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Thread started 10/11/21 12:21am



Radical Man: Prince's hidden sequel to 1999


I vividly remember buying this CD when it dropped. It was hanging in the window of a store downtown where they sold jewlry, hats, music, shoes, phones and just about anything they were sure poor folk would spend money on. At that age I chose music, and the exchange was simple.

step 1: aqcuire lunch money

step 2: dont spend lunch money on actual lunch

step 3: buy music instead of lunch

step 4: music

I was between 15 or 16, and I doubt I was a fan just yet. The more I think of it I more than likely bought this soundtrack to hear Yasiin (Mos Def) above everybody else. I was definitely looking for a yarn durag to rock around that time, I'll tell you that much, so the lineup worked for no matter who was singing.. never found that durag tho..

Anyway, the movie was dope, but my mother hated it. My mother was born in the heart of the segregated south though so I dont blame her.

I dont remember when I first listened to the actual song, but if I had to sum up my feeling around that age it pretty much came off like an older black man dropping game on me. Which is essentially what it was.

I was already the kinda kid who listened to stevie and ella so the jazzy (so-called)neo-soul vibe was right up my alley, but ..I dunno the track felt too subdued for me maybe. And I could kind of understand what he was getting at about IP ownership at the time but naturally I wouldnt care that much at that age..everything else was like basic arithmetic tho. Grow up in a neighborhood like mine and you know exactly what he's getting at wit the "nigga" shit.

Over the years as I gained a world of appreciation for the musicality of this track, as well as the lyrics.. the year kept ringing in my ears "...2045....2045.."

"...Why (according to Prince) is the destruction of the radical man in 2045?"

I'd ask myself this in the countless times I'd heard the track..never putting too much effort into finding out really, just..wondering..

I came to understand ALOT of prince's work has apocalyptic undertones (hell overtones)..but like I years went by, I questioned less and just enjoyed the track for what it was..


Fast forward 21 years.

I'm listening to an speech on AI advancment and the speaker mentions 2045 as the point of singularity..

so I think to myself (now 36)

"well of course, the year 2045 has to've been in conversation for other reasons than the point at which machine intelligence takes over..but I wonder what the chances are that Prince was a Ray Kurzweil reader?" I check Rays wiki to see Ray's bibliogaphy..and low and behold. Released in 1999:


It may not be where he got that year specifically from..

..or that the song is even referencing the singualirity..

..but there's no way in hell Prince saw this title at barnes & noble and didnt pick it up. Just saying.


Flash forward, 2045
What did you stand for in the life of your prime
When faced with the final judgment of today
Who profitted from the game
That you and your niggas play
Radical man, save the life
Come on take a stand
Give that money back
Let's make a plan
The brand new currency
Taking care of one another
You and me
Flash backwards, 1999
In a world shot full of viruses, see
How'd y'all stay alive?
Depending on this so called man
For everything you got comes from his hand
Food, water, the clothes you wear
How many of y'all niggas really care?

Let's define this word nigga
Someone who stays high
Watching their life go by
Someone content with riding behind
They come in all colors
White, black, Puerto Rican
but that the main niggas we're speakin' about
Wear suits and buy and sell corporations
With only one thing in mind

That is the destruction of the so-called radical man
By 2045

Schooled in the art, digital games
When the war broke out they called your name
(What's your name?)
Everyone of color put on the front line
Holocaust Avenue, 20 09
Get an education, good job who say?
Fool with the gold fronts drinkin' Alize
They don't play by the rules
makin' no sense today
got your own 'line', so you think it's ok
a better built cell block, Mos Def say
Thats where you gonna stay, nigga

What's up y'all?
What y'all wanna do?
Ain't nobody up in their crew know?
How to really run that computer
Make her flow
If you ain't born with it
Talkin' about the two and fo

We claim Miles Davis, not Michaelangelo
We planted flags in the funk
You better act like you know
We don't care, what Albert Einstein did
I'd rather know how they built the pyramid
James Brown, Chuck D. and Jimmy
Turn me up louder now
I don't think y'all hear me
We will stay alive
God is on outside

The whole pop scenario is just nothin' but a dream
The day you wake up is the day you get the real cream, nigga
Radical man
Who got the plan who got the plan?
Radical man
Who got the plan who got the plan?
This is the funk the industry most fears
Artists getting together
Interlocking board of directors. I don't think so
Aint nobody running this
It's all about DNA, nigga

Where will you be in 2045?
Fret not that you frighten or offend. Invite the world to dance and marvel at who joins.
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Reply #1 posted 10/11/21 10:13am



Always loved Radical Man! Is 2045 the day the corporations get complete control over the human race. Using their super AI computers building even more super AI computers. They'll always be a Radical Man to rock that boat smile
As equality grows, violence declines.
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Reply #2 posted 10/11/21 1:17pm


Love this Jam...especially when it kicks into the extra FUNK gear.

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Reply #3 posted 10/12/21 5:26am



great song, listen to it very often. cool

May U Live 2 See The Release of Parade SDE
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