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Sun 20th May 2018 6:25pm
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Thread started 10/05/04 4:39pm


Sananda's OWN P2P program!

Hi all Sananda fans!

Sananda now has his OWN P2P progam! Pretty cool indeed smile

You can read about it here:

or download it directly by clicking on this link:

It's powered by TrustyFiles and has NO spyware or bundled software and is only 1,7 MB.

It just would be great if you'll use this program for file-sharing and put Sananda's new songs in the download folder, whether you bought them or not, it will help with spreading/seeding his Weed songs into the P2P systems as this one is connected with them ALL smile

Also included there is the complete Weed Database where you can find & listen easily to loads of great music!

And if you didn't hear his new songs YET, you'll see them there too smile

Thanx a lot and have fun!

PS New to Weed? Free to try all songs and if you wanna buy some: you get $5 for FREE as well!
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Reply #1 posted 10/05/04 10:41pm


Interesting... hmmm

Share Sananda Maitreya's songs with his free P2P file sharing software!
All his music on this web site is free and legal for you to enjoy.
Download as much as you like!
Then PASS IT ON! We invite you to share his music with friends and file sharing fans.

Sananda Maitreya's P2P software is free with no spyware and no added software.
It’s powered by TrustyFiles, the industry-leading multiple network P2P engine
with access to Kazaa, Gnutella, and Bit Torrent networks, and simply the best results.

You help to spread the music when you keep this program up & running when you're online,
also recommending your friends to download & share Weedified music (and this program) would be great too
You can even share/spread the music if you didn't buy the song(s) yourself!

The more people who have songs up to share, the easier other people
who haven't heard these wonderful songs yet, will be able to find them.
This program is connected to many other P2P programs
which are used by about 80 million people around the world!
With your help we can reach many more Music~Lovers!
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Forums > Music: Non-Prince > Sananda's OWN P2P program!