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Music: Non-Prince 10/31/14 12:25am

tell me your life story

General Discussion 10/31/14 12:09am

Trick or Treat

Music: Non-Prince 10/30/14 11:42pm

A Man Asked His Friend If He Could Crash On His Couch

General Discussion 10/30/14 10:43pm

sonic foos

Music: Non-Prince 10/30/14 10:17pm

What with the current media obsession with cronuts

General Discussion 10/30/14 9:26pm

Funknroll on Thursday Night Football.

Prince: Music and More 10/30/14 4:32pm

New Bumper boogie/electrofunk remix out 3rd of November

org Artist Community 10/30/14 3:51pm

Songs about MEXICO!

Music: Non-Prince 10/30/14 3:34pm

Bruno Mars & Mark Ronson - "Uptown Funk" Comming Out 10.11.2014

Music: Non-Prince 10/30/14 3:05pm

Author & Punisher - Doppler

Music: Non-Prince 10/30/14 2:48pm

Songs You Don't Like '80s Albums

Prince: Music and More 10/30/14 2:19pm

I'm gonna SUCK you up, I'm gonna SUCK you dry...

General Discussion 10/30/14 2:15pm

Sam Cooke - Wonderful World

Music: Non-Prince 10/30/14 2:06pm

Will there be another black President Part II

Politics & Religion 10/30/14 1:42pm

Daniel Radcliffe ~ Alphabet Aerobics

Music: Non-Prince 10/30/14 12:27pm

Music videos that pay homage to movies

Music: Non-Prince 10/30/14 12:25pm

Complete Video List

Prince: Music and More 10/30/14 11:02am

Bowies fragile enemy jam

Music: Non-Prince 10/30/14 9:46am

Prince & Rick James together !!!

Prince: Music and More 10/30/14 9:29am


General Discussion 10/30/14 9:01am

Artists you don't hear on the radio anymore

Music: Non-Prince 10/30/14 7:18am

Opinions on Taylor Dayne

Music: Non-Prince 10/30/14 7:09am

It was 40 years ago today... Rumble In The Jungle

General Discussion 10/30/14 6:08am

Prince's 'darkest' & most sinister song..

Prince: Music and More 10/30/14 4:01am