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Thread started 06/11/19 12:12pm


Prince symbol tattoo

So I am finallly going to get one.
Although I normally hate tattoos I HAVE to get one done.
Location: lower inner arm.
Has anyone here got one in a similar location? Any tips? Is it possible to get the prince pantone? I was thinking purple with black orgold trim ?
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Reply #1 posted 06/13/19 6:59pm


Lots of thoughts about that. It's a big decision, but also one that can be reversed for $$, which is comforting.

I felt the same as you: compelled to keep a small part of Prince with me forever. My first tattoo was a single purple rain drop. Looked at it for about a year and thought, "what kind of half-assed tribute is that?!?" The new one is a purple lotus (symbol of rebirth) with a Prince symbol rising out of it. Still small, but much better.

For starters, what you do for a living is important. I'm corporate and over 50, so it depends on what is acceptable for your profession. Mine is inner ankle and I only let it show when I want to. Having said that, inner forearm is where I see symbol tats the most. I envy them sometimes--much easier to share and compare--but my location works for me. I would advise upper inner arm so you can hide it with a long or pushed up sleeve. Lessens the impact of uv also (sun wrecks tattoos). Don't go lower than wrist lines, your tattoo may blur.

I thought hard about doing a tattoo on my inner wrist and changed my mind. I could not wrap my head around seeing it every minute of every day, forever. But that's me. You do you. cool

As for Pantone purple, most medium (not dark, not lavender) purple tattoo inks kind of turn out that color anyway. The ink looks so bright in the bottle, but it's really not! Purple is really affected by the undertones in the skin, I guess. Sometimes it's almost dull, so the artist adds a bit of magenta to brighten it up.

Purple with black outline is best. Black ink is formulated a bit differently (supposedly?) and holds an outline better and longer with less blurring. I really wanted no outline, but everything I read and the artists I talked to finally convinced me. Gold... not sure I've ever seen that. But it could be really cool accent color.
And the MUSIC continues...forever...
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Reply #2 posted 06/13/19 9:02pm


Don't do it! I regret so much getting a couple of small tattoos in my younger years, that at the time I thought was so cool, now older and wiser, I think they're just ugly and tacky! But everyone has to make their own decisions, however, I suggest that you give it a lot of thought and make sure that it's something you really want to have on your body that's not so easy to get rid of.

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Reply #3 posted 06/14/19 12:28pm


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Reply #4 posted 06/18/19 10:27pm



I have two lower inner arm tattoos that are Prince related, the one pictured below I just added to on my trip to Minneapolis last week (added cloud guitar and flowers). You are welcome to ask me any questions.

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