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Sticky: ** When Threads Are HIDDEN -Please READ ** OldFriends4Sale 0 5,728

Jan 25 2017 11:34am


Aug 10 2017 11:09am

Sticky: As Sharon Suggested - Pick The Next Two Things That Should Be Released! June7 219 16,512

Aug 31 2017 11:04amjump to last reply
by June7

Sticky: Discuss The Sharon Nelson Q&A Thread Here - And Only Here June7 254 42,530

Oct 9 2017 9:30amjump to last reply
by Bohemian67


Aug 17 2017 12:50am

  Sticky: EXCLUSIVE - STEVE PARKE UK GALLERY SHOW : 9th Nov - 3rd Dec Militant 12 5,879

Oct 31 2017 12:50pmjump to last reply
by MattUK

  Sticky: *** Clementine Campardou (Blule) launches Kickstarter for Prince Art Book *** Militant 16 4,502

Oct 24 2017 7:58amjump to last reply
by Militant

  Sticky: The Vault Masters Have Been Moved to Iron Mountain in California ISaidLifeIsJustAGame 450 23,637

Yesterday at 8:23amjump to last reply
by 1Sasha

  Sticky: The Estate Discussion - Part 11 - Continued 206Michelle 237 15,185

Today at 1:59pmjump to last reply
by laurarichardson

  For Dutch & Flemish orgers: Thorne biography @ Action store jazzz 2 203

Nov 18 2017 1:02pmjump to last reply
by jazzz

Sign ☮ the Times the movie ~ 1987 OldFriends4Sale 98 4,556

Nov 18 2017 11:36amjump to last reply
by controversy99

What is Your Prince Phone Screen Saver luv4u 3 306

Nov 18 2017 11:23amjump to last reply
by ThatWhiteDude

  According to various sources Prince was fantastic at pool, bowling, table tennis and basketball... dandan 14 651

Nov 18 2017 10:50amjump to last reply
by kingricefan

  Michael Keaton on Prince rap 6 1,172

Nov 18 2017 10:44amjump to last reply
by kingricefan

  Is the song "The Question Of U" sometimes spelt with a question mark? SoftSkarlettLovisa 1 191

Nov 18 2017 4:04amjump to last reply
by langebleu

  Could Prince play the banjo? dance4me3121 17 730

Nov 18 2017 3:07amjump to last reply
by databank

  Prince and Obama at The White House ISaidLifeIsJustAGame 61 4,200

Nov 17 2017 7:10pmjump to last reply
by daingermouz2020

  Is remastering necessary? rossamoran 61 2,680

Nov 17 2017 4:45pmjump to last reply
by coldasice

Help!! Is This a Picture of Infant Prince??? FlyOnTheWall 87 4,882

Nov 17 2017 4:01pmjump to last reply
by FlyOnTheWall

the Camille era[aborted] ~1987 OldFriends4Sale 80 3,620

Nov 17 2017 2:28pmjump to last reply
by 214

  Prince’s Cloud Guitar luthiers dippydippywaveofmydo 1 245

Nov 17 2017 1:49pmjump to last reply
by TrivialPursuit

  The most obscure Prince Lyrics CherryMoon57 49 1,436

Nov 17 2017 11:39amjump to last reply
by PeteSilas

Are Your Listening Habits Back to pre-Apr. 21, 2016? sro100 19 740

Nov 17 2017 11:36amjump to last reply
by PeteSilas

  Article: Common and the tale of how he let Prince down Latin 5 838

Nov 17 2017 9:00amjump to last reply
by Latin

  Prince's admiration for the King CherryMoon57 95 3,662

Nov 17 2017 7:19amjump to last reply
by NorthC

  Augmented and mixed reality is why not an interactive Prince? williamb610 2 184

Nov 17 2017 2:01amjump to last reply
by databank

  Roman & Greek influences on Prince's work CherryMoon57 90 4,711

Nov 16 2017 11:26pmjump to last reply
by Bassette

  Just saw this POS "Docu" Slave2daGroove 0 272

Nov 16 2017 9:28pm

  The version of the Black Album on Tidal sounds pretty good williamb610 11 727

Nov 16 2017 4:52pmjump to last reply
by djThunderfunk

  What Prince song(s) do you have on your mind today? 🎧 🎶 Part II Astasheiks 1 99

Nov 16 2017 2:40pmjump to last reply
by langebleu

  Half of the vault couldn't be saved from water damage? getwild180 8 675

Nov 16 2017 12:35pmjump to last reply
by djThunderfunk

  The story behind the iconic artwork for Prince’s album Around The World In A Day Latin 0 134

Nov 16 2017 12:23pm

  The Love We Make - His most underrated song? emesem 32 1,095

Nov 16 2017 7:04amjump to last reply
by emesem

  Prince was such a Joni Mitchell fanboy rogifan 28 2,011

Nov 16 2017 6:47amjump to last reply
by OldFriends4Sale

  New book about Prince by Marylou Badeaux. Simply amazing! Finchy65 73 7,597

Nov 15 2017 8:07pmjump to last reply
by fortuneandserendipity

  Looking for the name of a place in Under The Cherry Moon clay 9 338

Nov 15 2017 2:33pmjump to last reply
by spookEElectric

  Prince Hoped to 'Redefine Minneapolis Sound' rogifan 2 428

Nov 15 2017 12:57pmjump to last reply
by paulludvig

  Who Was Prince in Private? laurarichardson 18 1,487

Nov 15 2017 12:21pmjump to last reply
by anangellooksdown

  Question about UTCM ThatWhiteDude 86 2,839

Nov 15 2017 11:12amjump to last reply
by thequeenofthekings

  Video: A Sneak Peek Inside Prince’s Purple Rain Studio Sessions Latin 16 2,044

Nov 15 2017 1:07amjump to last reply
by madhouseman

  "The Elite Connections" bootleg label? luvsexy4all 3 941

Nov 15 2017 12:07amjump to last reply
by langebleu

  This is not an actual Picture of Prince's Elevator, right? ThatWhiteDude 5 1,254

Nov 14 2017 11:31pmjump to last reply
by rap

  Video: Tour Prince's Former Spanish Villa Latin 1 351

Nov 14 2017 4:41pmjump to last reply
by TrivialPursuit

  The Gold Experience getwild180 31 2,660

Nov 14 2017 2:36pmjump to last reply
by motherfunka

  Article: Prince’s Vault Suffered From ‘Water Damage, Mold, Degradation,’ at Paisley Park, Court Documents Say Latin 9 876

Nov 14 2017 2:08pmjump to last reply
by luv4u

  Photographer Afshin Shahidi Told Us Everything We Wanted To Know About Prince laurarichardson 2 657

Nov 14 2017 1:11pmjump to last reply
by Mumio

  POLL: The Very Best of Prince (2001-2016) ChrisLacy1990 2 794

Nov 14 2017 12:20pmjump to last reply
by ChrisLacy1990


Nov 14 2017 11:34amjump to last reply
by Latin

  Did Prince wear wigs in the 80s and 90s? SoftSkarlettLovisa 56 5,554

Nov 14 2017 11:30amjump to last reply
by Strawberrylova123

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