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Tue 23rd Apr 2019 7:07am
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Thread started 09/05/18 11:41am


Alternate Purple Rain Sequel Notes...



A few years after the events of the original PURPLE RAIN (1984) THE KID, having experienced the first taste of fame and success, struggles musically, creatively, and romantically.

It's 1987.

And THE KID is at a turning point.

He and his band THE REVOLUTION had been signed to a major label and had recorded and released debut album...but the sound was too radical and ahead of it's time and had under-performed on the charts despite a grueling year-long tour...and the label is growing nervous...

To make matters worse, he and his girlfriend APPOLONIA are breaking up, the weight and strain of the road and being apart not helping. Also, several other dynamics in the band are coming unglued too...namely, the relationship between WENDY AND LISA. WENDY wants to start a new band and LISA wants to leave the band ro go to grad school at Julliard. But a new drum-tech catches THE KID'S eye named SHEILA...complicating everything...

To add insult to injury, the label has insisted that THE REVOLUTION play a series of dates supporting a much more successful label mate, JIMMY X AND THE MUTANTS (loosely based on Rick James)...THE KID and JIMMY X (and their bands) thoroughly hate each other...and sabotage is suspected in a catastrophic performance at a showcase in New York City where several audience members are severely hurt...

Meanwhile, back in Minneapolis THE KID'S parents struggle with a horrible cancer diagnosis...

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Forums > Art, Podcasts, & Fan Content > Alternate Purple Rain Sequel Notes...