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Fri 13th Dec 2019 12:25am
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Thread started 08/04/19 2:40pm



A cultural 3 AM

You know how it is, you wake up at 2:30 am or so and you are NOT falling back to sleep. After I ate the last piece of chocolate in the candy dish, looked outside a couple of times at the night sky, I decided to watch something on TV to see if that would do it.

I flopped down on the couch, and began channel-surfing. Same old stuff, nite jewelry sales, How to keep your dog from pooping in the house, and all that alien crap. So, finally I come upon a real B movie that I have not seen & think, Yeah this will do the trick. It is an old movie from 1996, and I stroll back in my mind trying to remember what hair color & style I was wearing then. I was just about to crash when one of the charecters says "How do you feel about the artist formally known as Prince?"

Yup, we are talking about the B movie wonder, Striptease. In it, Demi Moore plays a stripper, Burt Reynolds the corrupt politician, and Ving Rhyanes (sp?) is Demi's bodyguard. Anyhow, she slaps in a cassette tape, and starts grinding to "If I was Your Girlfriend." IMHO, the only redeemable part of this movie, unless you really like seeing Demi dance topless in a G-string. (I am straight, so not so for me, but some of yall will like that; but be warned, this is a corny movie.)

Anyhow, I kept staying up to see if there was another Prince song in this movie, but there wasn't. Well, not much of a night, but at least I got to hear one of my many fav Prince songs. I am a little tired today, LOL. zzz

Good morning children...take a look out your window, the world is falling...
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Reply #1 posted 08/04/19 6:37pm


It was part of a trend during the mid-90s for Prince songs to be part of sex-industry themed movies. Besides that earth-moving classic, the previous year had Showgirls with 319 (about the same time as its release on The Gold Experience) and Ripopgodazippa (not released on Crystal Ball until 1998) and then the whole soundtrack for Spike Lee's Girl 6 coming out in 1996. The only one I could justify actually going to see in a theater was Girl 6, but it was a weird time for Prince and the movies.

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Forums > Prince: Music and More > A cultural 3 AM