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  Sticky: The Second Org Fitness Thread of 2017 RodeoSchro 20 793

Yesterday at 1:47pmjump to last reply
by LadyLayla

Sticky: CHARLIE MURPHY DEAD AT 57 After Leukemia Battle Graycap23 24 1,032

Apr 22 2017 11:44pmjump to last reply
by JoeyC

  Sticky: RIP Erin Moran 1960-2017 Hudson 11 403

Apr 25 2017 2:30pmjump to last reply
by cloveringold85

  Sticky: The 2017 NFL Draft Thread uPtoWnNY 29 237

Yesterday at 5:43pmjump to last reply
by kpowers

  star trek thread kpowers 25 240

Today at 3:08amjump to last reply
by 2045RadicalMattZ

  April 30 1976 Adorecream 0 3

Today at 2:53am

  What’s Going Wrong With ‘The Walking Dead’? OldFriends4Sale 10 151

Today at 2:45amjump to last reply
by DaveT

  Has anyone noticed that JustErin has faded away? domainator2010 31 1,108

Yesterday at 5:49pmjump to last reply
by TheOriginalBrothaFiness

  :purse: appreciation thread Alej 5 76

Yesterday at 4:43pmjump to last reply
by Hudson

Astrology - Natal Chart interpretations by Dalia. Dalia11 48 837

Yesterday at 4:30pmjump to last reply
by Dalia11

  Roseanne is coming back for 8 episodes Hudson 12 134

Yesterday at 4:03pmjump to last reply
by Hudson movie tickets--CANADA? luvsexy4all 1 24

Yesterday at 2:22pmjump to last reply
by luv4u

What do you keep or store under your bed? luv4u 20 285

Yesterday at 11:45amjump to last reply
by kpowers

  What makes u happy? ThisOne 2 52

Yesterday at 11:09amjump to last reply
by Horsefeathers

  crystal blue pyramids luvsexy4all 13 227

Yesterday at 11:08amjump to last reply
by luvsexy4all

  What's Your True Talent? HuMpThAnG 10 148

Yesterday at 10:53amjump to last reply
by 2045RadicalMattZ

  A homeless man asked me to give him money for food ThisOne 74 1,169

Yesterday at 7:28amjump to last reply
by KingBAD

  The 2017 NBA Playoffs 728huey 106 1,221

Yesterday at 6:43amjump to last reply
by 728huey

  Beauty and the Beast domainator2010 41 553

Yesterday at 1:34amjump to last reply
by EmmaMcG

What is your opinion of this guy's body? ( All pix are safe for work) imago 19 252

Apr 28 2017 9:56pmjump to last reply
by Adorecream

  20 Years Of "I'm Gay". TrivialPursuit 2 96

Apr 28 2017 7:04pmjump to last reply
by Adorecream

Watch George Carlin make us all know how ignorant we are. 2freaky4church1 9 132

Apr 28 2017 6:27pmjump to last reply
by KingBAD

  innuendo KingBAD 8 94

Apr 28 2017 6:09pmjump to last reply
by luv4u

X-Files is Returning XxAxX 19 290

Apr 28 2017 4:02pmjump to last reply
by XxAxX

  Scientists Now Think the Aging Process Is Reversible purplethunder3121 8 122

Apr 28 2017 4:00pmjump to last reply
by XxAxX

  ON THIS DAY - 1990 EmmaMcG 17 201

Apr 28 2017 3:33pmjump to last reply
by kpowers

Jack Kirby and Steve Ditko appreciation thread XxAxX 11 181

Apr 28 2017 7:02amjump to last reply
by peedub

  Today in the boardroom ThisOne 4 271

Apr 28 2017 5:08amjump to last reply
by ThisOne

  Feast your eyes CharlieGriffin 22 294

Apr 28 2017 4:30amjump to last reply
by ThisOne

  Do u think men r capable of being loyal? ThisOne 114 1,933

Apr 28 2017 2:40amjump to last reply
by ThisOne

  what "famous" movie havent you seen? prb 96 1,949

Apr 28 2017 2:36amjump to last reply
by ThisOne

  Post a "new to you" food item... morningsong 13 152

Apr 28 2017 2:34amjump to last reply
by ThisOne

  Star Wars: The Last Jedi HerecomethePurpleYoda 50 1,530

Apr 27 2017 9:25pmjump to last reply
by PurpleJedi

What's Happening, Org? PurpleJedi 28 463

Apr 27 2017 9:14pmjump to last reply
by PurpleJedi

  My kids have all grown up ThisOne 12 448

Apr 27 2017 9:08pmjump to last reply
by PurpleJedi

  For The Love of Cats Part II purplethunder3121 100 1,644

Apr 27 2017 8:34pmjump to last reply
by 206Michelle

  How close to reality is the 70s movie "The Thing With Two Heads"? morningsong 0 36

Apr 27 2017 7:10pm


Apr 27 2017 1:30pmjump to last reply
by XxAxX

  Rate The Last Movie You Watched sexton 141 3,512

Apr 27 2017 8:11amjump to last reply
by 2freaky4church1

Director Jonathan Demme dead at 73. 2freaky4church1 3 110

Apr 27 2017 8:10amjump to last reply
by 2freaky4church1

A pair of great tits HerecomethePurpleYoda 12 230

Apr 27 2017 8:09amjump to last reply
by 2freaky4church1

  the circle of life... KingBAD 9 227

Apr 26 2017 10:18pmjump to last reply
by bluesbaby

  Genius - National Geographic TV series morningsong 1 53

Apr 26 2017 7:55pmjump to last reply
by XxAxX

  An artificial womb successfully grew baby sheep — and humans could be next morningsong 8 119

Apr 26 2017 4:21pmjump to last reply
by purplethunder3121

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