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Thread started 07/26/11 12:53pm



that 'prince' feeling

if you are a member on this site then you probably know what i mean by that 'prince' feeling. like, some days you listen to prince and enjoy it but don't get that 'buzz', other days you're just not so much in the mood and nothing really hits that musical spot, other days it's a bit like slipping into an old comforting and comfortable jumper.. but somedays you listen to prince and somehow you get 'that' feeling, like a heightened appreciation for it, like you only just heard it for the first or second time or you just remember all over again quite why you love him as an artist, or even just how much you love a specific album, song or even era. you always like it, but some days it all somehow feels refreshed!

i tried to explain it today and i just couldn't quite explain it without sounding like an over-zealous teenager.. the best way i can put it is excitement, it kind of gives me motivation or enthusiasm for something i need to do later, even if it's quite mundane. or just makes me see life from a sunnier perspective sometimes, like a burst of energy.

i'm sure a lot of you will find some caustic comments to put here, but to anyone who knows what i mean, can you put it better? words are failing me and it's been bugging me all day!

**NPGMC refugee**
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Reply #1 posted 07/26/11 1:03pm




Yes. I love it when I get that funky feeling.

The purple mist decends!

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Reply #2 posted 07/26/11 1:08pm



I had that "Prince feeling" from April 29th-May 28th then it just went away, But I was just so bananas over Prince for those couple of weeks, I havent listened to Prince all this week boxed

I guess I need a breath, so I can get excited again. I want to always feel electric or soothed when listening to P, but after almost 16yrs its gotten harder to accomplish such a high stamina for the same music, im feining for some un-heard P music (new or old)

P makes me wanna dance or makes me feel loved. But last time I listened to P, I wasnt making out a word he said or a note he played. It totally sucked sad Never has that happened to me confused I can only imagine how ppl who have been fans for 32-25 yrs feel now, trying to recapture that Purple flame, but when you do capture that flame, oh man its on, I just get to movin, I cant contain how much I appreciate or love Prince @ that moment, he will always be my favorite artist due to that uncontrollable vibe I get from him love Hope it comes back soon, lately Ive just been watching P movies staring @ the man disbelief

"How Can I Stand To..Stay Where I Am? Poor Butterfly Who..Dont Understand." P
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Reply #3 posted 07/26/11 1:09pm



I get that. My way of describing it would be that on those days, the music isn't just a sound anymore it's in your veins, it nourrishes you, it elevates you, you feel like levitating, you feel it in your body, from your legs going up to your neck like if you were a thirsty plant suddenly recieving the most vitamined and refreshing purple water/fluid.

Yeah I don't do drugs, cause music gives me all I need already wink

Yeah, I love Graffiti Bridge movie, so what? ''Oooooooooooh Montreal, say it!''
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Reply #4 posted 07/26/11 1:26pm


Yeah when I'm in the supermarket with my kids with my headphones on
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