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Reply #150 posted 04/18/15 5:28am


In my opinion, Prince's musicianship has declined because he's exhausted his musical vocabulary.
He doesn't have any thing "new" to say because he hasn't learned music theory. So, instead of
Prince using his wondrous talents to push the boundaries of pop music forward and outward, we
applaud him recently for producing albums that are reminiscent to his earlier, classic work. In the
realms of jazz and classical music, my artistic heroes pushed the boundaries and standards and
the artistic mores of their genre forward and outward (Mozart, Beethoven, Wagner; John
Coltrane, Thelonious Monk; Miles Davis). They accomplished this because as they matured, they
were able to use concepts learned by achieving some type of consistent music education
whereby they could newly contextualize their art. Music theory enables a composer to rely on
theoretical constructs in addition to what is provided by the imagination. Prince has the same
talent these artists possessed but not the same musical education. Sadly, when you are mostly
an untrained musician who hasn't access to a decent foundation in music theory, you run out of
interesting things to say.

I am not suggesting that in order to write good music, you must be trained in jazz or classical.
This would be ludicrous. But I am suggesting that if you are serious about your craft, wouldn't
you want to learn everything about it? The greats I mentioned above learned all that they could
about their craft and it is not a coincidence that all of them had 1) a music education and 2)
access to some music theory. Your ear can only take you so far. When you run out of things to
say musically, if you've access to music theory, you learn how to formulate new musical
expressions (words).

Prince's popularity has declined because pop music inherently only allows for dominance for what
is equivalent to the lifespan of a gnat.

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Reply #151 posted 04/18/15 11:25am


Toofunkyinhere said:

I personally rate Prince 92-96 up there with 80-88, he'd just lost his popularity by then.

i agree close as u can get....

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Reply #152 posted 04/18/15 1:15pm


He also let his ego straight jacket him. There was a time you wouldn't know what to expect from his creativity. The sky was seemingly the limit. Then he started setting rules, real music by real musicians, topics became rigid, regurgitating and getting stuck in past genres without adding anything to them. He continued playing the cliches "Prince" sound without adding anything to them. Not only that they lack that certain finesse that no matter what he recorded was always charming.
He became worse than predictable, it's become painful like the person who always tells you the same story or joke. ..and telling it worse.

Missing is definitely charm.
Missing is the unexpected.
Missing are the incredible beats he was able to churn out effortlessly.
Missing are the grooves he could conjure.
Missing is the exhilaration.
Missing is not the technical, but the intangible emotional element he added. The same as all those extremely talented savants that can play all the notes perfectly, but feels dead and joyless, emtionless. Like Zoloft music.
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Reply #153 posted 04/19/15 4:39am



OldFriends4Sale said:

RJOrion said:

lezama said:

As any medical professional can tell you, cortisol, adrenaline and neorepinephrine all get you "high" (and not in a good way) in a way that can make you look like someone on drugs, but none require drugs to do so.

Doctor Fink (a medical professional) and Susan Rogers and others say that P was tripping on E 12/1/1987.. [Edited 4/12/15 19:41pm] [Edited 4/12/15 19:57pm] [Edited 4/12/15 19:58pm]

Is he really a medical professional?

It was just a stage outfit. Lol.
...every night another symphony...
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Reply #154 posted 04/19/15 11:37am


Like Alan Leeds said in the Slave Trade documentary... "He had his time, his time had passed... He was following trends not setting them, and with the output of his increasingly weird behavior due to the feud with WB his music was greatly ignored from the (mid 90's time period...) Untill he came back again full circle where he tours more succesfully today then he did back in his hay day."

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Reply #155 posted 04/20/15 6:27am


He got older like we all did, but Prince fans just take breaks-they never truly leave. Hes still the best artist on the planet no matter what 💜
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