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Reply #60 posted 01/12/22 7:41am



MotownSubdivision said:

Graycap23 said:

I dont think folks realize that this dude was pretty good when he was recordng under his real name: John Stephens.

He's talented but his plaster flavored blandness overshadows his skill, especially in recent years where he'd rather be making basic, limp piano ballads in an era full of them and virtue-signalling renditions of old standards. He's become much more of a celebrity in recent years and a pretty unimpressive one at that.


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Reply #61 posted 01/12/22 7:47am



CynicKill said:

woogiebear said:

Which is PROBABLY why He even has a Career in the FIRST Place!!! Lauryn took Credit for His & Everybody Else's Work on that Album

Why do I see John Legend’s name in the album credits though?

Well, she kept all of the writing and producing credit, but yes he is listed John Stephens along with everyone else as session musicians.

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Reply #62 posted 01/12/22 9:54am


MotownSubdivision said:

TrivialPursuit said:

alphastreet said:

I just felt most black people have defended mj, and John didn’t in spite of working with him

Well, what you feel or what Legend said about Jackson has nothing to do with being a sellout.

Sellout is a bullying word. Fans of an artist don't want their artist being involved in commercial ventures. But shit, who's selling and buying those records, paying for studio time, paying for the tour, merchandise, etc? Who's cashing checks? The artists! "Please buy my music, don't download it for free." "SELLOUT!" Shut up, already. Damn.

Just because Prince didn't let his music in a commercial, he was still a sellout by corporate standards. He worked with record companies and businesses in exchange for promoting his music and making money. He went back to Warner years later, plus worked with Arista, and CBS Sony. That's not selling out? Oh right, that was a handshake deal. I forgot.

Let me expand: Was MJ a sell out in 1984 when The Jackson's had Pepsi promote their Victory Tour? Was Lionel when he did the same thing? Was Elton John when he did Diet Coke commercials with Paula Abdul? Was MC Hammer when he did a soda commercial?

These folks are doing their jobs, whatever those jobs are that they get hired for or sign up for, see. I used to know Dave Holmes, a bit, from MTV. He once got on his Twitter or something because people were bugging out that he was in a Ford commercial. He said, "Folks, I'm doing my job. I'm a TV personality, I'm a face and a voice, a host. This is what I do. So doing a car commercial isn't selling out. It's doing my job." (that's a fairly accurate summation of his words, not verbatim).

Is Jennifer Aniston a sellout for hocking Aveeno lotion? She was one of the highest paid actresses in Hollywood for the better part of a decade, and still is to a great extent. But she's selling body lotion. She selling out? Where's your line of defense on this?

Dave Holmes was right. Every big beer, liquor, or soft drink company sponsors a rock star to pay for the tour, etc. It's business.

And while I don't recall anyone calling Stevie Nicks, Tina Turner, Lindsay Buckingham, David Crosby, or Bruce Springsteen sellouts in recent weeks and months when they sold their catalogs. Oh no, that was a good move, set up for the rest of their lives, and their heirs, too. That was a smart move. But this caramel shaded singer does it, and he's a sellout? Doesn't make sense.

He can do with his music whatever he wants. I don't care what he did or didn't say about Michael Jackson. He wasn't Judge John Legend. He's Teigan's husband at most, these days.

Not to beat down ribs path at the expense of the actual topic but I can see what (s)he means in regarding Legend as a sellout.

It's not the music so much as it is how he presents himself now. Using what he said about MJ for example, it just seemed to fame out of left field and he was just so blatant with it.

"They said it happened so it must be true."

He was so quick to just take Robson and Safechuck at their word and that came off as disingenuous. As though he knew that publicly disagreeing with LN in the midst of the #MeToo movement wouldn't lend him to favorable headlines so he emphatically just threw a collaborator under the bus because that was the popular decision to make. His take on the situation really summed up the reaction to that whole ordeal perfectly made worse by the fact that he apparently knew MJ personally and worked with him which would have been after the first-accusations in '93 and maybe even the ones in 2003. That's despicable to be so quick to switch lanes like that given the circumstances.

But before even that, there was the "Baby It's Cold Outside" remake which came off more like sanctimony. Then you just look at his wife and how she conducts herself and how he conducts himself in conjuction to her, it's all very off-putting. Like you said, he's basically John Teigen and given how annoying Chrissy can be, that's not a good look in my eyes.

Musically, the only way John "sold out" is when he made "All of Me", that boring humdrum Hallmark card of a discount Lionel Richie song that was well beneath his capabilities. I don't consider it a sell out move, I just consider it a move made in bad taste because it's a bad song. And that was the last thing he did of note music-wise (at least prior to the smug "Baby It's Cold Outside" remake) before the MJ remark and being First Lady to Commander in Fool Chrissy.

Someone as cardboard and non-descript as him shouldn't inspire anything resembling strong feelings but he gives off a bad, oily vibe. He looks like Arthur on the outside but seems like a weasel within. That's how I see it at least.
[Edited 1/12/22 6:33am]

Glad someone gets it! And the Arthur/weasel comparison made me laugh, and all of me is a terrible song
[Edited 1/12/22 9:56am]
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