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This Country Needs a First Lady with a European Accent?

Politics & Religion 10/24/16 12:58am

Who are you going to vote for now that Hillary is almost certainly going to win?

Politics & Religion 10/24/16 12:34am

Because you'd be in jail

Politics & Religion 10/24/16 12:09am


Prince: Music and More 10/23/16 11:52pm

The BLOWJOB thred,,,,

General Discussion 10/23/16 11:02pm

Princes Leno Feel Goid jam

Prince: Music and More 10/23/16 10:53pm

Sigue sigue

Music: Non-Prince 10/23/16 10:47pm

Outline-Cicada That Ate Five Dock, and Maybe Its A Game.

Music: Non-Prince 10/23/16 10:04pm

Time for another just thinking out loud thread

General Discussion 10/23/16 9:50pm

The last guitar

Prince: Music and More 10/23/16 8:32pm


General Discussion 10/23/16 7:46pm

Time Jerk Out

Associated artists & people 10/23/16 6:21pm

Video: Prince's lovely family attends Sheila E.'s charity event held in Minneapolis

Associated artists & people 10/23/16 6:15pm

Jill Jones interview on the Prince Podcast

Associated artists & people 10/23/16 5:38pm

Neah 1 2 3

Music: Non-Prince 10/23/16 4:55pm

PP drone .. k gettn emotional

Prince: Music and More 10/23/16 4:29pm

Bobby, Lisa, and Matt's setup

Associated artists & people 10/23/16 4:23pm


Music: Non-Prince 10/23/16 4:09pm

Joan Jett

Music: Non-Prince 10/23/16 4:04pm

Galactic Empire

Music: Non-Prince 10/23/16 3:29pm

How much do your earliest memories of Prince's music influence your recent tastes?

Prince: Music and More 10/23/16 3:27pm


Music: Non-Prince 10/23/16 3:12pm

What I can't get over about P's death..

Prince: Music and More 10/23/16 2:41pm

Gsharp singing Prince's "Condition of the Heart" at the first of 3 events held by Prince's family at The Muse

Prince: Music and More 10/23/16 2:05pm

Huge story not being reported: Chicago police and shakedowns of drug gangs.

Politics & Religion 10/23/16 1:42pm