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Reply #90 posted 06/23/17 2:48am


BoraBora said:

OK, finally listened from start to end to disk 1 and disk 2.

I'm not audiophile, but all in all I find the new album remaster well done.

It's not perfect but it is clear and powerful.
Nothing to thank God for, but also nothing to trash.

But for me what really matter was disk 2.

I could have paid double the price of the Expanded released for the"From The Vault & Unreleased" CD alone and still I would be happy like a children.

Come on.... it is the Disneyland of the P 1983/1984 outtakes!
So many titles known for years and listened to in bad sound quality now collected as a jewels parade.

"The Dance Electric" is wonderful, and I'm happy it is the Prince solo version since the Revolution version was already available in great quality.

"Love & Sex" is the unknown song I was interested more in, and even if musically it doesn't stand in the same category of other outtakes it is still a nice little jam. Somewhat unfocused, but still enjoyable.

We all knew "Computer Blue (Hallway Speech)" so nothing to said apart that I'm grateful to have it finally in this sound quality.

"Electric Intercourse" is another gem, I absolutely prefer this studio version to the live version.

"Our Destiny/Roadhouse Garden": as all I can detect that here the sound quality is not on the others standard, but I'm still proud of the inclusion of them, better to have them that not.

Musically I think they are lacking something (particularly RG, after comparison with the live version) but still a nice addition to the P canon.

"Possessed": to be clear I like it. Much. Very much. Nice to have it.
But I have to be honest and say that I would have preferred the inclusion of the 1983 version instead of this.

I find this version a little too "urgent" and mechanic, and also somewhat repetitive.
I like when P stretch a single song to long lenght (I already talked of TDE and CB) but here I find that the 7:40 minutes are not musically sustained by the necessary ideas.
An edit to 4/5 minutes could be more functional to the track's efficacy.
But I imagine here I'm in a minority to think so.

"Wonderful Ass": one of my ever favourite P outtakes finally in official quality.
Nothing to add. Gorgeous.

"Velvet Kitty Cat": probably the less interesting track of the CD. Obviously a demo.

Grateful for its inclusion for historical reason, but I can't say I will return many time to it.

"Katrina's Paper Dolls": better than VKC but still uneventful when placed in a CD containing "holy grails". I will give it more listen to absorb it, maybe it will grown on me.

"We Can Fuck".
I never hoped to be able to listen to this version. Wow.
Near perfection. It avoid all defects that married the GB version (overproduction) and the "insane" instrumentation and vocal works give it the hint of a masterpiece.
The real surprise of the set.

"Father's Song": again, gorgeous.

An excursion in an unusual musical land for P standards, very evocative.
One of the time in which a song long desired stand up to what I was waiting for, differently but magically the same.

Agree with your points on The Dance Electric, Possessed and We Can Fuck - which is the highlight for me. Even though it probably doesn't belong on the set but that's a whole other show..

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Reply #91 posted 06/23/17 4:11am




locking this to start a better thread structure as requested.

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