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Please forgive me, but here is a 9/11 Pentagon thread

Politics & Religion 09/21/17 11:32am

Podcast on Prince's Spirituality

Art, Podcasts, & Fan Content 09/21/17 11:27am

Fantasy Tour Setlist

Prince: Music and More 09/21/17 11:21am

Paisley Park First Anniversary Celebration October 6th, 2017

Fan Gatherings 09/21/17 11:04am

"Never gonna stop lovin' you, baaaaa-baby... Gonna NEVER STOP!!! NEVER STOP!!! NEVER STOP!!! NEVER STOP!!!"

Prince: Music and More 09/21/17 10:51am

What Trump gets wrong about Antifa.

Politics & Religion 09/21/17 10:25am

Prince and Mayte on Camels near Great Pyramids

Prince: Music and More 09/21/17 9:15am

Do you remember...

Music: Non-Prince 09/21/17 8:55am

Gold Experience /Ultimate Live Experience stage

Prince: Music and More 09/21/17 8:35am

With New Power Soul, Prince’s brother is bringing Paisley Park’s studios back to life

Prince: Music and More 09/21/17 8:35am

Conan O'Brian went to Israel: Great talk with Palestinian activists.

Politics & Religion 09/21/17 8:13am

Oh my... the new NPG?

Associated artists & people 09/21/17 8:12am

Prince & the Revolution 4.261985 Grammy Awards Show

Prince: Music and More 09/21/17 8:10am

International Day of Peace 2017

Prince: Music and More 09/21/17 7:33am

Did Prince use LinnDrum (LM-2) on any songs (not LM-1)?

Prince: Music and More 09/21/17 7:11am

Per Nilsen DMSR book on ebay

The Marketplace: For Sale/Trade 09/21/17 7:10am

Honeymoon Express ~ Wendy & Lisa

Associated artists & people 09/21/17 6:33am

Bernie Casey, Pro Football Player Turned Actor, Dies

General Discussion 09/21/17 5:33am


Associated artists & people 09/21/17 5:18am

9/21 & 9/22 Abigail Noel will be Protesting at WB

Prince: Music and More 09/20/17 10:21pm

Netflix - Gaga: Five Foot Two

Music: Non-Prince 09/20/17 8:06pm

I'mma put this here just for the heck of it.

Associated artists & people 09/20/17 7:57pm

Apple Music Profiles

Music: Non-Prince 09/20/17 7:00pm

Favorite songs for Fall/Autumn

Music: Non-Prince 09/20/17 6:58pm

Bret Weinstein gets five hundred thousand payoff from Evergreen. but had to leave.

Politics & Religion 09/20/17 4:57pm