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Wed 29th Jan 2020 8:48am
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Thread started 03/23/17 12:38am


#PurpleWorldProject All of us coming together for Prince :)

Reposting from Facebook to spread the word of this amazing idea to bring us ALL together -

"THE" Anniversary is coming up.... Some of us are fortunate enough to live close enough or travel will be at Paisley Park. For the rest of the world, we need to do something together!!
So, my thoughts...(Eric Rogers)
Prince moved EACH of us on this page, from ALL CORNERS of the world. Let's send it back. All of you, take a picture of a local landmark. BIG OR SMALL... anything. Hold up a CD, magazine, button, ANYTHING with Prince on the cover. (example, a Prince CD in front of a landmark building)

Post these pictures on YOUR Facebook Wall.... but use the hashtag #PurpleWorldProject Anyone who clicks on this hashtag will instantly see Prince ALL OVER THE WORLD, and see the global impact.
This idea came from some pictures I saw from Sara Savoy in Cuba. I thought we should take it up to the next level.... AND GO!!!!


I SAY WE ALL DO THIS! It's easy and it's free! And not only post on Facebook and Twitter as Eric is stating (he is saying use the #PurpleWorldProject hashtag, I would even add #Prince4Ever to that as well smile But let's post them here in this thread as well! Lets see the Princely love from fams around the world!

I am going to a soccer game downtown next week and will try to get someone to take my photo infront of the iconic stadium smile Hope to see some of your local landmarks soon too!

Hugs and Purple #Love4OneAnother,


Dance where y'are, just groove y'all.
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Forums > Prince: Music and More > #PurpleWorldProject All of us coming together for Prince :)