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Wed 4th May 2016 5:58pm
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Thread started 01/20/11 7:52am




Some clarification on what can be posted regarding Prince music/videos

Mars23 posted in the Prince forum, this is worth repeating here.

Lately new developments are muddying the waters on what is and is not allowed to be posted regarding music and videos. Hopefully this will help people when deciding if a link is OK or not.

1. The best policy is: if you are not sure, ask first. Orgnote a mod with the link and we will be happy to advise.

2. Youtube (and simuilar) links (regarding Prince) are not allowed unless from authorised sources. No matter what games he is playing with youtube currently, we are still not permitted to reproduce those videos here. Until this changes, don't post them.

3. Ask yourself, who posted this in the 1st place? If it is an official and legal source (ie RTL radio) there is no problem alerting people to the site. Same with Canal+, we know he was there and obviously allowed them to film the footage. If some random blogger has the Lovesexy rehearsals posted on his site, it should be obvious that they have posted a bootleg and you cannot link to it here.

4. Obviously, any copyrighted material should not be reposted is not allowed to be reposted here.

5. Examples of sites not to use.

random google videos
internet radio sites

Compare what you want to post to these examples and it should help you decide.

6. Do not rip material from legal sources and reproduce it here.

As more ideas come up, they will be added here.

Lastly, these rules do not exist to try and make the org less fun. They exist because we are fans of a very litigious-ly inclined artist. So much so that even when people are within their rights (ie. the dancing baby) he or his surrogates can and will tie people up in court and possess vastly larger monetary resources to do so.

Having these rules in place helps protect the org from potential problems of that nature.

Again, if you are on the fence...ASK and if you get something taken down, it's nothing personal, we are only protecting this site for you.

Amended 3 February 2015

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Forums > Concerts > Some clarification on what can be posted regarding Prince music/videos