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Thu 21st Aug 2014 3:10am
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Paisley Park Dance Party After Dark - August 16th

Another party announced, promising 'unreleased jelly' Posted by motherfunka in Concerts (87 comments)


Have fun everyone! And post your reports. Posted by luv4u in Concerts (79 comments)

Happy 30th Anniversary Purple Rain!!!!

Today is the day. Officially the 30th Anniversary of the one and only PURPLE RAIN. Hey Prince! How about some news about that remaster? Posted by HatrinaHaterwitz in Prince: Music and More (70 comments)

Prince previews new solo album to Jon Bream

Prince invited the Star Tribune's Jon Bream to Paisley Park to hear a new album (that isn't Plectrum Electrum). Read all about it here, then discuss it here! Posted by stonejunkie73 in Prince: Music and More (344 comments)

Paisley Park After Dark June 13 - Featuring Liv Warfield & the NPG Hornz

$30 cover charge. 9 pm - 2 am - Live Music, Dancing, DJ, Movie. Note: NO phones, cameras, or recording devices allowed. Posted by motherfunka in Concerts (32 comments)

ASCAP to Honor Wendy Melvoin & Lisa Coleman with Inaugural Shirley Walker Award at 29th Film & TV Awards

The American Society of Composers, Authors and Publishers (ASCAP) will Honor Wendy Melvoin & Lisa Coleman with the Inaugural Shirley Walker Award at the 29th Film & TV Awards on June 25th at the Beverly Hilton Hotel in Los Angeles, CA. ---- Congrats Wendy & Lisa!! Posted by Zannaloaf in Associated artists & people (38 comments)

New concert date - London, Roundhouse: 4th June (2 Shows)

Prince returns to England for two further shows at the Roundhouse. Tickets on sale - 12 noon, Tuesday 3rd June Posted by 3QuartersInAGlass in Concerts (501 comments)

New concert date: Vienna - 7th June 2014

News of a further show at the Wiener Stadthalle in Austria, as 'Part II' of the Hit N Run tour rolls on. Posted by aprilsnow in Concerts (144 comments)

New concert date: PARIS June 1st (2 shows) Le Zenith

Prince announces further European shows in Paris - tickets on sale 10 am local time on Wednesday, 28th May Posted by Llanishenlad in Concerts (26 comments)

Bobby Z's "3rd Annual Benefit 2 Celebrate Life" Featuring Bobby Z & Friends

On Saturday, June 28, 2014 the "3rd Annual Benefit 2 Celebrate Life" will be happening at First Avenue, Minneapolis. Tix go on sale on May 9 at Noon (central time). $30.00 general admission tickets available until June 1. On June 1, any remaining general admission tickets will be $50.00. $100.00 VIP tickets include: VIP Reception Hosted By Apollonia, Early Admission, Exclusive Viewing Area, VIP Laminate, Photo Ops. Click on link within thread for further information. Posted by jgreco7 in Associated artists & people (30 comments)

Prince announces UK, Belgium and Holland dates throughout May 2014

Prince & 3rd Eye Girl are back in Europe throughout May, with dates in Birmingham, Manchester, Glasgow, Leeds, Amsterdam and Antwerp! Posted by davewitteonthekit in Concerts (920 comments)

Prince ranked as the Greatest Songwriter of All Time

At the time of posting, Prince has beaten out competition from Lennon/McCartney and fellow Minnesotan Bob Dylan to be ranked as the Greatest Songwriter Of All Time. Well done Prince! Now, where's that new album? Posted by Militant in Prince: Music and More (144 comments)

New Prince single, 'The Breakdown' now available on digital platforms worldwide!!

Hot on the heels of the WB partnership comes this unexpected release! Posted by FunkyD in Prince: Music and More (562 comments)

IT'S FINALLY HAPPENING: Prince and Warners undertaking reissue/remaster series

Prince and Warner Bros have reached a new deal for catalog remasters, a 30th anniversary deluxe digital remaster of Purple Rain, and a new album. Posted by revox in Prince: Music and More (807 comments)

MUST LISTEN: The Prince Podcast – ANDRE CYMONE Interview RAW!

MDean of the Prince Podcast does it again! He scored an interview with Andre Cymone and Andre is pretty awesome, discussing the behind-the-scenes of early Prince days. Andre is an amazing talent on his own, of course, but if you want to hear some of the real deal, you MUST listen to this podcast. I mean, I'm sure you listen to ALL the episodes already anyhow, but this one is definitely not to be missed. Go check it out! Posted by molove in Prince: Music and More (110 comments)

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quotable members

“When Doves Cry takes the cake, not because it's the most obvious choice, but because it's his best composed, arranged, and performed. To this day, there isn't anything that sounds like it. It carries this bizarre, smooth, glassy atmosphere since the bubblegum keyboards are there to accompany such a serious, mature overall sound. You're not quite sure how you're supposed to feel listening to it.

All the little intricate bits and pieces in the track; the main keyboard riff, the adroit guitarwork, the ethereal overdubbing, even the lack of a bassline, work together and gel seamlessly for a totally complete listening experience. It isn't an epic like 3 Chains 'o' Gold, nor a talent show like Computer Blue, it's just an endlessly enjoyable, accessible tune, no matter what instrument it's played on.”
Alguy, 6/10 in the forums

“You are right. I can get so caught up in my frustrations with his flaws that I forget to express the gratitude that I feel for all the great songs that he has recorded.

More than the music I am very, very grateful that Prince has been a fine example of what is possible when you trust your gut and stick to being you. Personally, I have never been one to enjoy sticking out and being different. Despite a life lived, on my part, trying to fit in I still get called eccentric anyway.

Had I embraced my own uniqueness years ago who knows where I would be right now?”
Deadflow3r, 6/10 in the forums

“I think at 42 all of my observations of most things are influenced by my experience and i am very mindful to be careful of sounding like a grouchy old guy. My kids (22,25) have no problem reminding me.

When it comes to Prince's recent output i feel that my response is rooted in where i am, i dont expect urgency nor innovation but i do reserve the right to ignore shit i dont find interesting. I love that he's matured image wise because it would be sad to pitty him for becoming a clown. I honestly dont value what he's recording now but i still feel proud that he's wildly successful as a live act and adjusting wonderfully to being the Icon he is.

If younger people are drawn to his newer work fine, but dont you think its disingenuis to act as if the current musical chapters are comparable to say 1980-1988?. I started listening to JB in high school, too young to know the real JB of the late 60's and early 70's. Back then i knew "Soul Power" was the shit and "Living in America" wasnt. You do know that right?, you do see a distinction between Dirty Mind and Musicology right? you can admit this without making it about us right?.”
dreamshaman32, 6/10 in the forums

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