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Thread started 05/08/18 8:02am



Grand Jury Investigation Demanded - Online Petition

Just came across this, this morning:

"The red flags that we noted include:

1.Failure to take control of and secure Paisley Park until all evidence gathering had been completed – this gave sufficient time for the crime scene to be tampered with, staged (pills and money spread in various locations in Paisley Park), and documents and other evidence destroyed and removed from Paisley Park by parties who sought to cover up;

2.Failure to remove and control all computers and laptops that Prince actively used. Investigators did not remove a laptop that they saw in Prince's bedroom until five days after Prince's death. Again, this gave ample time for email correspondence and files to be deleted by parties who sought to cover up;

3.Failure to take fingerprints of Prince and fingerprints on pills, money and other items at Paisley Park, and investigators touching evidence without wearing gloves;

4.Failure to probe discrepancies in statements provided by witnesses who were present when Prince passed out on the plane from the Atlanta concert, and deferential treatment, including leading and suggesting answers to a witness;

5.Failure to probe an Associate's disclosure that he removed prescribed medication that Prince said was not working for him but could not recall what he did with the medication;

6.Failure to examine the background of various parties that are relevant to the investigation. For example, the drug use history and drugs held by all relevant parties should have been probed;

7.Failure to determine if there had been malfeasance and fraud going on regarding Paisley Park and Prince's assets that may have motivated any party to cause him harm – the spread of cash around Paisley Park, and an employee carrying significant cash belonging to Paisley Park in her handbag suggests laxity in internal controls that could facilitate malfeasance;

8.Failure to examine legal agreements, past and ongoing lawsuits, domestic and international business arrangements, and financial records for evidence of any party that may have been motivated to cause Prince harm. For instance, Prince had a very well documented contentious relationship with a music industry firm. He had engaged in a protracted legal battle and regained control of the master recording copyright of his music in April 2014. This caused considerable anxiety for the executives of the music industry firm.

9.Failure to investigate a CNN report on the morning of April 21, 2016, that gunshots were heard at Paisley Park and believed to involve a Paisley Park employee. All information of this report was deleted from the internet.

10.Failure to follow-up on leads provided by relatives, close friends, and former managers and staff of Paisley Park who reached out to investigators.

11.Failure to properly gather all evidence relevant to the investigation before cremation of the decedent. Prince was cremated 29 hours after he was found dead. According to the FAQ section on the website, "the county Medical Examiner typically takes 2-3 business days to approve cremation…. The only delay would be if a Medical Examiner deemed it necessary to investigate the death or question the cause of death."

12.Failure to establish without a shadow of doubt that Prince himself administered the fatal dose of fentanyl that killed him. Despite an ongoing investigation, the Carver County Medical Examiner deemed Prince's cause of death as "decedent self-administered fentanyl overdose".

Edited to try to make it a clicky, but failed.

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