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Flex your debating skills on more serious topics such as world politics, history, religion, racial issues etc. Keep it friendly though!

Interested in discussing your political or religious views? Then this is the forum for you. Civility, respect and tolerance must be maintained at all times. Disagree if you wish, but do not attack other individuals on the basis of their beliefs. Remember there is no right or wrong opinion. Any deletion of combative, bigoted or insensitive comments should not be construed as denial of your individual right to air your own opinion ; we only attempt to maintain an inclusive forum.


One last thing: PLEASE do not copy articles verbatim from other sites or post videos without comment! If you want to quote something, or post a video, fine... say where it comes from, provide a link, and also provide ANALYSIS and INSIGHT of your own. We're here to discuss and debate ideas we actually hold. So make your opinion clear, and remember to do so with civility.

The moderators for this forum are: June7, Mach, luv4u, Mars23, OldFriends4Sale.

Note: be sure to read the rules!

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  Sticky: READ THIS BEFORE YOU POST IN P&R Mars23 0 11,815

Oct 21 2009 9:48pm

Sticky: Info Only ATTENTION! Politics & Religion "Thread Flooding" Policy (READ) OldFriends4Sale 0 1,445

Apr 21 2015 6:06am

Sticky: At least 84 dead as lorry hits crowd in Nice, France CherryMoon57 123 1,526

Jul 26 2016 8:11amjump to last reply
by BombSquad

Sticky: When Threads Are HIDDEN -Please read OldFriends4Sale 0 116

Jul 15 2016 5:42am

Sticky: DNC CONVENTION DiminutiveRocker 112 0

Today at 4:19pmjump to last reply
by 2elijah

  TRUMP SUPPORTERS: Tell 'em why you're voting for Donald J. Trump!! PurpleSkipper58 271 2,641

Today at 6:57pmjump to last reply
by free2bfreeda

  20 Lessons Learned After Leaving the Church duccichucka 29 0

Today at 6:05pmjump to last reply
by OldFriends4Sale

Donald Trump ghost writer comes clean: Trump is dangerous and a fraud. 2freaky4church1 26 0

Today at 6:00pmjump to last reply
by guitarslinger44

  Updated Melania Trump's speech mirrors Michelle Obama's from 2008 luv4u 147 680

Today at 4:30pmjump to last reply
by RodeoSchro

  Black American Athletes & Social Activism duccichucka 4 0

Today at 3:47pmjump to last reply
by duccichucka

  What black people need to know and do in a post-Obama America FUNKYNESS 5 0

Today at 3:43pmjump to last reply
by duccichucka

  Hillary suffers convulsive fit Media Ignores! OnlyNDaUsa 54 0

Today at 2:59pmjump to last reply
by OnlyNDaUsa

  Social media censorship of conservatives has gone too far DarlingDiana 144 0

Today at 2:55pmjump to last reply
by TonyVanDam

Bill O'Reilly: Slaves who built the White House were well fed. Dumb ass. 2freaky4church1 9 0

Today at 2:40pmjump to last reply
by 2elijah

  All Charges on Freddy Gray Death Dropped Marilyn throws a tantrum OnlyNDaUsa 10 0

Today at 2:37pmjump to last reply
by 2elijah

  Trump 44%, Clinton 39% (CNN poll) DarlingDiana 90 0

Today at 2:07pmjump to last reply
by TonyVanDam

  When did the Q get added to the end of LGBT? FUNKYNESS 30 0

Today at 2:04pmjump to last reply
by TonyVanDam

  Similarity between Obama and OJ in the black community FUNKYNESS 13 0

Today at 1:10pmjump to last reply
by Astasheiks

  Black American Males: Threatened by Male Beauty? duccichucka 44 0

Today at 11:07amjump to last reply
by OldFriends4Sale

  Do other nations really prevent the US from deporting criminal illegal immigrants? FUNKYNESS 0 0

Today at 8:06am

Question to Black Orgers: What is your personal experience with law enforcement? Lammastide 28 0

Today at 7:11amjump to last reply

Hillary's ahead in Arizona?? 2freaky4church1 3 0

Today at 4:40amjump to last reply
by smoothcriminal12

Trump is a sick pervert. 2freaky4church1 77 0

Today at 3:32amjump to last reply
by Horsefeathers

  Carlton Pearson - "Human Sexuality & Homosexuality in the 21st Century OldFriends4Sale 27 0

Yesterday at 5:24pmjump to last reply
by OldFriends4Sale

Is it official yet? The Dem party is the Hispanic party now FUNKYNESS 15 0

Yesterday at 4:36pmjump to last reply
by DiminutiveRocker

  Trump Asks Russian Hackers For Campaign Assistance bobzilla77 1 0

Yesterday at 4:29pmjump to last reply
by DiminutiveRocker

Did not Trump say it was rigged against Sanders? FUNKYNESS 8 0

Yesterday at 10:21amjump to last reply
by 2freaky4church1

Cornel endorses Jill Stein. oh oh. 2freaky4church1 38 139

Yesterday at 10:00amjump to last reply
by 2freaky4church1

  Uniformed Alexandria officer denied service at Noodles and Company OldFriends4Sale 8 0

Yesterday at 9:44amjump to last reply
by OnlyNDaUsa

  hillary clinton's VP pick IS Tim Kaine OFFICAL OnlyNDaUsa 118 251

Yesterday at 2:11amjump to last reply
by Chancellor

Fuck Milo, Jello Biafra is the man. Explains the real pc. 2freaky4church1 2 0

Jul 26 2016 8:41pmjump to last reply
by hausofmoi7

Nancy Pelosi decides to appose TPP! Hell yea. 2freaky4church1 0 0

Jul 26 2016 3:03pm

THE Dr. Jill Stein AND THE Green Party of the USA thread! TonyVanDam 13 0

Jul 26 2016 1:06pmjump to last reply
by TonyVanDam

  The Road to 270: Trump vs Hillary herb4 0 0

Jul 26 2016 12:56pm

Wasserman Schultz Steps Down DiminutiveRocker 45 0

Jul 26 2016 12:13pmjump to last reply
by OnlyNDaUsa

  Gary Johnson: "Who's Harriet Tubman?" cborgman 15 0

Jul 26 2016 10:10amjump to last reply
by 2freaky4church1

Dick Gregory nails it. You cannot reform cops. 2freaky4church1 16 51

Jul 26 2016 7:39amjump to last reply
by OnlyNDaUsa

  US-backed Syrian rebels chop off a child's head. Anyone have a problem with that? midnightmover 25 0

Jul 25 2016 4:17pmjump to last reply
by Pokeno4Money

Alex Jones is a big dick and invades the Young Turks set. Cenk goes crazy. 2freaky4church1 22 0

Jul 25 2016 6:36amjump to last reply
by OnlyNDaUsa

  Texas voter ID law found to violate Voters Rights Act RodeoSchro 3 0

Jul 25 2016 5:46amjump to last reply
by RodeoSchro

Trump is dead on on NATO. Fuck them. 2freaky4church1 1 0

Jul 24 2016 12:21pmjump to last reply
by 2freaky4church1

  DNC email leak DarlingDiana 9 0

Jul 24 2016 10:23amjump to last reply
by 2freaky4church1

  The missing 28 pages of 9/11 report finally released: Saudi Arabia implicated midnightmover 4 0

Jul 24 2016 12:25amjump to last reply
by midnightmover

  Are there any Jehovah's Witnesses on the org? Finding Way Back Home! purpleforeverlove 17 424

Jul 23 2016 8:54pmjump to last reply
by purpleforeverlove

  Pakistani social media star murdered in 'honour killing,' police say luv4u 16 166

Jul 23 2016 5:19pmjump to last reply
by SeventeenDayze

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