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Favorite Pornstar: Past, Present & Future?

General Discussion 33

Gillette airs anti toxi masculinity ad, assholic men respond by crying like little girls.

Politics & Religion 39

Brexit vote

Politics & Religion 38

Moon Beam levels written after an acid trip? [according to Susan Rogers!]

Prince: Music and More 59

Engineer on 90s O{+> Albums ( Come, Gold Xperience, Love Symbol)

Prince: Music and More 41

Did anyone not receive their copy of Crystal Ball mail order from long ago

Prince: Music and More 34

Morris Day ~ Color of Success (1985) era

Associated artists & people 27

You’re Top 5 Unreleased Song EP Dream List!!!!

Prince: Music and More 31

Steve King asks how terms 'white nationalist' and 'white supremacist' became offensive

Politics & Religion 33

New Poll: Dems & Repubs FLIP on military occupation

Politics & Religion 51

That they think of the Unpublished song "Lisa" of 1980 for me is a pity that it was not included in Dirty Mind

Prince: Music and More 29

What's going on with Prince's music from the vault?

Prince: Music and More 25

Michael Jackson sex abuse documentary coming to Sundance & HBO

Music: Non-Prince 76

Trump, Russia and ALL Things Related part 4

Politics & Religion 153

The Masked Singer - Gladys?

General Discussion 28

Listening Prince's voices in a new way

Prince: Music and More 29

My girlfriend blocked my phone number

General Discussion 26

Who’s missing from the Rock Hall of Fame?

Music: Non-Prince 36

Time to get rid of Trump for the sake of America

Politics & Religion 61

Prince ~ the Nude tour 1990

Prince: Music and More 119


Prince: Music and More 65

Prince Sent Michael a "Badder" Version ...

Prince: Music and More 81

Golden Globe Awards - [Discuss the clothing, awards etc. Here]

General Discussion 45

NFL Football Regular Season - Thread 3

General Discussion 79

What the President Could Do If He Declares a State of Emergency

Politics & Religion 159