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Thread started 04/20/17 10:16pm



Marsha Ambrosius Talks Prince, & More

We can transition to Prince. Because I feel like you’re a Prince head.

Hmm. I am.

I treat Prince conversations like Fine China.


I’m still in denial.

I’m with you.

The anniversary is coming up (April 21st). What was that first Prince song that blew your mind?

It happened in stages. I think I recalled hearing the outro to “Computer Blue” first. (starts singing the outro). First of all, I’m five. (laughs) at the time. I’m like what is that chord change?! What is it emotionally doing to my insides? I’m too young to understand what that is. Growing up on that then, understanding as I grew up let me know that I was on to something. Let alone him. For my ear to understand that was it. “Take Me With You”, the opening drum lick—the strings—and the bridge. The video, like I can see that mansion. And I’m on that bike. I am Apollonia. Too young to be Apollonia (laughs). I wanted to purify myself in Lake Minnetonka.

(laughs) Right.

My favorite Prince song is on “3121”. And it’s called “The Dance”. When it gets to the outro, I have a rose in my mouth. I’m doing the tango, listen. Listen.

I think every “So, so” Prince fan loves “Purple Rain”. They love that “80’s Prince”. But his new stuff is just as good, and people sleep on it.

It’s like the ones who aren’t awake, if you will. Sleep. Because it’s more for me (laughs). I’m so selfish, like I don’t even want to put you on. Because if you don’t get it, it’s not for you. (laughs)

Yes, exactly.

Always cry 4 love, never cry 4 pain.
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Forums > Prince: Music and More > Marsha Ambrosius Talks Prince, & More