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Mon 22nd Dec 2014 8:23pm
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Listen to Jodeci's new single (Nobody Wins Ft. B.O.B)

Music: Non-Prince 12/22/14 3:40pm

Til Tuesday- Voices Carry & Coming Up Close

Music: Non-Prince 12/22/14 3:24pm

Any good stoner albums?

Music: Non-Prince 12/22/14 2:47pm

RIP Joe Cocker

Music: Non-Prince 12/22/14 2:41pm

Tambourine appreciation thread

Prince: Music and More 12/22/14 2:34pm

Your Top 15 Albums & Videos Of 2014?

Music: Non-Prince 12/22/14 2:15pm

Tony Toni Tone is better than Mint Condition

Music: Non-Prince 12/22/14 1:57pm

New music jill jones

Associated artists & people 12/22/14 1:07pm

Vanity 6 at 1982 MM awards

Prince: Music and More 12/22/14 12:54pm

Thoughts on I'll Do Anything

Prince: Music and More 12/22/14 12:10pm

Prince's "Five Women" - I prefer Joe's version (Joe Cocker R.i.p.)

Prince: Music and More 12/22/14 11:57am

Heated Pool - Steps EP

Music: Non-Prince 12/22/14 11:04am

RIP Joe Cocker passed today at 70

Music: Non-Prince 12/22/14 10:50am

Why I love Prince. The LOVE thread.

Prince: Music and More 12/22/14 10:00am

Prince's Electronic Music

Prince: Music and More 12/22/14 9:07am

What happened to Foefurs follow up to In The Mix?

Prince: Music and More 12/22/14 5:26am

Someone To Lay Down Beside Me--Linda Ronstadt

Music: Non-Prince 12/22/14 2:01am

Best Music Writing 2014 (Complex)

Music: Non-Prince 12/22/14 1:19am

Dog & Butterfly--Heart

Music: Non-Prince 12/22/14 12:48am

I might be losing my dad

General Discussion 12/21/14 11:08pm

Darren Hart

Prince: Music and More 12/21/14 10:27pm

vintage trouble

Music: Non-Prince 12/21/14 8:11pm

All The Beautiful Worlds-Stevie Nicks

Music: Non-Prince 12/21/14 7:52pm

Suggest an audible book

General Discussion 12/21/14 7:30pm

Florida police officer who once worked for NYPD is fatally shot

Politics & Religion 12/21/14 5:48pm