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Wed 18th Jul 2018 1:12pm
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Thread started 08/11/17 12:38pm



The ending of Tommy

Love the movie, love the music, love The Who. After watching the movie several times now I want to hear what others think about the ending. Not giving spoiler warnings because it's such an old movie. I'm taking into consideration the time the movie came out, the hippie movement, the Jesus Movement & the cold war. I've been looking all over the internet & opinions vary wildly (sign of good writing). I totally understand the song See me Feel me is probably dealing with long term illness. However the ending... It kinda feels like the Tommy cult turned into a Communist like possibly Christian inspired cult. When Tommy (now healed) looses everything he sings that song again. Followed by "listening to you", making me feel like he's lost everything & turns to God. He seems happy & ready for the world at this point.

Am I interpreting this correctly? Is the movie kind of a anti communism Jesus movement story?

Of note is the final episode of Powerpuff Girls did kind of a parody of this with the antagonist definitely a type of Communist design.
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Forums > Music: Non-Prince > The ending of Tommy