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Thread started 03/03/03 6:05pm


Beautiful Strange Interview

Someone was asking for the transciprt of the Beautiful Strange Interview with Mel B, u go..(deep breath)...

Prince in studio recording Beautiful Strange,...halfway through the song, the telephone rings.Prince answers, and listens,..."Okay, tell her I'll be right there"
Cuts to Prince and Mel B sitting in Paisley Park reception area.
PRINCE:What do you want me to refer to you as?You have a million names I hear.

MEL B:(laughing)A million names!?Well, call me Melanie.People call me Mel B, or G, or Scary, but people I like, I like them to call me Melanie.

PRINCE:Well, after this airs, everyone is going to be calling you Melanie.

MEL B:(laughing)No -one else is allowed to call me Melanie!

PRINCE:Just me!

MEL B:What about you? What do I call you?

PRINCE:Well, I go by an unpronouncable symbol(holds up pendant), but you can call me Spud.

MEL B:Spud?...Okay.Why me?Why have you chosen me to interview you?

PRINCE:Because your a pimp, look at this watch!(holds her arm up to camera to show off her bling-bling watch)

MEL B:(laughing)He's calling me a pimp, and I'm admitting to it!(holds arms up)But, yeah, I've followed your stuff, and your going to be going on tour soon aren't you?And you've got a new album coming out-tell me about that.

PRINCE:The album?

MEL B:Yeah

PRINCE:With the New Power Generation, called New Power Soul.It's a spiritually political record.

MEL B:You said that earlier, what does that mean?Spiritually political?

PRINCE:We are getting closer and closer to the truth on the album.

MEL B:Who would you say influenced you on the album?

PRINCE:I was influenced by the musicians who are on it, the New Power Generation.I change musicians every 2 or 3 years, so this will probably be the last band that I have for a while.I'm going to do some solo stuff after this.But this record is one of the maddest I have hooked up with.Freaks On This Side,Push It Up, and all that.Alot had to do with the energy that we experienced on live shows.It's from being in a position where we didn't have to worry about charts, singles positions, making videos and all that.It really does affect how you go into the studio, and what it is you put down on tape.

MEL B:It's a brilliant album.

PRINCE:Why, thanks.

MEL B:It's got that...that...I can't explain it.

PRINCE:(laughing)Yeah?(looking embarressed)

MEL B:That...thing, u know!

PRINCE:It's probably best left unexplained.

MEL B:Okay, well, what's the show going to be like?Tell us about that.

PRINCE:It's going to be sick, SO sick!!

MEL B:You got dancers? You got your band?

PRINCE:Yeah, all that.It's gonna be sick, it's gonna be long.

MEL B:Jamming?

PRINCE:Funk.Larry Graham's coming with us, Chaka Khan, Doug E Fresh.

MEL B:You looking forward to that?

PRINCE:Yeah, Mad Sex!

(Cuts to Jam Of The Year show at Cafe de Paris, London)

MEL B:I really respect how you've done things.Your'e your own person, and you do what you want to do, and you kind of control alot of things around you, which is kind of important obviously.Do you not feel strained by that, or does that...erm...

PRINCE:Well, I'm not so in control, I try to let things evolve on their own, especially the music.

MEL B:Wher do you get all this inspiration to do all this writing?So much music to produce, so many albums, of such good quality-so, where do you get all that from?

PRINCE:My gift comes from God.

MEL B:Yeah, so do you reckon you were put here to do music?

PRINCE:I put some of that gift back.To stop recording, to put a cap on your work, to put a boundry on it is actually, to me, to put a boundry on your gift that comes from God, and I can't do that.I write so much because it's therapy for me.Your evolving your spirit everytime you go back in to the stu...

MEL B:(butting in)Bettering yourself?

PRINCE:(slightly embarresed)..Erm, yeah.So, the more stuff I write, the quicker I get to my destination

MEL B:So, do you think your music is a soundtrack to your life?



(Cut back to Jam Of The Year Performance)

MEL B:Who influenced you?

PRINCE:Larry Graham, Chaka Khan

MEL B:You've done a few performances with her, haven't you?

PRINCE:Yeah, she just finished a record with us.She's a hard boss, but I like working for her.Good stuff.
So, what influenced you?Your'e singing style, your dancing style?

MEL B:You know you did!

PRINCE:Your writing style?No,no,no,no.

MEL B:I'm a dancer.Not a club dancer, but like a Blackpool Summer Season dancer.That's how I started getting interested in the music industry and things like that.
You started when you were about 15, didn't you?

PRINCE:Um...12.Not the professional side of it, but I got my first band, and started getting payment in Snickers bars.

MEL B:Why Snickers bars?

PRINCE:That was currency in those days.Candy was currency.

(Cut to Prince and Chaka Khan performing'Don't Talk 2 Strangers')

MEL B:You can't sit still to your music, you have to get up, and you have to stamp your feet, and you have to do something.That's how music should make you feel.Like, I know that there is alot of music out there that kind of makes you depressed.Your music gets you in a good way, and I think that's what music should always do.

PRINCE:It should uplift.

MEL B:Yeah!

PRINCE:There's enough things out there to get you down.There's still a way to get anger, ever hate across in music sometimes.
Interviews are,...well, this is cool.This is just you and I hanging out, but most interviewers ask you questions, and I find people trying to get me to say something bad about record companies.

MEL B:Oh, right.

PRINCE:I have no bad feelings about record companies.I love record companies, they work.And it's very obvious that they work by their consolidation of power.I'm just doing something else right now.And by being free, and doing something else,it almost wakes you up to the fact.Let them do thier own thing, and let me do my thing.Nobody is bothering me now.It's cool.

MEL B:But it's good you said you realise that because people, u know, they want to kind of criticize, or they want to drag some badness, like...'oh, he said THIS', just to get a headline, but it's good you don't rise to it.

PRINCE:Umm,...I don't look at myself through other peoples eyes.I had an interesting discussion with Larry Graham and a journalist upstairs about criticism of music.If your'a a true artist, your'e using a gift you've been given by God.To criticize a gift from God, is to criticize God.You can cut that anyway you want, it's the truth.I looked at the writer and said,I wouldn't criticize your writing, I'm not a writer, I don't write books-I wouldn't.

MEL B:The media, I think, is a ball of all kinds of things.They get it wrong, they DO get it wrong, and they just stir up peoples attentions.

PRINCE:Wouldn't it be cool if you could just tell people about things you liked, instead of spending your life criticizing another man's work?

MEL B:Right, shall we do this game?

PRINCE:What game?

MEL B:I told you about it earlier(pulls out a sheet of paper)

PRINCE:Oh, ..oh...okay.

MEL B:I ask you 10 things, right?

PRINCE:And I have to tell you the first thing that comes to mind.

MEL B:It's going to be just one word, so you can answer it in one word,or a sentence, or you can pass-right?First is...Cars?

PRINCE:Whew!! Corvette

MEL B:Jewelry?


MEL B:Time?


MEL B:Holidays?

PRINCE:Holy Days

MEL B:Christmas?

PRINCE:(laughing) Nimrod's birthday

MEL B:What's that?

PRINCE:Long story!!

MEL B:Oh, ok,...Eyes?


MEL B:Underwear?


MEL B:Food?


MEL B:Music Industry?


MEL B:Sexuality?


MEL B:Animals?

PRINCE:Unconditional Love

PRINCE:Okay, I'll play it with you now.

MEL B:Go on then

PRINCE:(mimicking her voice)Go on then!Spice?

MEL B:Spice?Lively.


MEL B:Cross?Hmm,...erm...mixed.When things get kind of mixed up, and you end up getting cross.There's no need to get cross.


MEL B:Time?There is no time really(laughs)She says wearing a pimp watch!

PRINCE:One more...Love?

MEL B:Love? Forever.

MEL B:I asked you if I could do 1999, and what did you say?

PRINCE:I said, you could do 1999, if you let me re-do one of your songs.

MEL B:(looking confused)...which means?

You can do anything you want, your'e free to.Many people have re-done my songs.I find that they are doing them more now than ever.

MEL B:Are you flattered by that?How do you feel about that?

PRINCE:Well, if it's genuine, and it comes from the artist's heart, then I'm cool with it.But, if they are being egged on by their management, and record companies...

MEL B:Then you say no?

PRINCE:That's not genuine,that's just trying to get a piece of.....

MEL B:The action?

PRINCE:The purple pie!

MEL B:I like you, because you sing about (whispers) sex.

PRINCE:(looking shocked) I do not!

MEL B:You do!

PRINCE:I do not!

MEL B:You do, as in, know, do!

PRINCE:No, I don't

MEL B:Well, what do you call it then?Maybe I'm(her pronounciation-not my spelling!!!)interpretating it the wrong way.

PRINCE:Well, I don't want to ruin it for you.

MEL B:No, come on, correct me.

PRINCE:It's a spiritual union.

MEL B:You've got all plants round here, I like that, that must be important to you.

PRINCE:Mmmm, yeah, and you can hear.

MEL B:And you've got doves up there(points up to the first floor), haven't you?

PRINCE:Yeah, they are being quiet!

MEL Bbiggrino you like doves?What are they called?

PRINCE:Majesty, and Divinity

MEL Bbiggrino you breed them?

PRINCE:(laughing)Nope!! We just looked in one day, and there were eggs....shaking!

MEL B:I've got a dove house.My doves are rare.They've got a black tail.They don't look as pure an innocent as your'e doves do.


MEL B:And what's this?You've got a carpet up there with words on it, can you tell me what it says?

PRINCE:That's probably best left between us.

MEL B:Okay, that'll be our secret

(cut back to Prince performing 'Come On;)

PRINCE:I want to ask you before you go about your reputation.You've been very cool, and very quiet.Scary??What's up with that?

MEL B:Well, I think alot of people like to pinpoint it because I have got my opinion, and I like to say exactly what I think.People aren't ready for that sometimes.It's like, they'd rather have somebody safe, who goes yes, yes, yes-than somebody who's got their own opinions, and words, and ideas, their own.....picture.And I think some people think that's frightening.

PRINCE:Do you find that people live through you?And, if you don't act like they expect you to, then....

MEL B:(butting in)I really know what you mean actually!

PRINCE:Melanie Bad.Well, regardless of what watch you wear,and the big black limo, you aint so bad!You aint so scary!

MEL B:And I think that you are lovely.

PRINCE:Why, thank you.

MEL B:People get the wrong impression of you, or they've written the wrong impression, or they speak the wrong impression of you, and that's their own ignorance.They should have an open mind, because I think you are lovely.

PRINCE:They should get it from the horses mouth(makes a neighing noise )

Who said that Spice Girls weren't thick as shit!!??

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Reply #1 posted 03/03/03 8:21pm



Can you say scripted???
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Reply #2 posted 03/03/03 8:38pm


PRINCE:"Do you find that people live through you?And, if you don't act like they expect you to, then..."

Co-sign horns, on the one!
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Reply #3 posted 03/03/03 8:53pm


i've got to say, that really was the most ridiculous interview I've ever watched. Obviously scripted (at least to some degree). And what is the whole deal with Mad Sex and Mel B. I know the song was written well before the spice girls existed (i think?) yet the song fits her perfectly...and he says it to her! I don't was just a really lame interview.
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Reply #4 posted 03/04/03 1:39am



imnotsayinthisjust2bnasty said:

i've got to say, that really was the most ridiculous interview I've ever watched. Obviously scripted (at least to some degree). And what is the whole deal with Mad Sex and Mel B. I know the song was written well before the spice girls existed (i think?) yet the song fits her perfectly...and he says it to her! I don't was just a really lame interview.

I agree! Mel B is Sooo Stupid!

Outside Paisley Park in the playground-

Mel B -Romeo Romeo let down your hair!

Prince -Er... no it's Repunzel (correct spelling?)


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Reply #5 posted 03/04/03 1:43am



Nice of you to post this smile I thought the intv. was kinda boring, predictable, he wore green (or some color that made him look green :O) and his hair wasn't its best sad Let ME intv. Prince, Mel B had nothin'!! nod evillol
heart prince I never met you, but I LOVE you & I will forever!! Thank you for being YOU - my little Princey, the best to EVER do it prince heart
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Reply #6 posted 03/04/03 2:19am



thebumpsquad said:

Beautiful Strange Interview with Mel B

This post not for the wimp contingent. All whiny wusses avert your eyes.
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Reply #7 posted 03/04/03 9:50am


MEL B:Animals?

PRINCE:Unconditional Love
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Reply #8 posted 03/04/03 9:53am


jessyMD32781 said:

MEL B:Animals?

PRINCE:Unconditional Love



evillol that's hot, i got dibs on that as my next signature.

booty! bvd-less edit.
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Reply #9 posted 03/04/03 12:27pm



It's bad when scripted interviews suck this much. Shame on you Prince!
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