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The Success of Queen Isn't Rated As Nearly As High As The Beatles, Pink Floyd, RollingStones, or Led Zeppelin

Music: Non-Prince 11/12/18 1:58pm


The Marketplace: For Sale/Trade 11/12/18 12:00pm

Happy Birthday Mayte & Gia

Associated artists & people 11/12/18 11:51am

Toy Story 4 teaser trailer

General Discussion 11/12/18 11:10am

Stan Lee dies at 95

General Discussion 11/12/18 11:05am

Selling one of my Prince guitars

The Marketplace: For Sale/Trade 11/12/18 8:41am

Harts Queens, Kings and All Big Things.

Music: Non-Prince 11/12/18 8:00am

Did Prince & Ingrid Chavez get her sound from Superman?

Prince: Music and More 11/12/18 6:27am

Why Trump will remain POTUS after the 2020 election

Politics & Religion 11/12/18 6:19am

Playlist help wanted; Prince songs with a social/political aspect

Prince: Music and More 11/12/18 4:06am

PTSD: Some veterans aren’t strong enough to ‘handle it’

Politics & Religion 11/12/18 1:29am

Steve Perry--"We're Still Here" 2018

Music: Non-Prince 11/11/18 11:01pm

Aerosmith guitarist Joe Perry hospitalized in New York

Music: Non-Prince 11/11/18 10:45pm

Janelle Monae concert on TV this week

Music: Non-Prince 11/11/18 5:03pm

Lovesexy 30th anniversary playlist.

Prince: Music and More 11/11/18 1:01pm

Amazing Grace trailer.

Music: Non-Prince 11/11/18 8:40am

Happy Birthday to Mattie Shaw

Associated artists & people 11/11/18 5:10am

Lloyd: "Tru" at Essense Music Fest 2018

Music: Non-Prince 11/11/18 12:55am

Prince Estate needs to put out Prince pickups for guitars

Prince: Music and More 11/11/18 12:00am

Luke Million featuring Sam Sparro- Back To the Rhythm

Music: Non-Prince 11/10/18 11:33pm

Podcast interview with John Barnes (longtime MJ collaborator)

Music: Non-Prince 11/10/18 11:30pm

eBay Prince is getting to be ridiculous!

Prince: Music and More 11/10/18 7:25pm

Classic Old School Rap Music/Artists/Lyrics, What Are Your Favorites?

Music: Non-Prince 11/10/18 3:51pm

Prince evening in Holland

Fan Gatherings 11/10/18 1:50pm

Trump Russia and all things related Part 3

Politics & Religion 11/10/18 12:23pm