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Thread started 10/11/07 10:50am



Prince love 4 one another AOL Chat 01/19/99:

The Artist Chats! xclusive interview with love 4 one another
The participants in this Xperience in Truth
were as follows:
Chat 01/19/99:
l prince
l Rosie Gaines
l L4OA: - The Collective
It starts....
prince : good afternoon
L4OA: good afternoon
prince : altho eye spoke thru others b4 let me just say eye adore the new
L4OA: thank u smile
L4OA: all have worked hard
Page 1 of 11 2/1/99
Page 2 of 11 The Artist Chats! xclusive interview with love 4 one another
L4OA: good inspiration and energy
prince : eye thought eye was the most talented person on earth!
L4OA: lol
prince : alas eye am wrong!
prince : ? ME!
L4OA: what do u hope 2 accomplish with L4OA?
prince : my own personal objectives...
prince : change daily...that is y eye defer 2 the people at paisley park...
prince : that eye love and respect the most
prince : some of whom u c online from time 2 time...
prince : in the chats
L4OA: no permanent objectives?
prince : the site can and will accomplish many things...
prince : 4 me...the initial objective was 2 have a visible place...
prince : 4 my thoughts
prince : and now eye can c....
prince : that 2gether
prince : ..all of us... can..
prince : determine r own futures
prince : 1st in a virtual..
prince : sense and then in reality
prince : l4oa...
prince : did u watch madonna on larry king last nite?
L4OA: Yes we did! Did u?
prince : yes... in hopes she would respond 2 my dream
prince : she did not
prince : one day, maybe
L4OA: did u think she would?
prince : eye thought she would not...but held out hope
L4OA: do u know if she owns the masters 2 Maverick artists?
prince : eye do not know 4 sure...but eye would guess..she has a stake in
prince : would love 2 ask
L4OA: do u plan on reaching out 2 other artists?
prince : when eye DO speak 2 other artists now that is all we talk
2/1/99 http://www.love4oneanothe...index.html
Page 3 of 11 The Artist Chats! xclusive interview with love 4 one another
prince : the day when all of us r free
L4OA: smile
prince : ....when u r tied up...
prince : in contracts,
prince : the notion of freedom is far fetched
prince : it is not even a consideration...
prince : but when the inner dialogue begins...
prince : it is a road that one cannot easily turn back from
L4OA: have u heard the latest Public Enemy track, "Swindler's Lust" ?
prince : eye have heard about it
prince : eye watched chuck on tv last nite
prince : he is a very wise man
L4OA: "Politically Incorrect" ?
prince : yes
L4OA: smile
prince : the host was a bit xcitable
prince : martin would have been 70
L4OA: the chorus of "SL" goes "if u don't own the masters,
the master owns you"
L4OA: sound familiar
prince : yes, eye have heard
L4OA: yes
prince : u know...
prince : every great artist has a slogan that best captures his life...
prince : eye hope eye am remembered 4 that one
L4OA: is owning the masters of older material a necessary part of
prince : the master recordings will represent me in the future...when eye have..
prince : passed in2 spirit
L4OA: what can your friends not in the biz, do that can help
u in your quest?
prince : well, one thing should b noted:
prince : this is a personal issue of mine-
prince : the pursuit of my legacy as embodied in the recordings...
prince : as 4 other artists..
prince : if it is their wish 2 4 their descendants
2/1/99 http://www.love4oneanothe...index.html
Page 4 of 11 The Artist Chats! xclusive interview with love 4 one another
prince : 2 retain control of the work they did in the past..
prince : it is wise 4 all artists 2 own the master tapes
prince : r purpose is 2 now raise public awareness...
prince : so that the future generations have it hammered in2 their...
prince : essence...that if u don't own ur masters...
prince : ur masters own u!
prince : so far so good
L4OA: we have a place in the "Get Yo Groove On" section 4 that kind of in4mation
L4OA: it is important 2 stand 4 what one believes
prince : eye saw a movie last nite...
prince : stepmom
L4OA: tell us about it?
prince : interesting how they handled problems...hollywood-style
prince : the mom would give her solution 2 a problem with no spiritual base in mind..
prince : and the kids would just agree...
prince : and all is well, but God never comes in2 it
prince : once again...MAN saves the day
Rosie Gaines: hey whats up, its rosie gaines
L4OA: high Rosie!!
prince : is that rosie?
Rosie Gaines: yes
prince : whaddup sis?
L4OA: Is a Rosie Gaines release on NPG in the works? smile
prince : ask her?
Rosie Gaines: i dont know thats up to my brother
Rosie Gaines: i would like that
L4OA: An a side note, Rosie and The Artist were INCREDIBLE 2gether in Vegas
Rosie Gaines: thanks that was so much fun for me
prince : can eye xplain NPG?
prince : is a virtual recording process...
prince : Chaka Khan 4 xample recorded at the Park...4 free..
prince : if she required assistance....
prince : she called upon us...
Rosie Gaines: yes you know that i would love
2/1/99 http://www.love4oneanothe...index.html
Page 5 of 11 The Artist Chats! xclusive interview with love 4 one another
prince : once finished she took the product away 2 sell
prince : her and eye rarely speak now,as she is working hard on her
prince : NPG is only a logo really and a mindstate
prince : in which artists..
prince : work 2gether with no xchange of $$$
prince : that is the ultimate goal
Rosie Gaines: ok lets do it
L4OA: So, they don't have 2 watch the clock n the studio, just
prince : yes
L4OA: that mindstate is true in this website collective as
prince : nor worry about...
prince : managers and lawyers and union fees 4 session work and all that
prince : ok lemme call my lawyer and manager and record company president 2 get permission
prince : y....
prince : would eye pay the union cuz rosie asked me 2 sing?
prince : rosie is there a npg release in r future?
Rosie Gaines: yes
Rosie Gaines: i'm always working on my spirit my brother
L4OA: freedom smile
L4OA: Do u think it would b best, for artists to run the business side of the arts? and not suits
prince : in all fairness...
prince : as long as artists have 2 market their work in the current structure...
prince : of things they will never have that much success...
prince : when NPG has been successful is when we worked outside of the current structure
L4OA: is it possible 2 b a "commercial success" in this current culture outside of "industry" ?
prince : how do u deem success?
prince : Larry G. eye would say is very well off now
prince : and very happy
prince : Chaka Khan judging by ...
prince : tha latest Jet cover story(the magazine of choice)
prince : is very happy as well
L4OA: "commercial success" meaning having the numbers of other stars
prince : is that success?
Rosie Gaines: no
2/1/99 http://www.love4oneanothe...index.html
Page 6 of 11 The Artist Chats! xclusive interview with love 4 one another
prince : do they own the master tapes?
L4OA: no
prince : it is all subjective
prince : life is subjective
prince : the problem with artists occur when they gauge their worth based upon someone else's
prince : eye fell prey 2 it, bigtime
prince : eye WANTED the biggest CONtract in history
prince : and so eye got:
prince : it really came 2 118 million ....on paper!
L4OA: what opened ur eyes?
prince : God and my pursuit of the truth
prince : do u all want 2 get in2 it?
L4OA: of course smile
prince : all humankind suffers from love of self....
prince : the industry as it is structured now...
prince : feeds that...
prince : eye took a meeting with MTV and asked them y they would not play The Most Beautiful Girl
prince : the World video...
prince : they said they did not like it...
L4OA: y?
prince : eye asked them...ok what type of video should eye make...
prince : a man(who is no longer in charge-at least not on paper) said..
prince : "well, the racier stuff seems 2 work best 4 u!"
prince : when, in reality...
prince : eye write many different types of songs...
prince : and could make many different types of videos.
prince : chuck was trying 2 xplain that last night...
prince : the music business caters 2...
prince : the separation -1st of self and then individuals
L4OA: u once said u didn't like videos...
L4OA: do u see them as a necessary evil?
prince : EYE DO NOT C THEM
prince : at all
L4OA: but u still make them...
prince : eye am busy working on an alternative, now
prince : eye have said this in the past...eye have no problem doing
2/1/99 http://www.love4oneanothe...index.html
Page 7 of 11 The Artist Chats! xclusive interview with love 4 one another
prince : in a respectful manner
prince : a manner in which...
prince : the word "own" does not enter the conversation
L4OA: r major labels open 2 that idea?
prince : eye hope.
prince : there r some at sony that r cool
prince : there
prince : truth depends on ur point of view
prince : some believe
prince : the best thing about this site...
prince : is that u all challenge current mis...understandings
prince : truth is ever-evolving
L4OA: Instead on 1 video - What about another spiritual movie?
prince : after 2000, perhaps
L4OA: y wait?
prince : then eye think people will b ready 4 the truth
prince : the ones awakened were awake in '88
Rosie Gaines: isn't that about nothing but love?
prince : xplain, rosie...please
Rosie Gaines: love is the only thing we need to know about, loving GOD. GOD and us are one
L4OA: There is no separation - it is illusion
L4OA: love=God=oneness
Rosie Gaines: we are all the same souls because the father are in us and we with the father
prince : Preach, sista!
L4OA: lol
Rosie Gaines: yes my brother
Rosie Gaines: O}+>, i'm sending you a love bomb
L4OA: A love bomb! Cool!
L4OA: O}+>, we keep hearing about a new album...what's up?
prince : eye have written and recorded many new songs but not all of them go
prince : 2gether...
prince : so rather than have a hodgepodge, eye might once again release
several albums
prince : but this time...eye will release all at the same time
2/1/99 http://www.love4oneanothe...index.html
Page 8 of 11 The Artist Chats! xclusive interview with love 4 one another
prince : ...get what u desire
L4OA: freedom is a beautiful thing
prince : u know what...eye would love 2 do an acoustic record with Chaka
prince : and a ballad album with Larry
prince : and get Rosie's "HIT U IN THE SOCKET" out!
L4OA: Yeah! smile
prince : u got that cassette Rosie?
prince : play it online 4 us!
Rosie Gaines: yes its the bomb
L4OA: what is the status of Roadhouse Garden?
prince : Roadhouse Garden got sidelined 4 a sec but it will take at the most - 3 weex 2 finish..
prince : most of the trax were cool 2 begin with
prince : they just needed minimal production and a mix
L4OA: any titles - or is it a surprise? smile
prince : some titles include...
prince : "Witness 4 the Prosecution"...
prince : and...
prince : "SPLASH"
prince : which was one of my favorites
prince : all the songs that Wendy and Lisa sang on were left off...
prince : of the Crystal Ball package
prince : 2 save 4 a Revolution album
L4OA: cool smile
L4OA: yes! smile
prince : what did u all think of The Ball?
L4OA: A lot of fun smile
L4OA: where's Volume 2 and 3 and 4 smile
prince : GREEDY!
L4OA: u know it smile
prince : it's cool...cuz when it is someone eye dig, eye want everything they do
prince : eye was that way with James Brown in the 60's
prince : and 70's
L4OA: smile
L4OA: I think "The Truth" got lost in the CB pack - needs a separate release/promo
2/1/99 http://www.love4oneanothe...index.html
Page 9 of 11 The Artist Chats! xclusive interview with love 4 one another
prince : The Truth is scheduled 4 rerelease in 2000
prince : eye hope u all treat the new website as ur home, cuz we do
L4OA: yes
L4OA: Any chance of a live CD or video?
prince : one of the benefits of this online connection..
prince : is that u all can tell us what it is u want
prince : this can and will b a very useful medium
L4OA: yes
prince : b4 the record companies used 2 underwrite r work
prince : now U ALL can
L4OA: FREE dom smile
L4OA: We do it 4 love.
Rosie Gaines: yes you do
Rosie Gaines: my brother, i'm out, one love always
L4OA: Bye Rosie...Thanks for stopping bye! Love4oneanother
prince : peace rosie...love4oneanother
L4OA: O}+>, any comment on "1999" being used in Coke commercials? I heard that it will b
prince : we have not approved any cola company using the song 1999
L4OA: cool
prince : eye am against that
prince : if that occurs it furthers the argument and eventual
prince : turnover of the masters back 2 their rightful owner
L4OA: do u have the final say or not?
prince : my attorneys r handling bores me 2 discuss
prince : eye don't think Time Warner would even do something like that
L4OA: so attorneys r useful sometimes smile
prince : yes, attorneys r useful in this current system
prince : if the system were different there would b no need 4 them
prince : any final ?'s
L4OA: yes...
L4OA: the Ways of Pharaoh...
L4OA: thoughts:
2/1/99 http://www.love4oneanothe...index.html prince
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Reply #1 posted 10/11/07 11:55am



hey thanks for posting that what an interesting read. Wish he would do something like that on here razz
Oh Princey if your free for a couple of hours...If you aint busy for the next 7 years...Lets Pretend were married, and go all night..
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