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Tue 18th Dec 2018 4:54am
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Song composed by Prince for Valerie Carter in a new compilation

Prince: Music and More 12/18/18 2:47am

Los Angeles, this Saturday Dec. 22nd • Ol' School Dance Party

Fan Gatherings 12/17/18 6:20pm

The Jacksons' catalog has been relegated as a mere footnote of MJ's solo career ?

Music: Non-Prince 12/17/18 6:18pm

Did you guys had a "convert" moment on a non traditional Prince crowd?

Prince: Music and More 12/17/18 3:25pm

Article: New sculpture, ‘Purple Raindrop,’ pays tribute to PRINCE in North Minneapolis park

Prince: Music and More 12/17/18 12:36pm

Film Quiz of the Year 2018

General Discussion 12/17/18 11:23am


Prince: Music and More 12/17/18 11:19am

A Christmas Cherished

Art, Podcasts, & Fan Content 12/17/18 10:45am

The orger "BlackBall" site discussion 12/17/18 9:58am

Saw Misty in Nutcracker Ballet last night

General Discussion 12/17/18 9:48am

Cool quote made me think of Prince

Prince: Music and More 12/16/18 6:41pm

Love Sign

Music: Non-Prince 12/16/18 11:24am

Young Turks selling great T-Shirt.

Politics & Religion 12/16/18 10:58am

Were you disappointed that Prince didn't continue with his avant garde approach from 2001-2003?

Prince: Music and More 12/16/18 10:30am

"Santa Claus Is Coming To Town" - The Pointer Sisters

Music: Non-Prince 12/15/18 4:38pm

Purple Wear Clothing 1984-1985

Prince: Music and More 12/15/18 2:56pm

Songs that sound like some other songs

Prince: Music and More 12/15/18 12:54pm

Misty Copeland in the 2019 Pirelli Calendar

General Discussion 12/15/18 12:30pm

Is New Jack Swing funky?

Music: Non-Prince 12/15/18 11:00am

"Eric....put some panties on your sax..."

Associated artists & people 12/15/18 10:40am

Hit N Run Phase One removed from Spotify?

Prince: Music and More 12/15/18 9:10am

Made some Prince art, thought I'd share

Art, Podcasts, & Fan Content 12/15/18 6:50am

4U : A Symphonic tribute to Prince in London. Who went?

Concerts 12/15/18 5:33am

What was the name of that guitar?

Prince: Music and More 12/15/18 12:27am

NFL player-turned-analyst says Taylor Swift's songs are better than Prince's, internet erupts

Prince: Music and More 12/14/18 8:37pm