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One of the best duet songs of all time

Music: Non-Prince 01/25/15 8:14am

Notre Dame's 'white privilege' seminar draws scrutiny

Politics & Religion 01/25/15 7:11am

Prince's family tree roots according to a site called Gen i

Prince: Music and More 01/25/15 2:22am

If Prince Had Released "Dream Factory"

Prince: Music and More 01/25/15 12:29am

why do people only dance when they are drunk ?

General Discussion 01/24/15 11:22pm

Visiting Paisley Park

Prince: Music and More 01/24/15 8:38pm

New Music: Kanye, McCartney + Rihanna - "'FourFiveSeconds''

Music: Non-Prince 01/24/15 7:11pm

Mötley Crüe ~ Girls Girls Girls (Tonight Show - Jan. 23, 2015)

Music: Non-Prince 01/24/15 6:03pm

Who Could Be Apollo Creed To Prince's Rocky Balboa

Prince: Music and More 01/24/15 3:53pm

From Tyler Perry's blog

General Discussion 01/24/15 3:46pm

Around the World in a Day - Lyrical Analysis

Prince: Music and More 01/24/15 11:51am

Prince Saga Story Three

Prince: Music and More 01/24/15 9:34am

Prince/Van Halen connections

Prince: Music and More 01/24/15 8:03am

Melissa Rauch aka Bernadette from Big Bang Theory - Holy Crap!!

General Discussion 01/24/15 7:49am

Divine Omnipotence & The Stone Paradox

Politics & Religion 01/24/15 6:20am


Politics & Religion 01/24/15 6:05am

Religion-Vs-Honesty, Integrity & Truth

Politics & Religion 01/24/15 2:57am

Andre 3000 on Artists' Magic Window - A nudge for Prince?

Music: Non-Prince 01/24/15 2:24am

When did Lenny Kravitz stop being funky?

Music: Non-Prince 01/24/15 2:16am

RIP Edgar Froese (Tangerine Dream)

Music: Non-Prince 01/24/15 12:21am

Reggie Watts - Sunshine

Music: Non-Prince 01/23/15 9:30pm

RIP Ernie Banks, Mr. Cub

General Discussion 01/23/15 9:01pm

Cee Lo releases new album online --"TV On the radio"

Music: Non-Prince 01/23/15 7:55pm

Produced, Arranged, Composed, and Performed by PRINCE...and?

Prince: Music and More 01/23/15 4:34pm

Man assaulted by vigilante at Florida Walmart

Politics & Religion 01/23/15 4:09pm