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There is no way to describe how we all feel. Most of us "only" knew Prince through his music, but that was more than enough for him to have had a profound effect on our lives. Seeing the outpouring of love and respect on social media, in the press, on public structures cast in purple glow, and by the legions of people who celebrated his life as he would want it to be -- by coming together and dancing all over the globe, has been so touching to us all at This site has always been about the fans first, but obviously without the man, there would be no fans. We now honor the genius musician, the visionary, the icon, and most of all the human that was Prince, and offer our deepest shared sympathies. We knew and loved his music, and made it part of our lives, our soul, our being; that's the ultimate tribute, and as a result, he will live eternally. Prince, you will be forever in our life, forever in our hearts, forever on our stereos. wish u heaven.

--Ben, founder of, 4/22/2016

Virtual Paisley Park Memorial Tour

Gigapixel Imaging, a company headquartered just down the road from Paisley Park, and counting Prince fans on their staff, has made a super-cool 'virtual tour' of the PP fence and paths, showing the entirety of the amazing memorial fans have created. It's like higher-res Google StreetView, where you can see all of the wonderful tributes people have left. Check it out -- it's so touching, and really helps "take you there". Big props to Gigapixel! (Discussion on this thread)

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'PRINCE Act' Rushed Before Minnesota Lawmakers to Protect Heirs' Rights

Minnesota lawmakers are rushing to enact a law that would restrict the use of Prince's name and likeness in commercial ventures, affording more control to heirs of the late musician's estate. Read further for more information. Posted by luv4u in Prince: Music and More (81 comments)

Prince Rushed to Hospital After Emergency Landing

UPDATE: Prince is now back at home resting after being rushed to Emergency early Friday morning in Illinois for flu symptoms. The org wishes Prince a speedy recovery. Click on update link for the latest news. Posted by luv4u in Prince: Music and More (244 comments)

RESCHEDULED: Atlanta Shows Back on for April 14

Shows which were originally postponed have been rescheduled for 7 pm and 10 pm at the Fox Theatre this Thursday. Posted by prittypriss in Concerts (41 comments)

POSTPONED: Piano & A Microphone Tour - Atlanta, Georgia - USA

UPDATE: Due to Prince battling the flu, both shows have been cancelled for tonight and shall be rescheduled for a later date - click on link within for information. Tix for tonights shows will be honoured for the re-scheduled shows. Stay tuned for updates. Get well Prince - we wish you a speedy recovery. Posted by KCOOLMUZIQ in Concerts (193 comments)

Prince to Perform Piano & A Microphone Tour in Toronto, Ontario - Canada

Next date added to 'Piano & A Microphone' tour is at Toronto, Ontario - Canada on March 25. Two shows - 7:00 pm and 10:00 pm at the Sony Centre For The Performing Arts. Tickets go on sale Thursday, March 24 at 10:00 am - Click on link within the thread for purchasing tix and for more info in regards to tix prices and other information. Posted by KCOOLMUZIQ in Concerts (26 comments)

Prince's Autobiography is Incoming..... To Be Published in 2017

It's the news we never thought we'd hear. That's right purple hippies, our royal leader is writing his autobiography and it's coming out next year. Hit the link for all the deets! Posted by KCOOLMUZIQ in Prince: Music and More (509 comments)

Prince to perform in Montreal, Quebec - Canada - 21 March - 2 shows

Next date added to 'Piano & A Microphone' tour is at Théâtre Maisonneuve in Place des Arts- Montreal, Quebec - Canada. Two shows. Tickets go on sale Friday, March 18 at 12:00 Noon. See link within for purchasing tickets. Posted by KCOOLMUZIQ in Concerts (63 comments)

Prince to perform at Oracle Arena in Oakland, California March 4th.

Further date is added to the USA leg of the tour. Tickets on sale 1 March Posted by banishedones666 in Concerts (162 comments)

Prince to perform in Oakland, California-Feb. 28 - Piano & A Microphone

The Piano & A Microphone tour continues with a performance in Oakland, California at the Paramount Theatre this Sunday, February 28th. There will be 2 shows that night, according to our trusty reliable source --- Tix go on sale tomorrow at 12 Noon, February 24th. Posted by inspireof in Concerts (217 comments)

RIP Vanity (Denise Matthews)

The original Prince girl has left us....... Rest In Peace, Denise. Posted by Militant in Associated artists & people (494 comments)

Prince To Perform in Australia and New Zealand (Piano & A Microphone)

Via it has been announced that Prince will be in Australia and New Zealand during February 2016. Details to be announced soon. See link within thread. Posted by bashraka in Concerts (694 comments)

Morris Day And The Time Playing Paisley Park After Dark

Listen to the show live from Paisley Park right now. No live stream. Special Guest Judith Hill and Fam, and featuring DJ KISS. Link posted within. Posted by bashraka in Associated artists & people (157 comments)

org get-together in MPLS on Friday Jan 22

Meet up and hang out! Shwag for all! Posted by ben in Fan Gatherings (10 comments)

Prince Piano and a Microphone at Paisley Park (now Fri show added!)

Prince announces Minneapolis performance via tweet for 21 January (UPDATE: and a Jan 22 show with Pho and Larry Graham!) Posted by purplethunder3121 in Concerts (315 comments)

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quotable members

Honestly, I don't care how he died. I care how he lived. You are what you leave behind and Prince left gold.

”—SquirrelMeat, 4/16 in the forums

Live, he's better than ever.

So I dunno.

There's so many peaks I think the question is useless.

I can't compare 1986 Head to 1987 If I Was Your Girlfriend,
or 1988 Bob George / Anna Stesia / The Cross to 2000's She's Always In My Hair,
or Small Club to the Sacrifice Of Victor, or Bambi Paradisio Amsterdam to SNL's Electric Chair,
or 1987 New Morning to 1998 Le Zenith...

And then you'll have to divide by categories and subcategories, keyboards performances, guitar, vocals,
and this is hard work as Dale Bozzio used to squeak, you have to go through a hell lotta disappointing performances,
tape hisses, and dumbasses that go "testicles, 1, 2" in the walkman's mike, right in the middle of a guitar solo, damn!

Musicology has some incredible lives out there (the acoustic part of "Shark Tank, San Jose California" is a state of grace),
and I cannot have enough praises for the somewhat recent Jimmy Kimmel's "The Dance Electric" with live horns,
where he tosses his mike in the crowd, the whole band is one man on fire, and the horns riffs get funkier and funkier.
It all ends with a fucking big larsen in ye faces — Yount!

Ok, my personal preference goes to 1986.
Surely because I was fourteen and living in Paris, Christopher Tracey was this fucking cool big bro' trashing the French Riviera ("Exile On Main Street"s Nellcote, anyone?),
doin'it with hotdamn Kristin Scott Thomas, who, like Jennifer Connelly, turned out to be much more than Phenomena.
Musically, Parade confirmed ATWIAD. Prince was a musician, a true worker. Evolving as fast as The Beatles.

We often argue on "what year did Prince lose it?" or some nonsense like that,
but if we're talking about flair, 1985/1986 was his real-time connection with the world. He could do no wrong.
The artistic intelligentsia embraced him (Europe didn't care much about the "We Are The World" incident).
Plus, they saw Wembley "4 The Tears In Your Eyes", so there.

W&L arrangements, Cocteau Twins "Treasure", Kate Bush "Hounds Of Love",
they all resulted in #1 Kiss followed by #2 Manic Monday.
The Bangles transcended the song, giving it the real Buddy Holly pop lightness.
He casted Kristin Scott Thomas himself, released "Nothing Compares 2 U" disguised under St. Paul (and why didn't he do the same thing with "Wally", that dumbass).
The whole Family album concept was built around Europe, mostly London and Paris (mostly Paris by 1987 — where he had a flat by then).

You can make them refrain "Take Me With You" in arenas, but you'll have a hard time filling the same arenas
with songs talking about "Piccadilly Square" or "Gustav Mahler".

From my Paris persepective, he made up France supa-trendy at that time, with "Under The Cherry Moon" only, in the eyes of the american elite.
The whole look of every singer changed and become more personal.
All things had to have this Prince extravaganza, look at the 1986 fashion and ads.
I'm not referring to obvious Purple Rain replicas by untalented people, ATWIAD, Parade, and SOTT went through
every "people that counts" walkman or stereo, whether in fashion, advertising, design.

"Under The Cherry Moon" is just a (un)intended farce, but look how beautiful Chocolate and Butterscotch are, in their Nice apartment.

If M.J. made black popular, children admitted, to the white audience, Prince made black look beautiful, and with lyrics and trivias hot to the point you'd hesitate to rate it adults only or not (how the crotch-grabbing on Apollonia passed the 1984 movies censorship bureau is above me. They probably said to themselves : "this is some low-budget musical semi-porn razzie, who's gonna go see that?". And once they realize PurpleMania is here and is about getting crazy and masturbation, look who's here? Oh hello, Tipper. Say, why is my magazine soaked?).

If Michael (Jackson for the dummies) made the crossover, it was sleek, professional, a proof that black americans kick white asses and can
become the most-selling-artists-of-all-time and become as cretins and paranoid as the whiteys in the process.
I'll be harsh but let me say first that I would not have been curious of Prince without Thriller.
But Thriller felt like Toto welcomed Michael for some jams. So it was, again, in a way, the white country folkies petronizing.

But In "Under The Cherry Moon", it's about the mavericks, black people crashing high-society parties while keeping their coolness.
It's aboot the Wrecka Stow. It's about "New Position", and I mean it musically.
Parade is so delicate ("Les enfants qui mentent ne vont pas au paradis — Ok. — Ok, merci."),
witty ("Act your age"), haunting ("I Wonder U"), avant-garde ("Anotherloverholenyohead").
Heck, Prince had a flair for Clare Fischer!

All of this digression leads to my favorites, let's say in the "athletic" category, performances of Skipper :

- Mutiny, Detroit 1986 "Birthday Concert", just the grins he does while he grinds the organ, and the walk he does when he slowly moves back to the mike are priceless.
- A Love Bizarre with Sheila E., San Francisco 1986 : It goes on forever, and you lose track of time just watching the whole thing.

Plus, Sheila grabs his package something severe, and he's like embarassed and nod his head but the show must go on,
I mean, on stage, please, Lady, restrain yourself.

- America, Nice, Palais de Verdure 1986, and if only the world had been exposed to more moments where he plays something else than guitar or keyboards.

Had he released a proper "Sign Of The Times - Live", I mean the whole set,
without overdubbing everything to death... But what can I say, I prefer Bobby Z. to Sheila (I love U Sheila!).

Over time, Prince may have thought his rhythm section was not tight enough,
but I really like the feel of Bobby and Mark, errors and floating tempos included,
they're surely unnoticeable to untrained ears, and the result was pure joy.
The Revolution is fun to hear. The TGE's NPG is scary to ear. Just the three of them, they can sound like Armageddon.
"Atlanta Bliss, Eric Leeds!" and there they go, turning the bridge of Anotherlover into something less romantic
and more optimistic. You can't beat that.

The Parade Tour concert are so carefully constructed, and the stage is so bare,
there's only the performance, raw and sweaty ("Head", Detroit 1986).
Just listen to the crowd going totally nuts. Can you hear this woman scream?

"I don't care what anybody says, I've got the baddest band in the universe".
And of course he has flair again, even if the Revolution makes a mess of "Whole Lotta Shakin' going' on".
He could have done it acapella on the piano, and close the concert like that would have been brilliant.
History fails to recognize that Prince was honoring Jerry Lee Lewis, the Killer himself, during the Parade tour.
Not Elvis. Not Dylan. Not The Beatles.
A man who banged and married his well-formed but way underaged cousin,
you don't get more rock-n-roll than that : it's frowned upon in the white AND the black communities. smile

Jerry Lee Lewis. A man that Elvis, for all its prophetic role, cannot touch.
Because Elvis can't play shit. He plays like your cousin.
Go listen to "My God Is Real" or "Georgia On My Mind" by Jerry Lee, first you'll hear genius,
and then you'll get the influence he had on Prince : "Cold Coffe, Cocaine" or what the fuck the name of the shit is,
and more important, on "How Come U Don't Call Me Anymore", basically all of the Purple Rain Tour keyboard performances
owe something to Jerry. After PR, he introduced finesse.

in 1986, because of the live performances only (the "Kiss" video was an unstoppable teaser for seeing him live),
they all came to see him or became very aware of him,
from George Michael (no "Faith" without "Kiss", no "I Want Your Sex pt. II" without "1999") to Paul Simon, Eric Clapton, Miles, T.T.D.A.,
it was not about sales anymore, what Prince and The Revolution were doing was the most exciting musical crossover,
a black american in Paris, the myth of the successful 40/50's jazzman,
well, in a nutshell, Prince chasing after his father like Jeff Buckley was. Transcending him.

That Prince demanding influence gave us most of the pop of 1987, where in case of good pop, you can sense
there is a "before" and "after" Prince. Prince finished what punk artists started, to put back the 50's and 60's raw musicianship in fashion, with an ethic.

You can't hear a single larsen on "Thriller".
Not only you have a bunch of them on "Purple Rain", but the moan he does in "Darling Nikki", you know the one,
where all instruments stop, and all of a sudden it's live porn, right there in your living room for all the neighbours to hear.

in 1986, Prince raised the bar higher, for everyone.
By 1987, he would become his own, one and only competition, but that's another story.

The higher bar resulted in "Tutu", yeecch...
But also "Faith" the album, which has good points about monkeys and Nabukov (not easy following Sting's masterpiece).

In short, 1986 is the one, if you're looking after "purity of intention".
But when it comes to states of grace, I would say any year may yield something that could astonish you.

"Love Thy Will B Done", Paris Le Zenith 1998, is a recent discovery,
and if dat doezn't kick U right in da nuts on 1st hearing, I don't know what to tell you.
It's really one of these times when I feel like singing along "Prince is dead!", because indeed,
this ain't no 1986's Detroit "Pop Life".
This is Heavy Gospel, a musical genre of its own.

There aren't so many nights to get a song right.

[Edited 7/12/15 2:57am]

”—bonatoc, 7/15 in the forums

The days of Prince diving off pianos are over , thank god. Who whats to see a nearly 60 year old man jumping across the stage trying to relive his youth. You only have to look at Madonna and her recent stage antics to know that Prince is going down the right road as a life performer. There are plenty of tours and videos out there for people to watch prince in his youth jumping around and humping his guitar. Hes been there, done that and read the t shirt. The sampler set I can understand the criticism. But the casuals at the concert do seem to enjoy them. I think prince started doing the sampler sets with good intentions, getting as many songs out there as he could at a concert, even if it was a snippet.but now it has turned into its own beast, and feels he has to do them as they seem to get a strong crowd reaction. The fact is prince is at a different place now. His belief's have changed for a start.

”—antonb, 6/15 in the forums

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