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Thread started 09/26/11 5:44pm



INXS name new front man

In the ever changing world of INXS, the countdown to new music that was put up on their site about 10 days ago, was a demo of a song "TINY SUMMER" which featured a new voice and an explanation from Andrew Farriss who wrote most of the songs with Michael Hutchence through the years. AS a fan since day one, i was kind of shocked that once again INXS was changing their lead singer, after working and recording an album with JD fortune, and touring for almost 1.5 years with him, he was released sort of, then a strange thing was a new album of re-workings, with different singers including JD once again, and then a tour with JD, though it was brief many interviews showed that JD was again the frontman, but it was announced just the other day and in Billboard magazine JD and INXS part ways, and a new singer CIARIN GRIBBIN of Ireland has joined the band and a tour has been set up, with more dates to come throughout 2012

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Forums > Music: Non-Prince > INXS name new front man