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Driverless cars: Yea or Nay

General Discussion 34

White U.S. Army veteran charged with act of terrorism in killing of black man

Politics & Religion 77

Punch a Nazi!

Politics & Religion 82

ALBUMISM SELECTS: Prince’s 10 Greatest Albums, Ranked & Revisited

Prince: Music and More 38

References in Film to P.

Prince: Music and More 31

So What's So Special About Drake?

Music: Non-Prince 24

My disco obsession

Music: Non-Prince 24

what "famous" movie havent you seen?

General Discussion 28

I've now listened to Hit'N'Run Phase 2

Prince: Music and More 23

Somebody Sure Is Acting Guilty

Politics & Religion 61

Supreme Court nominee Neil Gorsuch!

Politics & Religion 44

Obstruction of Justice.

Politics & Religion 25

"Prince could play at least 27 instruments..."

Prince: Music and More 34

Was Jesus really the son of God?

Politics & Religion 102

why wait to see it on p dot org???

General Discussion 46

Nicki Minaj Most Surpasses Aretha With Most Top 100 Billboard Single Entries

Music: Non-Prince 36

Corruption on another level; USA related

Politics & Religion 27

TrumpCare - EPIC FAIL

Politics & Religion 74

Racist Maryland man who fatally stabbed Black New Yorker admits his intent to kill African-Americans

Politics & Religion 126

Prince on April 21, 2016...what was going through his mind?

Prince: Music and More 402

Terror Attack London

Politics & Religion 57

the Parade tour ~ Prince & the Revolution 1986

Prince: Music and More 21

Who is a Christian?

Politics & Religion 77

Trolls set out to distract and divide the invigorated left

Politics & Religion 34

Misheard Lyrics - Make it fun!

Prince: Music and More 38