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Thu 25th Aug 2016 9:40am
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There is no way to describe how we all feel. Most of us "only" knew Prince through his music, but that was more than enough for him to have had a profound effect on our lives. Seeing the outpouring of love and respect on social media, in the press, on public structures cast in purple glow, and by the legions of people who celebrated his life as he would want it to be -- by coming together and dancing all over the globe, has been so touching to us all at This site has always been about the fans first, but obviously without the man, there would be no fans. We now honor the genius musician, the visionary, the icon, and most of all the human that was Prince, and offer our deepest shared sympathies. We knew and loved his music, and made it part of our lives, our soul, our being; that's the ultimate tribute, and as a result, he will live eternally. Prince, you will be forever in our life, forever in our hearts, forever on our stereos. wish u heaven.

--Ben, founder of, 4/22/2016

Virtual Paisley Park Memorial Tour

Gigapixel Imaging, a company headquartered just down the road from Paisley Park, and counting Prince fans on their staff, has made a super-cool 'virtual tour' of the PP fence and paths, showing the entirety of the amazing memorial fans have created. It's like higher-res Google StreetView, where you can see all of the wonderful tributes people have left. Check it out -- it's so touching, and really helps "take you there". Big props to Gigapixel! (Discussion on this thread)

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BREAKING: Paisley Park opening for public tours starting Oct 6!

Sign up for email updates. Tour Tix go on sale Friday, August 26th at 3:00 p.m. Eastern/2:00 p.m. Central time. More info to follow. Posted by rogifan in Prince: Music and More (226 comments)


Orgers! Your help is needed for this special project coming up. If you can, it is muchly appreciated. Posted by haleno1 in Associated artists & people (6 comments)

Prince Day at Minnesota State Fair - August 26

Be part of the energy and excitement on Friday, Aug. 26, at the Minnesota State Fair as we bring the community together to celebrate the life of a legend – Minnesota’s own Prince. Posted by Bankinherpocket in Fan Gatherings (3 comments)

Update: Memorial & Other Events

An official Prince tribute concert will be held on October 13th at the US Bank Stadium in Minneapolis, Minnesota. Tickets go on sale in August. Stay tuned for any further updates. Posted by luv4u in Prince: Music and More (469 comments)

Upcoming New Biography: Make the House Shake: The Life and Legacy of Prince

An upcoming new biography of Prince by Alex Hahn. Click on link for details. This is the same author of the previous book 'Possessed'. Posted by AlexHahn in Prince: Music and More (148 comments)


The Revolution will be performing at First Avenue. Featuring Wendy, Lisa, Brownmark, Dr. Fink & Bobby Z with special guests Dez Dickerson and Andre Cymone. There is a link on how to obtain the pre-sale password, pre-sale begins Thursday, July 7 at 10 a.m. CT. Tickets go on sale: Friday, July 8 at 11:00 am Central Time - Link to purchase tickets and further information on link posted. Posted by Genesia in Associated artists & people (205 comments)

Prince Online Museum - Opening July 4

The Prince Online Museum officially opens today July 4 - Check it out!! Site and Facebook links posted. Posted by SirLancelot in Prince: Music and More (66 comments)

Prayers for John Blackwell

John Blackwell is in hospital in Japan, going through some medical tests. There is a GoFundMe link posted - Contributions to pay for medical expenses. Posted by stinasings in Associated artists & people (99 comments)

IAPW Announces Prince School to Be Built in Malawi

In a Perfect World (IAPW) Founder, Manuela Testolini, announces that school to be built in honor of late former husband, Prince, will be constructed in Malawi. Click on link within. Posted by luv4u in Associated artists & people (13 comments)

Midwest Medical Examiner’s Office Just Released the Investigation Results

See results. Link to report posted within. Posted by JudasLChrist in Prince: Music and More (860 comments)

BREAKING NEWS: Prince died of an opioid overdose: law enforcement official

The start of some new information since Prince's passing. Read link within. Posted by luv4u in Prince: Music and More (1,183 comments)

'PRINCE Act' Rushed Before Minnesota Lawmakers to Protect Heirs' Rights

Minnesota lawmakers are rushing to enact a law that would restrict the use of Prince's name and likeness in commercial ventures, affording more control to heirs of the late musician's estate. Read further for more information. Posted by luv4u in Prince: Music and More (91 comments)

Prince Rushed to Hospital After Emergency Landing

UPDATE: Prince is now back at home resting after being rushed to Emergency early Friday morning in Illinois for flu symptoms. The org wishes Prince a speedy recovery. Click on update link for the latest news. Posted by luv4u in Prince: Music and More (244 comments)

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quotable members

today i said to myself, :i'm not logging in to, i've got to move on". then i find myself thinking about him.

i remember in the past (before he passed on) wondering and hoping that he'd see my post and read my opinions on various topics and threads.

can you believe that many times i thought i felt his presence? i mean sometimes i'd imagine his just stopping by the org to read all our post.

yes, i even dreamed about Prince over the years. not often and never sexual in content. dreams like meeting him, he'd invite me to ride down highway 1 on the cali coast and we'd just talk about mundane topics.

this site bonded many of us orgers together in his name. i guess i'm hooked. but i've just got to let go and let his spirit travel on.

I really still miss him being alive on this earth in my/our space in time, i never really knew how much until this moment.

Related imageRelated imageRelated imageRelated imageRelated imageRelated imageRelated imageRelated imageRelated image

i guess i really loved Prince on a multi-dimensional level.

”—free2bfreeda, 7/16 in the forums


The new herald of dawn

Spoken in song

By a chorus of birds

Rising up when I thought

All faith was gone

Just when the sky

Seems at its darkest

And there are no stars

To be seen

Cars rumble by

But monotonous mumble

Can't mute or cancel

The beautiful music

The feathered choir

Awakens in me

The realization

Of a new day

Just beginning

And I am here

Alive and hopeful

To welcome it

To greet The Dawn

As they do...

And who am I

To deny

Nature's own song

Telling me

That I still belong?

”—purplethunder3121, 5/16 in the forums

Honestly, I don't care how he died. I care how he lived. You are what you leave behind and Prince left gold.

”—SquirrelMeat, 4/16 in the forums

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