negative experiences because of that song, our brother had a wild imagination, makes you wonder do you really think he knew a girl named Nikki and she was doing what he claimed in a hotel lobby?



Q-1) What is the current state of the vault, are you still going through it?

2) When can we expect official Prince music DIRECT from the estate/vault being released? does the Estate have a proper plan or strategy for releasing vault material once it has been catalogued?
3) Does the Prince estate approve of Warner Brothers new releases and is vault material being passed onto them for re release?

A: Please see my answer to Pacey68



Q: Is there a professional high quality (hopefully with a major director attached) Documentary film in the works?

A: Actually there are a few proposals regarding a Prince documentary, I have been approached and we are in talks. We also have submitted a documentary proposal for “The Making of the John L. Nelson Project, since this is not an estate release we have the authority to move forward on that.



Q: what needs to happpen for proper vault releases????

A: We need to be able to develop the management structure and strategy, and have a say in the music business portion of the estate, currently that is not the case.



Q: Can you give any previously unknown info on the song & or video "7"?

A: I do not have any unknown info to share about this one.

Q: What musical direction did Prince want to move into after the Phase One & Two era?

A: Not completely sure of his direction on this one.

Q: What was his favorite videogame?

A: He was a guitar hero, and liked to play table games such as ping-pong and pool, there were no video games that I know of that captured his interest, music was his game of choice.



Q: What were his favourite tv shows as a kid/teenager?

A: When he was with me I don’t recall him watching much TV



Q: My question to u is about the estate - is the estate going to release music that Prince would be against releasing?

A: Absolutely NOT! We have been expressing our views and opinions regarding that

Q: There are so many things happening that we know he would not have done Eg music streaming, YouTube, songs with swearing....
How do u feel about all this that's going on? Is it something u agree with?

A: Prince was concerned with the performance of those songs, he didn’t perform them in concert, that doesn’t mean that they never existed and it was a period of his history and music that he created. Streaming is the new form of music distribution; you have to do it in order to get it to the masses.



Q: What's your opinion on some of the bonus tracks on PR deluxe I.E. We Can F@@K knowing Prince in later life was against profanities. I personally am happy to hear everything from each era.

A: That’s WB for you.



Q: It was always rumored that Prince kept notebooks of lyrics, ideas, sketches. Prince would write everything down? Do you remember him doing this at an early age?

A: Prince had pad’s ever since I could remember, he was always writing, drawing, sketching., this maybe something we include in a music or dvd release if applicable. You will notice we used dad’s actual written sheet music in the artwork and video promo for his project.

Q: I think us fans would go crazy for a book of handwritten lyrics and ideas. The latest books releases were beautiful, appreciate the book of music instruments.

(There was no answer to this question, well – it really wasn’t a question … – June7)



Q: I guess I'd like to know your thoughts on the relationships he had with women...Assuming he had lots of lovers (if that is even true) - what would you say it was about him that enabled him to stay friends with most / all of them?

A: Prince wasn’t a big conflict person; he didn’t spend a lot of time dwelling on things if they didn’t work out.



Q: Of all the things Prince accomplished in his life, what do u think he would be most proud of?

A: The outpouring of love from his fans when he passed and the release of The John L. Nelson Project.



Q: There have been so many debates regarding Prince and the women he had relationships with.
In your opinion..Which woman was the love of his life?

A: In my personal opinion, I would say Denise Matthews



Q: Did your brother also use shorthand (like "4" for "for", "U" for "you", etc.) when corresponding with you?

A: Prince never wrote letters to me he called me or just show up when he was in NY.



Q: How much does Warner Bros. own and will be prepared to release for possible deluxe editions - Are Warners working with the family

A: No, we do not have input on the Warner Bros content.

Q: Whats your experience of The Vault, in terms of things which you think would be of interest

A; The live performance videos and the songs you have not heard of.



Q: Could you please put our worries to bed and please tell us if all or any of the Warner albums will get remastered? Will the vault material get the proper promotion and released on all formats?

A: If it were up to me the answer is yes, however please do not hold your breath!

Q: Have you personally ever been in the vault?

A: Yes

Q: If so could you discribe what you have seen?

A: Rows of tapes, boxes.



Q: has the behaviour of some people around you changed, since Prince's death?

A: Absolutely, you can only imagine.

Q: Are some people acting strangely submissive towards you and the rest of the family?

A: No actually the fans have been very nice and supportive

Q: If so: Is it rather frightening or enjoyable?

A: We have not experienced any negativity with fans, prince’s fans know that love is a principle that he always cared about and we share that.

Q: How do you handle it?

(There was no answer to this question. – June7)



Q: What is some of your favorite artist to listen to?

A: Bruno Mars, The Temptations, Sam Cooke, Al Green, Aretha Franklin

Q: How about some of your favorite TV Shows?

A: Power, Empire, Westerns

Q: And what was it like growing up in such a huge family?

A: Just like any other family



Q: A crazy high school kid sent him a letter about a quarter of a Century ago, telling him what the song "Still Would Stand All Time" meant to him - at a very difficult time in his life. Did he get it?

A: Unfortunately I do not know?



Q: I remember on the day Prince passed there was an avatar of Prince's face on his Twitter with his eyes closed and a teardrop falling. It was removed just as quickly as soon as the news hit the world. Do you know who put the picture up and removed it?

A: I do not know



Q: Will the estate be able to keep Paisley Park running and functional and host tours and events for the foreseeable future - for several years to come?

A: As long as the fans continue to support it, it will last forever.

Q: When will unreleased music and video footage from the Vault start to be released and what is the plan on handling this huge project?

A: If it were up to me, we would be releasing it independently through an innovative distribution method much like Prince did with the Music Club.



Q: U appeared alongside with ur father in a 1991 interview 4 A Current Affair. Were both u and ur father ever on good terms with ur brother since that was aired?

A: Yes, Prince never said a word about us being on that program.

Q: As of 2day, can u describe ur relationship with the other 5 heirs?

A: Just like any family there are differences of opinions and challenges, but through communication and working together we will successfully manage this estate and preserve our brothers legacy, which is the common objective of all of us.



Q: I would like 2 know how did u and your love ones handle the sincere outpour of love given to Prince from around the WORLD after his untimely passing. 2 name a few, The Rainbow over Paisley Park, NASA all lit up in Purple, The Empire State Building, the Statue of Liberty, The New Yorker Magazine cover, etc. The world was Purple in honor of your beloved brother. Paisley Park fence was absolutely breath taking with the balloons, flowers, and posters, ribbons u name it. It was so beautifully displayed by beloved fans from around the world. The wall Murals of his beautiful face painted by fans everywhere.

A: We mourned with the world; it was a lot to take in, very overwhelming. It’s still overwhelming to see fans come to Paisley Park who are still mourning, it’s very touching and still hard for me at times.



Q: Prince had a special relationship with his fans, it's not every artist who holds 'Celebration' events at their home, or will play so many intimate aftershow gigs. There was the mystique of his persona on the one hand, but also a willingness to engage on a more personal level too and that always fascinated me. Why do you think he put himself out there as an artist in such a way?

A: He had so much to offer, and he lived for his music and the fans.



Q: Others have asked about the music, the vault, videos, CDs, etc. I guess my questions are: Did Prince know he was so very loved by so many people?

A: Absolutely!

Q: Was the mystique that he developed as a star, truly a part of him and come naturally, or was it something he had to work at?

A: It came naturally, we knew he was special as a little kid.

Q: What was it like for your brother growing up? There have been rumors of what he experienced as a child, and I know those things can shape a person as they develop, who they become, but how did those things effect Prince (if those rumors are true)?

A: Don’t believe everything that you hear, rumours are just that, Prince never followed rules, he did what he wanted, when he wanted even as a youth. He had a plan and didn’t care about the consequences.

Q: In your opinion, what would Prince want us, the fans, to know, to take with us from this point onward?

A: That we are going to work really, really, hard to release his music for his fans and new fans to enjoy. Live 4 Love!



Q: Could you talk just a bit about the evolution of Prince's religious feeling and his relationship with God?

A: Prince was always spiritual as reflected in many of his songs.



Q: The question(s) I have for you is, if at all possible could you elaborate on the relationship between you and your brother Prince? Where you guys at all close? Was he close to any of his brothers and sisters?

A: It’s only right that I share about my own personal relationship with my brother, which was good.



Q: why isnt it possible for european to shop the merch online at the the official paisley park homepage?

A: That is a question that I will bring up to those in charge.



Q: Any plans on releasing any of those wonderful Lovesexy tour shows remastered ? When fans worldwide will be able to buy Paisley Park items ? Please include South America.

A: We will work to get the items available worldwide.



Q: It was reported that Prince wanted his concerts shown at Paisley Park. Earlier this year, Paisley Park was screening unreleased concerts and that suddenly stopped in April. Will these screenings continue at some point?

A: We hope to make these concert videos available to the masses in the near future.



Q: I have one question: Prince was a musician and showman. He created a certain public image and later in his life when wisdom and spirituality took over, he tried to recreate his image more or less. He once said that it was all part of his journey in life to become the person he eventually would turn out to be. Do you think, or has Prince ever expressed, that he had serious regrets or doubts about how he handled things in his life or career?

A: Absolutely not, he never expressed regrets and he did what he wanted to do, he accomplished great things and he shook up the world as Muhammad Ali would say.



That’s it for Part II of the Sharon Nelson Interview.


I hope you enjoyed her responses. If you didn’t see your question in this issue, or the last, hopefully she’ll answer it in the next. Stay tuned for Part III coming soon! – June7


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