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So......Mayte is planning a documentary

Associated artists & people 58

Who are music's biggest losses?

Music: Non-Prince 28

my friend talks about her interaction with Vanity/deniese matthews

Associated artists & people 52


Politics & Religion 68

U.S. Reopens Emmett Till Investigation, Almost 63 Years After His Murder

Politics & Religion 21

'Dirty Mind' Album Review

Prince: Music and More 23

Is most of the vault already out in bootlegs?

Prince: Music and More 54

Article: There are good things in PRINCE'S musical vault, says former engineer who has heard songs

Prince: Music and More 22

Papa John's

Politics & Religion 31

Is BERNIE MAC an overrated Stand Up Comedian?

General Discussion 44

Trump vs NATO

Politics & Religion 44

REVELATION - the last ballad.

Prince: Music and More 22

Who do you think had better fashion sense Prince or Lenny Kravitz?

Prince: Music and More 57

krispy kreme or dunkin donuts

General Discussion 30

What Prince Songs would make a Great Band Name?

Prince: Music and More 36


Music: Non-Prince 41

Glam Slam Ulysses

Prince: Music and More 23

Still learning but starting to think that P never really had the control previously assumed.

Prince: Music and More 82

David Davis resigns - what does it mean for Brexit?

Politics & Religion 39

Is anyone else here from the days of the OLD Org (pre-Facebook)?

General Discussion 74

The most interesting orgers

General Discussion 35

What Prince song do you have on your mind today? 🎧 🎶

Prince: Music and More 60

Diamonds & Pearls = Near-Classic or Near-Turkey?

Prince: Music and More 82

Thailand cave rescue: UPDATE: All Have been Rescued

General Discussion 46

Has Anyone Seen the New Whitney Documentary?

Music: Non-Prince 36