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Thread started 05/13/07 8:06am



Review princes first 4 albums??

review the first 4 albums, then on tuesday well do 4 more. it can be one of those long standing threads:

For You:
The second best out of princes first 4, this proves that prince is, and always will be the most talented human ever. when you listen to im yours youcan picture prince recording evry instrument. highlights are: Im Yours, Soft and Wet, Crazy You and Just as Long

Not as good as for you. songs like when wre dancing let it down, its a nice song, but after 4 minuits it outstays its welcome. The Drum best just never gets going. But I Wanna Be Your Lover makes up for this, princes first true classic. I Feel For You is also good, but the album just doesent have the staying power nd very rarely makes the journey to my stereo.

Dirty Mind:
This is were the funk comes in! Dirty Mind, Head, Party Up and Uptown are absolute classics. I love evrything about this album, sounds great loud, and evry song is awsome.

Evenbetter than DM, it takes the funk and developes it more. Controversy sounds better than the single edit, the chorus always makes me join in. This album also has one of princes greatest ballads, Do Me Baby. The whole album shows prince as a more "Mature" song writer in songs such as Annie Christian and Controversy. Also its got Lets Work on it, so for me its princes best out of the first 4
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Forums > Prince: Music and More > Review princes first 4 albums??