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Flex your debating skills on more serious topics such as world politics, history, religion, racial issues etc. Keep it friendly though!

Interested in discussing your political or religious views? Then this is the forum for you. Civility, respect and tolerance must be maintained at all times. Disagree if you wish, but do not attack other individuals on the basis of their beliefs. Remember there is no right or wrong opinion. Any deletion of combative, bigoted or insensitive comments should not be construed as denial of your individual right to air your own opinion ; we only attempt to maintain an inclusive forum.


One last thing: PLEASE do not copy articles verbatim from other sites or post videos without comment! If you want to quote something, or post a video, fine... say where it comes from, provide a link, and also provide ANALYSIS and INSIGHT of your own. We're here to discuss and debate ideas we actually hold. So make your opinion clear, and remember to do so with civility.

The moderators for this forum are: June7, luv4u, Mars23, OldFriends4Sale.

Note: be sure to read the rules!

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  Sticky: READ THIS BEFORE YOU POST IN P&R Mars23 0 15,201

Oct 21 2009 9:48pm

Sticky: Info Only ATTENTION! Politics & Religion "Thread Flooding" Policy (READ) OldFriends4Sale 0 5,371

Apr 21 2015 6:06am

Sticky: When Threads Are HIDDEN -Please read OldFriends4Sale 0 3,556

Jul 15 2016 5:42am


Dec 27 2018 6:24pmjump to last reply
by DiminutiveRocker

Sticky: Richard Overton, America's oldest World War II veteran and the oldest man in the US, has died OldFriends4Sale 5 265

Jan 2 2019 2:43pmjump to last reply
by DiminutiveRocker

The idiot shuts down the government, for Christmas! 2freaky4church1 328 4,140

Today at 12:34pmjump to last reply
by Astasheiks

ISIS ATTACK IN SYRIA KILLS 4 DiminutiveRocker 11 54

Today at 12:25pmjump to last reply
by SuperFurryAnimal

  Gillette airs anti toxi masculinity ad, assholic men respond by crying like little girls. Hudson 40 525

Today at 10:51amjump to last reply
by maplenpg

  Trump, Russia and ALL Things Related part 4 DiminutiveRocker 153 1,326

Today at 10:46amjump to last reply
by RodeoSchro

Should black leaders drop Farrakhan? 2freaky4church1 11 122

Today at 9:57amjump to last reply
by 2freaky4church1

  'The price to pay': Inside a D.C. airport as the U.S. shutdown grinds on luv4u 0 5

Today at 9:47am

  Indian professor likens virgin girls to "sealed bottles" domainator2010 3 30

Today at 7:47amjump to last reply
by guitarslinger44

MSNBC regular Toure admits that they do it for the ratings--mostly 2freaky4church1 6 76

Today at 7:11amjump to last reply
by Ugot2shakesumthin

  The school that hired Karen Pence requires applicants to disavow gay marriage, trans identity poppys 7 58

Today at 5:55amjump to last reply
by poppys

  New Poll: Dems & Repubs FLIP on military occupation djThunderfunk 51 589

Today at 3:01amjump to last reply
by nd33

  Brexit vote maplenpg 38 315

Yesterday at 8:03pmjump to last reply
by IanRG

CNN analyst Areva Martin accused radio host David Webb of 'white privilege.' OldFriends4Sale 3 41

Yesterday at 1:44pmjump to last reply
by OnlyNDaUsa

  Rand Paul Going to Canada for Health Care RodeoSchro 9 106

Yesterday at 10:19amjump to last reply
by Empress

  Steve King asks how terms 'white nationalist' and 'white supremacist' became offensive poppys 33 241

Yesterday at 10:15amjump to last reply
by DiminutiveRocker

  William Barr Confirmation Hearing DiminutiveRocker 2 21

Jan 15 2019 1:26pmjump to last reply
by Musicslave

  What the President Could Do If He Declares a State of Emergency luv4u 159 2,013

Jan 15 2019 10:54amjump to last reply
by DiminutiveRocker

  Man Made Religions - Discuss luv4u 61 836

Jan 15 2019 8:51amjump to last reply
by onlyforaminute

  Ocasio-Cortez responds to McCaskill: 'Pretty disappointing' poppys 93 1,221

Jan 14 2019 8:25amjump to last reply
by guitarslinger44

  Time to get rid of Trump for the sake of America jjhunsecker 61 803

Jan 14 2019 6:23amjump to last reply
by RodeoSchro

  Mcdonald's fight over straw purplepolitician 28 496

Jan 13 2019 10:03amjump to last reply
by Graycap23

  Delete onlyforaminute 1 51

Jan 12 2019 1:00pmjump to last reply
by luv4u

  Ruth Bader Ginsburg Cancer nodules removed from lung OnlyNDaUsa 21 483

Jan 11 2019 5:45amjump to last reply
by DiminutiveRocker

  Climate report warns of grim consequences Ugot2shakesumthin 147 2,232

Jan 11 2019 5:44amjump to last reply
by DiminutiveRocker

  The US could lose its crown as the world's largest economy. Unlikely to ever get it back Ugot2shakesumthin 2 103

Jan 10 2019 3:57pmjump to last reply
by Ugot2shakesumthin

Nick Cannon Defends Kevin Hart By Posting OldFriends4Sale 43 1,098

Jan 10 2019 12:44pmjump to last reply
by DiminutiveRocker

  Trump Russia and all things related Part 3 DiminutiveRocker 204 3,436

Jan 9 2019 10:49amjump to last reply
by DiminutiveRocker

  The shitstorm that is Brexit maplenpg 48 1,592

Jan 8 2019 10:31pmjump to last reply
by maplenpg

  Wall Street executives are hearing from Cory Booker, Kamala Harris and other Democrats onlyforaminute 2 93

Jan 8 2019 5:04pmjump to last reply
by onlyforaminute

2Freaky's bad Christmas present to the peeps: Russell Brand interviews the unhinged Candace Owens. 2freaky4church1 104 1,560

Jan 7 2019 11:09pmjump to last reply
by MoBettaBliss

  It’s time to recognize Sally Hemings as a first lady of the United States luv4u 20 316

Jan 7 2019 1:35pmjump to last reply
by DiminutiveRocker

  LeBron James rips NFL Owners poppys 104 1,575

Jan 7 2019 1:25pmjump to last reply
by DiminutiveRocker

  Book: How to get rid of a President: History's guide to... onlyforaminute 76 904

Jan 7 2019 1:07pmjump to last reply
by DiminutiveRocker

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