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Thread started 04/30/04 1:39am


Insider information on Prince concert at "Septimo de Caballeria" (1999, Spanish tv)


I have been reading a biography of Miguel Bosé (Miguel Bosé. Con tu nombre de beso, by Javier Menéndez Flores), a Spanish singer who was the director of the Spanish musical tv show "Septimo de Caballería". This book (published in Spain in November 2003) is based on interviews with Bosé. In p. 2002, there is an interesting part describing the history behind Prince concert for Septimo in 1999, that has been widely discussed before in I'll try to translate it properly here. I'm not saying this is the real story or not, it is simply the version of the show director.

..."Besides, in this show appeared big music stars, as Madonna, sir Mick Jagger, Prince... With the later, Miguel Bosé had a strong discussion, as when the Minneapolis musician, author of the classic "Purple Rain", visited our contry, he should have thought he was in Burundi (with all my respect to that African republic), and he showed a star attitude that ended by set on edge the Spanish (Bose).
Miguel told me about that incident, with retrospective humour: "The night before his appearance in the show (lodged at the Palace hotel, Madrid), he did'nt sleep at all. Some detectives have sent him a video where you could see her wife and Joaquin Cortes touching up by the streets of Marbella. Next morning, she arrived to Madrid... bad thing. And, sure, with that and other things, we footed the bill. It was amazing. They woke me up at seven in the morning to explain me the story, and I was able to speak with him by phone because he did'nt want to come to the show, when the contracts were already signed. He didn't want to play live, nor doing lyp synching, nor singing his hits.. "The Artist doesn't do them anymore", he said. It seemed pathetic to me.. He's a rude, unpresentable guy. He's a genius, but... I caught him (already in the show) by the lapel and put him out of the truck. "Nobody ever did that to me!", he said. "It was about time for someone to do it", I responded. "But, who are you?", he asked. "Look, someone more important than you in this country. And you are now in this land. Shut up, stop." "More important than me...?!", he shouted. And I sed: "Yes". "I'm very famous!" "I'm selling more", I stopped him. He believes his God. He did not receive Pedro Almodovar, who was also invited to the show, and Pedro, in spite of having a commitment in Salamanca, did'nt want to leave because the thing was so hot and there was such tension and conflict...
We wrote notary act stating that all instruments arrived and were set up.. Everything. The thing started at seven in the morning and ended at three in the morning of the following day, already with big inssults. He played a lot with my balls. I started with a menace of a suit, that in America is a magic word: "I'll suit you". At the end, I told him: "I'm not going to interview you because i am not going to put my credibility in risk". "Then, nobody is going to speak with me?" "Nobody". "Then, the show has ended", he said. "The show ends when I say so, as I am the director". "I'm leaving". "So leave. I'm wishing you are gone six hours ago". He was mad. He told me: "I don't understand how people like REM, Madonna, Alanis Morrisette.. All these guys, friends of mine, could be here and speak so well of this show", because he called Madonna and Michael Stipe. And I said: "So ask to them...". And then, suddenly, he exploded: "But I'm not Madonna... I'm the Artist". And I said him: "Guy... you have a fucking problem in your mind. Well. A guy ungrateful of life, with complex of Napoleon... A rare bug. And racist! He did't want black bodyguards, he wanted them whites!"
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Forums > Prince: Music and More > Insider information on Prince concert at "Septimo de Caballeria" (1999, Spanish tv)