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Fri 19th Oct 2018 11:32am
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Forums > General Discussion > WHAT'S THE WORST NBA GAME YOU'VE SEEN?
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Thread started 11/08/17 9:22am



Not necesarily IN PERSON... on TV, YOUTUBE ....etc

Cause I think LAST NIGHT'S Oklahoma City Thunder vs. Sacramento Kings was the worst I've seen. It was despicable, degrading and insulting to my patience as a viewer. (never mind being an OKC fan)...

The team started off to a catastrophic beat down on SAC, and then they just went through the laziest motions I've ever seen a credible team play through... (Disregarding the KNICKS from 3 years ago...GOD that team was embarassing)

So here's an ELITE team, beating down the point where every posession was a turnover...and I don't believe SAC scored until the Thunder had 15 or 18...

Then it was like they just said "this is over"...."let's watch something else"....and sat around pathetically for the next hour until they eventually lost.

The score was 37 points at HALFTIME... Talk about disinterested!

I've seen the highlights of KERMIT WASHINGTON'S PUNCH...

I've seen the debatably skewered refereeing in the LAKERS vs KINGS years ago...

Heck, we all saw the KNICKS' 2014 season..but they were horrible.

AND I watched in horror and embarrassment at KObe's final game.... throwing up 10,000 shots.... while yuppies just lapped it up.

But LAST NIGHT'S game...was an embarrassment to the league. Coach should have just put the BENCH out... it wasn't even that Sacramento was playing very well... it was obscenely boring and awful to watch. The commentators just began talking about their lives and shit... "grandma's cookies...and back on such and such a street"... Hell... they might as well have called up an old high school buddy and done a call ON AIR over the game.... it was horrible.

Fucking horrible.

I doubt that either team gets any more nationally televised games until it's a rivalry... like OKC v GSW....or hell.. the Kings got no one but themselves these days... KINGS v KINGS

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Reply #1 posted 11/08/17 9:51am



Pretty much any game in the early-to-mid 2000's, when every offense was an isolation offense.

I cannot count how many times the Rockets' offense was Steve Francis on the right side of the court, and four dudes as far away from him as possible. It was boring beyond belief.

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Reply #2 posted 11/13/17 3:32pm


Pick any Knicks game during the Isiah Thomas or Phil Jackson era.

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Forums > General Discussion > WHAT'S THE WORST NBA GAME YOU'VE SEEN?