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Sticky: UPDATE: Please Pray For My Niece luv4u 52 1,632

Today at 4:09amjump to last reply
by MoBettaBliss

Sticky: RIP Oscar de la renta Fury 9 185

Yesterday at 4:21pmjump to last reply
by noimageatall

"A Different World" reunion airs on OWN this weekend Chancellor 5 87

Today at 9:14pmjump to last reply
by HatrinaHaterwitz

Sleep you have one? Help needed StillGotIt 4 115

Today at 9:10pmjump to last reply
by morningsong

  Thigh bone reveals timing of human-Neanderthal sex Graycap23 3 107

Today at 9:03pmjump to last reply
by morningsong

  A Murder of Crows morningsong 9 95

Today at 8:47pmjump to last reply
by morningsong

Happy Birthday Libras, And - Astrology chart reviews/ Tarot readings Dalia11 36 698

Today at 7:36pmjump to last reply
by Dalia11

  Unmarried & No Kids: Dodged a Bullet or Unlucky in Life? SeventeenDayze 128 2,660

Today at 6:24pmjump to last reply
by BillieBalloon

Social Media is shocked that Patti LaBelle is playing a Maid on American Horror Story Chancellor 30 460

Today at 6:19pmjump to last reply
by babynoz

  Wanna Know What The Kid With No Hands Get For His Birthday? funkpill 8 131

Today at 6:14pmjump to last reply
by BillieBalloon

  Life Can Be A Beautiful Thing OLDHATJ 10 428

Today at 5:56pmjump to last reply
by PURplEMaPLeSyrup

  The TRANSFORMATION of Renée Zellweger JoeTyler 53 3,814

Today at 4:05pmjump to last reply
by BobGeorge909

The movie to watch: Whiplash! 2freaky4church1 2 30

Today at 3:58pmjump to last reply
by RodeoSchro

Employment: Are Online Job Sites a Waste of Time? SeventeenDayze 18 163

Today at 3:44pmjump to last reply
by alphastreet

  Star Wars 7 - Concept art ( have been warned) SquirrelMeat 11 195

Today at 2:46pmjump to last reply
by kpowers


Today at 1:32pmjump to last reply

  Georgia man assaults woman for not matching online profile Graycap23 10 244

Today at 10:40amjump to last reply
by TD3

  2014 Major League Baseball postseason thread sexton 84 1,193

Today at 9:13amjump to last reply
by sexton

  Russell Brand's revolution MattyJam 2 138

Today at 5:24amjump to last reply
by Ace

  Rate the last Long Island Medium show you went to RodeoSchro 3 110

Today at 5:23amjump to last reply
by Ace

Beyonce's new bangs - Yay or Nay? wildgoldenhoney 24 588

Today at 2:26amjump to last reply
by Chancellor

Johnny Depp ---> the BIG BAD WOLF!! wildgoldenhoney 7 194

Yesterday at 8:54pmjump to last reply
by HatrinaHaterwitz

NFL 2014 First Half Season Thread uPtoWnNY 223 3,191

Yesterday at 7:40pmjump to last reply
by SeventeenDayze

Windows 8: What is the verdict? Graycap23 38 551

Yesterday at 6:16amjump to last reply
by Graycap23

This Is A Halloween Costume TD3 6 223

Yesterday at 5:06amjump to last reply
by JustErin

  The Flash: TV series SPOILERS! OnlyNDaUsa 16 332

Yesterday at 3:31amjump to last reply
by kpowers

  SNL Parody Of ''Starving People'' Commercials. Gunsnhalen 10 229

Oct 22 2014 11:50pmjump to last reply
by kewlschool

  Is 50 shades of grey out yet? Hudson 0 41

Oct 22 2014 8:00pm

  Will Smith is 46-Years-Old Today, But You'd Never Guess by Looking at Him! KCOOLMUZIQ 39 1,278

Oct 22 2014 5:03pmjump to last reply

  Rate the last movie you watched sexton 119 3,279

Oct 22 2014 3:24pmjump to last reply
by logger

  Game of Thrones season 5 very spoilery set pic (your own risk) Hudson 6 120

Oct 22 2014 1:39pmjump to last reply
by morningsong

  Boardwalk Empire - last season starts tonight ! ColAngus 54 6,346

Oct 22 2014 11:13amjump to last reply
by ColAngus

Dad's spooky lunches provide Halloween hilarity missfee 0 73

Oct 22 2014 6:48am

  Obi-wan as Dr. Strange? PurpleJedi 8 238

Oct 21 2014 6:57pmjump to last reply
by Lammastide

  ABC Resurrection kpowers 7 249

Oct 21 2014 10:12amjump to last reply
by JoeBala

Woman’s condo sold over $95 overdue tax bill Graycap23 0 73

Oct 21 2014 8:48am

  Macy's to open at 6 pm on Thanksgiving Day missfee 13 344

Oct 21 2014 7:02amjump to last reply
by Genesia

  We finally find out Emperor Palpatine's first name... PurpleJedi 8 286

Oct 21 2014 6:42amjump to last reply
by OldFriends4Sale

  May/December Romance: Susan Sarandon is Pimpin'....or is she? SeventeenDayze 20 584

Oct 21 2014 12:09amjump to last reply
by SeventeenDayze

Daredevil or Moron? Latest Tightrope Stunt Teeters on Insane! SeventeenDayze 3 150

Oct 20 2014 7:13pmjump to last reply
by wildgoldenhoney

  NURSEV? babynoz 7 269

Oct 20 2014 6:11pmjump to last reply
by babynoz

  Spider the size of a Puppy Graycap23 1 155

Oct 20 2014 3:16pmjump to last reply
by luv4u

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