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Thread started 05/11/05 12:31pm


The New Music & More FAQs--LOOK HERE Before You Ask A Question!


There is no way to describe how we all feel. Most of us "only" knew Prince through his music, but that was more than enough for him to have had a profound effect on our lives. Seeing the outpouring of love and respect on social media, in the press, on public structures cast in purple glow, and by the legions of people who celebrated his life as he would want it to be -- by coming together and dancing all over the globe, has been so touching to us all at This site has always been about the fans first, but obviously without the man, there would be no fans. We now honor the genius musician, the visionary, the icon, and most of all the human that was Prince, and offer our deepest shared sympathies. We knew and loved his music, and made it part of our lives, our soul, our being; that's the ultimate tribute, and as a result, he will live eternally. Prince, you will be forever in our life, forever in our hearts, forever on our stereos. wish u heaven.

--Ben, founder of, 4/22/2016


Here we are, folks...the dream we've all dreamed of... giggle but seriously--here are the new Music & More FAQs, totally revamped and ready for your perusal whenever you need a question answered! These are by no means totally set in stone, as I will occasionally pop in and keep an eye on things and change anything that needs changed as newer information comes to light or Prince does a new project or whatever - this is very much a 'living' document.

A million thanx to those of you who helped me in compiling these answers and such, your help is GREATLY appreciated!!! If you see a discrepancy anywhere or if there's something that should be added, please drop me an orgnote and let me know.

--Dansa geek



1. The basics

1.1 What is Prince's real name and date of birth?
Prince Rogers Nelson. He was born on June 7, 1958.


1.2 How tall is Prince?
It is believed that he is 5'2" (157cm) tall, but it's kind of hard to know for sure since he's always wearing those heels!

1.3 What's with the name changes?
On June 7th, 1993 (his 35th birthday), Prince announced that he would change his name to an unpronounceable symbol.
The glyph incorporates the male and female signs along with the alchemy symbol for soapstone:


The usual ASCII representation of the symbol is: O ( + >

(That's a capital "o", open parenthesis, plus sign, and greater-than sign.)

However, on May 16th, 2000 Prince announced that he would resume using his former name, because his final contract with Time Warner
(i.e., his publishing contract with Warner-Chappel) had expired. It seems that he will continue to use the symbol as a logo, however.

1.4 What is Prince's ethnicity?
He is of African-American descent. Both of Prince's parents are of varying degrees of African & European mixture, hailing from Louisianna. Earlier in his career he fed various members of the media stories of him being of mixed heritage; also, in Purple Rain his parents were portrayed as black and white. In both of these instances, this was more than likely for crossover appeal and so he wouldn't be pigeonholed as being mainly a 'black' artist. Unfortunately, many fans and members of the media have since held on to the 'mixed race' approach and have argued/debated over this continuously due to these discrepancies and portrayals.
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2. Personal life

2.1 Is Prince married?
Prince has been married twice but is currently single.

On February 14th, 1996, Prince married Mayte Garcia.
It was a small, intimate ceremony held in Minneapolis and attended by family and close friends:

He subsequently announced in December 1998 that he intended to annul his present marriage and become reunited with Mayte on February 14, 1999 in a manner more compatible with their current beliefs. As of June 2000, it was believed that their marriage has been legally annulled, and that the two are no longer a couple. Some time after June 2000, the couple were legally divorced.

Currently, Mayte is single and concentrating on her career after a long relationship with Tommy Lee of Mötley Crüe fame, they remain good friends. She is forging her own path as an actress having already appeared in the succesful TV drama 'Nip/Tuck' as well as winning a role in 'Charlie Wilson's War' (2007) opposite Tom Hanks, Julia Roberts, and Phillip Seymour Hoffman.

On New Years Eve of 2001, the rumors were that Prince had remarried in Hawaii to a Paisley Park Employee, Manuela Testolini:

She is believed to be about 18 years younger than Prince.

However, on May 24th 2006, she filed for divorce.

She is presently founder and president of Gamillah Inc., a socially active corporation that promotes cultural and economic harmony through artistic means; by creating programs, information, products & services, and seeking to support selected non-profit organizations.

2.2 Does Prince have any children?
In October 1996, Prince's first wife, Mayte, gave birth to a baby boy, but he sadly died within a week. It has been reported that the baby was born with brain damage and died from complications due to Pfeiffer Syndrome, but Prince and Mayte have steadfastly refused to discuss a matter they treat as personal and private. Mayte was the only parent identified on the birth certificate, which listed the cause of death as "natural causes".

Two of Prince's former employees later made claims reported in some newspapers, saying that the baby had been kept on life support and Prince had decided he could no longer endure the agony of seeing his child in pain and decided to turn off the life support.

2.3 Is Prince gay/bisexual?
Whenever this question comes up, a common answer we give is "who cares?" Most Prince fans are entranced by the music, not the sexual orientation.

However, if one gives the matter some serious thought though, the vast majority of his work is unmistakably about heterosexual relationships (except where he plays with double meaning), and there have been no sightings of him with another man. His women, on the other hand, are known to be world-class beauties.

The man obviously doesn't mind in general if people think he's bisexual, and it's possible he is or was, but he's very much in the closet about it if so. Even if he's perfectly straight, his lyrics indicate that he would welcome any sexual orientation into the utopian "Uptown." Most fans tend to believe he's simply androgynous: displaying characteristics of both genders.

The following vaguely relevant passage exists in a Rolling Stone article dated Feb 19, 1981:
"Appearances to the contrary, though, he says he's not gay, and he has a standard rebuff for overenthusiastic male fans: ''I'm not about that; we can be friends, but that's as far as it goes. My sexual preferences really aren't any of their business.'' A Penthouse "Pet of the Month" centerfold laid out on a nearby table silently underscores his point." Make whatever you will of this comment from early in his career.

2.4 Where does Prince live?
Prince was born, raised and spent most of his life, whilst not touring, in Minneapolis, or its suburbs. His recording studios are based in Chanhassen just outside of Minneapolis, and he is believed to continue to own a home close by, together with property in Toronto, Paris, New York, Los Angeles, and more recently, Las Vegas. The L.A. residence situated in/around Mulholland Drive (no we're not telling you where!) has been his base for a large part of 2005/2006, where he has regularly hosted exclusive 3121 themed parties.

It was originally thought that the 3121 tag was possibly inspired by the L.A. house number, although it wasn't long before this was found out not to be the case at all - largly in part to the house having a completly different number!

The general consensus now is that the 3121 album title is most likely a religious reference:

Psalms 31:21
Blessed be the LORD: for he hath shewed me his marvellous kindness in a strong city.

Jeremiah 31:21
Set up road signs, make guideposts; set your heart toward the highway, even the way by which you went:
turn again, virgin of Israel, turn again to these your cities.

Deuteronomy 31:21
And when many disasters and difficulties come upon them, this song will testify against them, because it will not be forgotten by their descendants.
I know what they are disposed to do, even before I bring them into the land I promised them on oath.

Proverbs 31:21
She is not afraid of the snow for her household; for all her household are clothed with scarlet.
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3. Contact with Prince / Paisley Park

3.1 I want to write/send a demo tape/send a gift to Prince. What's his address?

Contact Prince via Paisley Park. The address is:

Paisley Park Studios
7801 Audubon Road
Chanhassen, MN USA

3.2 What about E-mail?

Yes, he most certainly does have an E-mail address; however, he apparently prefers to keep it private. (No, we don't know it either!)

3.3 Does Prince have an official Website?

The only official website he had was at, but as of July 4th, 2006 the website is no longer online due to a trademark dispute
with HM Publishers Holdings.

However, as of late 2006, seems to be the place to go for all official word from the Prince camp. It remains to be seen if it will grow beyond a few words and pretty pictures to offer fans something they can truly sink their teeth into like NPGMC. Only time will tell.

3.4 Where can I buy Prince-related merchandise?

The best you can do at the moment is check eBay for goods.

3.5 Is there a Prince fan club?

Currently, there is no official "fan club", although membership in the npgmusicclub was pretty close to the same thing. There are lots of UNofficial fan clubs around the world. Check out the "fanclubs" section of for more information, and to find one near you.

However, Paisley Park did officially recognize the UK-based "Controversy" fan club and fanzine, founded in 1986 by Eileen Murton:

Members received benefits such as a high-quality bi-monthly magazine, priority concert seating and the opportunity to attend fan conventions in Minneapolis (1991 and 1992). Additionally, a system of "area organizers" allowed fans to contact a nearby representative for information, news and assistance in hooking up with other enthusiasts. The magazine printed it's final issue in late 1993.
(thanks to Tim Andrassy, Dennis Roszkowski)

3.6 Can my band rent one of the studios at Paisley Park?

Paisley Park was made available to third parties for commercial renting until 1996.
The studio complex underwent renovation and announced that it was available for rental from August 2000.

For further information, the official website is

An archived version of Paisley Park Studios' pre-1996 Website, with detailed information on the facilities, is available to view here.
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4 Prince’s musical recordings

4.1 What are all of Prince’s official albums?
What constitutes a 'Prince album' is always going to be a contentious issue. Prince has recorded under different names (and also ‘collaborated’ significantly on some recordings). Moreover, some recordings might be considered EPs rather than full-length albums.

Prince - For You (1978)
For You (1:06)
In Love (3:38)
Soft And Wet (3:01)
Crazy You (2:17)
Just As Long As We’re Together (6:24)
Baby (3:09)
My Love Is Forever (4:09)
So Blue (4:26)
I’m Yours (5:01)

Prince - Prince (1979)
I Wanna Be Your Lover (5:47)
Why You Wanna Treat Me So Bad? (3:49)
Sexy Dancer (4:18)
When We’re Dancing Close And Slow (5:18)
With You (3:59)
Bambi (4:22)
Still Waiting (4:24)
I Feel For You (3:24)
It’s Gonna Be Lonely (5:30)

Prince - Dirty Mind (1980)
Dirty Mind (4:11)
When You Were Mine (3:44)
Do It All Night (3:42)
Gotta Broken Heart Again (2:13)
Uptown (5:30)
Head (4:40)
Sister (1:33)
Partyup (4:24)

Prince - Controversy (1981)
Controversy (7:14)
Sexuality (4:20)
Do Me, Baby (7:47)
Private Joy (4:24)
Ronnie, Talk 2 Russia (1:48)
Let’s Work (3:57)
Annie Christian (4:21)
Jack U Off (3:12)

Prince - 1999 (1982)
1999 (6:22)
Little Red Corvette (4:58)
Delirious (3:56)
Let’s Pretend We’re Married (7:20)
D.M.S.R. (8:05)
Automatic (9:24)
Something In The Water (Does Not Compute) (4:00)
Free (5:00)
Lady Cab Driver (8:25)
All The Critics Love U In New York (5:55)
International Lover (6:35)

Prince And The Revolution - Purple Rain (1984)
Let’s Go Crazy (4:39)
Take Me With U (3:54)
The Beautiful Ones (5:15)
Computer Blue (3:59)
Darling Nikki (4:15)
When Doves Cry (5:52)
I Would Die 4 U (2:51)
Baby I’m A Star (4:20)
Purple Rain (8:45)

Prince And The Revolution - Around The World In A Day (1985)
Around The World In A Day (3:25)
Paisley Park (4:41)
Condition Of The Heart (6:46)
Raspberry Beret (3:31)
Tamborine (2:46)
America (3:40)
Pop Life (3:42)
The Ladder (5:26)
Temptation (8:21)

Prince And The Revolution - Parade (1986)
Christopher Tracy’s Parade (2:11)
New Position (2:21)
I Wonder U (1:40)
Under The Cherry Moon (2:57)
Girls & Boys (5:30)
Life Can Be So Nice (3:12)
Venus De Milo (1:54)
Mountains (3:58)
Do U Lie? (2:43)
Kiss (3:38)
Anotherloverholenyohead (3:58)
Sometimes It Snows In April (6:50)

Prince - Sign O’ The Times (1987)
Sign O’ The Times (5:02)
Play In The Sunshine (5:05)
Housequake (4:38)
The Ballad Of Dorothy Parker (4:04)
It (5:10)
Starfish & Coffee (2:51)
Slow Love (4:18)
Hot Thing (5:39)
Forever In My Life (3:38)
U Got The Look (3:58)
If I Was Your Girlfriend (4:54)
Strange Relationship (4:04)
I Could Never Take The Place Of Your Man (6:31)
The Cross (4:46)
It’s Gonna Be A Beautiful Night (8:59)
Adore (6:29)

Prince - Lovesexy (1988)
Eye No (5:46)
Alphabet St. (5:38)
Glam Slam (5:07)
Anna Stesia (4:58)
Dance On (3:43)
Lovesexy (5:47)
When 2 R In Love (4:00)
I Wish U Heaven (2:43)
Positivity (7:16)

Prince - Batman (1989)
The Future (4:08)
Electric Chair (4:07)
The Arms Of Orion (5:02)
Partyman (3:11)
Vicki Waiting (4:51)
Trust (4:23)
Lemon Crush (4:15)
Scandalous (6:14)
Batdance (6:13)

Prince - Graffiti Bridge (1990)
Can’t Stop This Feeling I Got (4:24)
New Power Generation (3:39)
Release It (3:54) - The Time
The Question Of U (4:00)
Elephants & Flowers (3:54)
Round And Round (3:55) - Tevin Campbell
We Can Funk (5:28) - George Clinton & Prince
Joy In Repetition (4:53)
Love Machine (3:34) - The Time
Tick, Tick, Bang (3:30)
Shake! (4:01) - The Time
Thieves In The Temple (3:20)
The Latest Fashion (4:02) - The Time & Prince
Melody Cool (3:39) - Mavis Staples
Still Would Stand All Time (5:23)
Graffiti Bridge (3:51)
New Power Generation (Pt. II) (2:57)

Prince & The New Power Generation - Diamonds And Pearls (1991)
Thunder (5:45)
Daddy Pop (5:16)
Diamonds And Pearls (4:43)
Cream (4:12)
Strollin’ (3:46)
Willing And Able (4:59)
Gett Off (4:31)
Walk Don’t Walk (3:06)
Jughead (4:56)
Money Don’t Matter 2night (4:48)
Push (5:56)
Insatiable (6:37)
Live 4 Love (6:58)

Prince And The New Power Generation - prince (1992)
My Name Is Prince (6:38)
Sexy M.F. (5:24)
Love 2 The 9’s (5:44)
The Morning Papers (3:57)
The Max (4:30)
Segue (0:21)
Blue Light (4:37)
Eye Wanna Melt With U (3:50)
Sweet Baby (4:01)
The Continental (5:30)
Damn U (4:24)
Arrogance (1:35)
The Flow (2:25)
7 (5:12)
And God Created Woman (3:18)
3 Chains O’ Gold (6:02)
Segue (1:29)
The Sacrifice Of Victor (5:41)

New Power Generation - Goldnigga (1993)
(Only Available At Concerts And The NPG Stores)

Goldnigga Pt.1 (3:12)
Guess Who's Knockin' (3:24) (Only Available On Initial Pressing)
Oilcan (0:42)
Segue (0:15)
Deuce & A Quarter (3:18)
Segue (0:21)
Black M.F. In The House (5:08)
Goldnigga Pt.2 (2:51)
Goldie's Parade (2:22)
Segue (0:35)
2gether (5:31)
Segue (0:45)
Call The Law (4:16)
Johnny (10:19)
Segue (1:13)
Goldnigga Pt.3 (2:37)

Prince - The Hits 1 (1993)
When Doves Cry (3:48)
Pop Life (3:41)
Soft And Wet (3:03)
I Feel For You (3:24)
Why You Wanna Treat Me So Bad? (3:49)
When You Were Mine (3:43)
Uptown (4:09)
Let’s Go Crazy (4:40)
1999 (3:36)
I Could Never Take The Place Of Your Man (3:41)
Nothing Compares 2 U (4:58)
Adore (4:41)
Pink Cashmere (6:15)
Alphabet St. (5:40)
Sign O’ The Times (3:44)
Thieves In The Temple (3:20)
Diamonds And Pearls (4:20)
7 (5:08)

Prince - The Hits 2 (1993)
Controversy (3:35)
Dirty Mind (3:49)
I Wanna Be Your Lover (2:56)
Head (4:43)
Do Me, Baby (3:55)
Delirious (2:38)
Little Red Corvette (4:55)
I Would Die 4 U (2:56)
Raspberry Beret (3:31)
If I Was Your Girlfriend (3:46)
Kiss (3:45)
Peach (3:48)
U Got The Look (3:46)
Sexy M.F. (5:24)
Gett Off (4:29)
Cream (4:12)
Pope (3:28)
Purple Rain (8:40)

Prince - The Hits / The B-Sides ()1993
(3cd Set. First 2 Discs Are The Same As
The Hits 1 & The Hits 2. 3rd Disc Is As Follows)

Hello (3:23)
200 Balloons (5:05)
Escape (3:30)
Gotta Stop (Messin’ About) (2:54)
Horny Toad (2:12)
Feel U Up (3:44)
Girl (3:47)
I Love U In Me (4:12)
Erotic City (3:55)
Shockadelica (3:30)
Irresistible Bitch (4:11)
Scarlet Pussy (4:18)
La, La, La, He, He, Hee (3:21)
She’s Always In My Hair (3:27)
17 Days (3:54)
How Come U Don’t Call Me Anymore (3:50)
Another Lonely Christmas (4:51)
God (4:02)
4 The Tears In Your Eyes (3:23)
Power Fantastic (4:45)

1-800-New-Funk (1994)
Minneapolis - Mpls (4:26)
Hollywood - George Clinton (4:33)
Love Sign - Nona Gaye & (4:31)
If Eye Love U 2night - Mayte (4:19)
Color - The Steeles (4:20)
2gether - The Npg (5:07)
Standing At The Altar - Margie Cox (3:54)
You Will Be Moved - Mavis Staples (4:11)
17 - Madhouse (5:23)
A Woman's Gotta Have It - Nona Gaye (4:30)
Minneapolis Reprise - Mpls (0:48)

Prince (1958 - 1993) - Come (1994)
Come (11:12)
Space (4:27)
Pheromone (5:07)
Loose! (3:26)
Papa (2:47)
Race (4:28)
Dark (6:09)
Solo (3:47)
Letitgo (5:32)
Orgasm (1:38)

Prince - 'The Black Album' (1994)
(Originally Scheduled For Release In 1987)

Le Grind (6:44)
Cindy C. (6:14)
Dead On It (4:37)
When 2 R In Love (3:58)
Bob George (5:36)
Superfunkycalifragisexy (5:55)
2 Nigs United 4 West Compton (7:00)
Rockhard In A Funky Place (4:31)

New Power Generation - Exodus (1995)
Npg Operator Intro (0:33)
Get Wild (4:33)
Segue (0:37)
Dj Gets Jumped (0:22)
New Power Soul (4:09)
Dj Seduces Sonny (0:38)
Segue (0:42)
Count The Days (3:24)
The Good Life (5:48)
Cherry, Cherry (4:44)
Segue (0:18)
Return Of The Bump Squad (7:19)
Mashed Potato Girl Intro (0:20)
Segue (3:00)
Big Fun (7:26)
New Power Day (3:48)
Segue (0:14)
Hallucination Rain (5:48)
Npg Bum Rush The Ship (1:40)
The Exodus Has Begun (10:05)
Outro (0:35)

prince - The Gold Experience (1995)
P. Control (5:59)
Npg Operator (0:12)
Endorphinmachine (4:07)
Shhh (7:18)
We March (4:49)
Npg Operator (0:18)
The Most Beautiful Girl In The World (4:25)
Dolphin (4:59)
Npg Operator (0:20)
Now (4:30)
Npg Operator (0:31)
319 (3:05)
Npg Operator (0:10)
Shy (5:04)
Billy Jack Bitch (5:32)
Eye Hate U (5:54)
Npg Operator (0:45)
Gold (7:23)

prince - Chaos And Disorder (1996)
Chaos And Disorder (4:19)
I Like It There (3:15)
Dinner With Delores (2:45)
The Same December (3:23)
Right The Wrong (4:38)
Zannalee (2:43)
I Rock Therefore I Am (6:14)
Into The Light (2:46)
I Will (3:35)
Dig U Better Dead (4:00)
Had U (1:25)

Girl 6 (Soundtrack Album) (1996)
She Spoke 2 Me - Prince (4:19)
Pink Cashmere - Prince (6:15)
Count The Days - New Power Generation (3:26)
Girls & Boys - Prince And The Revolution (5:31)
The Screams Of Passion - The Family (5:27)
Nasty Girl - Vanity 6 (5:14)
Erotic City - Prince And The Revolution (3:55)
Hot Thing - Prince (5:41)
Adore - Prince (6:31)
The Cross - Prince (4:46)
How Come U Don't Call Me Anymore - Prince (3:53)
Don't Talk 2 Strangers - Prince (3:11)
Girl 6 - New Power Generation (4:04)

prince - Emancipation (1996)
Jam Of The Year (6:09)
Right Back Here In My Arms (4:42)
Somebody’s Somebody (4:43)
Get Yo Groove On (6:31)
Courtin’ Time (2:46)
Betcha By Golly Wow! (3:30)
We Gets Up (4:17)
White Mansion (4:47)
Damned If Eye Do (5:20)
Eye Can’t Make U Love Me (6:37)
Mr. Happy (4:46)
In This Bed Eye Scream (5:40)

Sex In The Summer (5:56)
One Kiss At A Time (4:40)
Soul Sanctuary (4:41)
Emale (3:37)
Curious Child (2:57)
Dreamin’ About U (3:52)
Joint 2 Joint (7:51)
The Holy River (6:55)
Let’s Have A Baby (4:07)
Saviour (5:48)
The Plan (1:46)
Friend, Lover, Sister, Mother / Wife (7:37)

Slave (4:50)
New World (3:42)
The Human Body (5:41)
Face Down (3:16)
La, La, La Means Eye Love U (3:58)
Style (6:40)
Sleep Around (7:41)
Da, Da, Da (5:15)
My Computer (4:36)
One Of Us (5:19)
The Love We Make (4:38)
Emancipation (4:12)

prince - Crystal Ball (1998)
Crystal Ball (10:27)
Dream Factory (3:06)
Acknowledge Me (5:26)
Ripopgodazippa (4:38)
Love Sign (Remix) (3:52)
Hide The Bone (5:03)
2morrow (4:13)
So Dark (5:13)
Movie Star (4:25)
Tell Me How U Wanna B Done (3:14)

Interactive (3:03)
Da Bang (3:19)
Calhoun Square (4:46)
What’s My Name (3:03)
Crucial (5:05)
An Honest Man (1:12)
Sexual Suicide (3:39)
Cloreen Bacon Skin (15:36)
Good Love (4:55)
Strays Of The World (5:06)

Days Of Wild (9:19)
Last Heart (3:00)
Poom Poom (4:32)
She Gave Her Angels (3:51)
18 & Over (5:40)
The Ride (5:12)
Get Loose (3:30)
P. Control (Remix) (5:59)
Make Your Mama Happy (4:00)
Goodbye (4:34)

prince - The Truth (1998)
(Packaged As A 4th Disc With Crystal Ball)

The Truth (3:33)
Don’t Play Me (2:47)
Circle Of Amour (4:43)
3rd. Eye (4:53)
Dionne (3:13)
Man In A Uniform (3:06)
Animal Kingdom (4:01)
The Other Side Of The Pillow (3:20)
Fascination (4:56)
One Of Your Tears (3:26)
Comeback (1:59)
Welcome 2 The Dawn (Acoustic Version) (3:12)

The NPG Orchestra - Kamasutra 1998
(Packaged As A 5th Disc With Npg Version Of Crystal Ball,
Previously Only Available Separately On Cassette In 1997)

The Plan (2:03)
Kamasutra (11:49)
At Last..."The Lost Is Found" (3:37)
The Ever Changing Light (2:59)
Cutz (3:03)
Serotonin (0:47)
Promise / Broken (3:46)
Barcelona (2:16)
Kamasutra / Overture #8 (3:11)
Coincidence Or Fate? (3:24)
Kamasutra / Eternal Embrace (4:02)

New Power Generation - Newpower Soul (1998)
Newpower Soul (5:00)
Mad Sex (5:12)
Until U're In My Arms Again (4:47)
When U Love Somebody (5:56)
Shoo-Bed-Ooh (3:23)
Push It Up! (5:28)
Freaks On This Side (5:42)
Come On (5:59)
The One (7:04)
(Eye Like) Funky Music (4:31)
Wasted Kisses (2:58) (Uncredited Bonus Track)

Prince - The Vault... Old Friends 4 Sale (1999)
The Rest Of My Life (1:39)
It’s About That Walk (4:26)
She Spoke 2 Me (8:19)
5 Women (5:12)
When The Lights Go Down (7:10)
My Little Pill (1:08)
There Is Lonely (2:27)
Old Friends 4 Sale (3:27)
Sarah (2:52)
Extraordinary (2:27)

prince - Rave Un2 The Joy Fantastic (1999)
Rave Un2 The Joy Fantastic (4:18)
Undisputed (4:19)
The Greatest Romance Ever Sold (5:29)
Segue (0:03)
Hot Wit U (5:11)
Tangerine (1:30)
So Far, So Pleased (3:23)
The Sun, The Moon And Stars (5:15)
Everyday Is A Winding Road (6:12)
Segue (0:18)
Man O’ War (5:14)
Baby Knows (3:18)
Eye Love U, But Eye Don’t Trust U Anymore (3:35)
Silly Game (3:29)
Strange But True (4:12)
Wherever U Go, Whatever U Do (3:15)
Npg Advertisment (0:44)
Prettyman (4:24) (Uncredited Bonus Track)

prince - Rave In2 The Joy Fantastic (2000)
(Remixed Version, Only Available Through NPGMC)

Rave In2 The Joy Fantastic (5:14)
Undisputed (The Moneyopolis Mix) (5:45)
The Greatest Romance Ever Sold (8:07)
Hot Wit U (Nasty Girl Remix) (4:22)
Tangerine (2:13)
So Far, So Pleased (3:23)
The Sun, The Moon And Stars (5:15)
Man O’ War (Remix) (5:12)
Baby Knows (3:52)
Eye Love U, But Eye Don’t Trust U Anymore (3:35)
Beautiful Strange (4:55)
Silly Game (3:29)
Wherever U Go, Whatever U Do (3:15)
Prettyman (5:35) (Uncredited Bonus Track)

The Very Best Of Prince (2001)
I Wanna Be Your Lover (2:57)
1999 (3:35)
Little Red Corvette (4:58)
When Doves Cry (3:49)
Let's Go Crazy (4:39)
Purple Rain (8:45)
I Would Die 4 U (2:57)
Raspberry Beret (3:31)
Kiss (3:46)
Sign O' The Times (3:44)
U Got The Look (3:58)
Alphabet St. (5:38)
Thieves In The Temple (3:19)
Gett Off (4:27)
Cream (4:12)
Diamonds And Pearls (4:20)
Money Don't Matter 2night (4:48)

The Rainbow Children (2001)
Rainbow Children (10:03)
Muse 2 The Pharaoh (4:21)
Digital Garden (3:33)
The Work Pt.1 (4:28)
Everywhere (2:55)
The Sensual Everafter (2:58)
Mellow (4:24)
1+1+1 Is 3 (5:17)
Deconstruction (1:59)
Wedding Feast (0:54)
She Loves Me 4 Me (2:49)
Family Name (8:17)
The Everlasting Now (8:18)
Last December (7:58)

One Nite Alone... (2002)
(Only Available As Part Of 2nd Year Npgmc Membership and as download from NPGMC)

One Nite Alone... (3:37)
U’re Gonna C Me (5:16)
Here On Earth (3:22)
A Case Of U (3:39)
Have A Heart (2:03)
Objects In The Mirror (3:26)
Avalanche (4:24)
Pearls B4 The Swine (3:00)
Young And Beautiful (2:44)
Arboretum (3:25)

One Nite Alone... Live! (2002)
Rainbow Children (11:45)
Muse 2 The Pharaoh (4:49)
Xenophobia (12:39)
Extraordinary (5:01)
Mellow (4:30)
1+1+1 Is 3 (6:05)
The Other Side Of The Pillow (4:45)
Strange Relationship (4:12)
When U Were Mine (3:47)
Avalanche (6:04)
Family Name (7:17)
Take Me With U (2:53)
Raspberry Beret (3:26)
Everlasting Now (7:40)
One Nite Alone... (1:12)
Adore (5:32)
Eye Wanna B Ur Lover (1:21)
Do Me, Baby (1:56)
Condition Of The Heart (Interlude) (0:39)
Diamonds & Pearls (0:40)
The Beautiful Ones (2:10)
Nothing Compares 2 U (3:47)
Free (1:06)
Starfish & Coffee (1:07)
Sometimes It Snows In April (2:40)
How Come U Don’t Call Me Anymore (5:06)
Anna Stesia (13:12)

One Nite Alone... The Aftershow: It Ain't Over! (2002)
(Bonus Disc Included With One Nite Alone... Live!)

Joy In Repetition (10:56)
We Do This (Featuring George Clinton) (4:41)
Medley: Just Friends (Sunny) / If You Want Me To Stay (Featuring Musiq) (4:26)
2 Nigs United 4 West Compton (6:14)
Alphabet Street (2:54)
Peach (Xtended Jam) (11:18)
Dorothy Parker (6:16)
Girls & Boys (6:59)
The Everlasting Now (Vamp) (1:49)

Xpectation (2003)
(Only Available As Download From NPGMC)

Xhalation (2:03)
Xcogitate (3:33)
Xemplify (5:52)
Xpectation (4:01)
Xotica (3:05)
Xogenous (4:11)
Xpand (6:10)
Xosphere (3:34)
Xpedition (8:23)

C-Note (2003)
(Only Available As Download From NPGMC)

Copenhagen (10:18)
Nagoya (8:47)
Osaka (5:42)
Tokyo (5:08)
Empty Room (4:01)

N.E.W.S. (2003)
North (14:00)
East (14:00)
West (14:00)
South (14:00)

The Chocolate Invasion (2004)
(Only Available As Download From NPGMC)

When Eye Lay My Hands On U (3:43)
Judas Smile (6:35)
Supercute (4:15)
Underneath The Cream (4:01)
Sexme?Sexmenot (5:44)
Vavoom (4:37)
High (5:07)
The Dance (4:43)
Gamillah (3:11)
U Make My Sun Shine (7:05)

The Slaughterhouse (2004)
(Only Available As Download From NPGMC)

Silicon (4:16)
S&M Groove (5:09)
Y Should Eye Do That When Eye Can Do This? (4:33)
Golden Parachute (5:37)
Hypnoparadise (6:05)
Props 'N' Pounds (4:38)
Northside (6:33)
Peace (5:34)
2045: Radical Man (6:34)
The Daisy Chain (6:14)

Musicology (2004)
Musicology (4;23)
Illusion, Coma, Pimp & Circumstance (4:45)
A Million Days (3:49)
Life O' The Party (4:29)
Call My Name (5:14)
Cinnamon Girl (3:56)
What Do U Want Me 2 Do? (4:14)
The Marrying Kind (2:49)
If Eye Was The Man In Ur Life (3:08)
On The Couch (3:33)
Dear Mr. Man (4:14)
Reflection (3:03)

3121 (2006)
1. 3121 (4:31)
2. Lolita (4:06)
3. Te Amo Corazón (3:35)
4. Black Sweat (3:11)
5. Incense and Candles (4:04)
6. Love (5:45)
7. Satisfied (2:50)
8. Fury (4:02)
9. The Word (4:11)
10.Beautiful, Loved & Blessed (5:43)
11.The Dance (5:20)
12.Get On The Boat (6:17)

Ultimate Prince (2006)
Disc 1:
1. I Wanna Be Your Lover
2. Uptown
3. Controversy
4. 1999
5. Delirious
6. When Doves Cry
7. I Would Die 4 U
8. Purple Rain
9. Sign o' The Times
10.I Could Never Take The Place
11.Alphabet St.
12.Diamonds & Pearls
13.Gett Off
14.Money Don't Matter 2 Night
16.Nothing Compares 2 U
17.My Name Is Prince

Disc 2:
1. Let's Go Crazy (Special Dance Mix)
2. Little Red Corvette (Dance Remix)
3. Let's Work (Dance Remix)
4. Pop Life (Fresh Dance Mix)
5. She's Always In My Hair (12" Version)
6. Raspberry Beret (12" Version)
7. Kiss (Extended Version)
8. U Got The Look (Long Look)
9. Hot Thing (Extended Remix)
10.Thieves In The Temple (Remix)
11.Cream (N.P.G. Mix)

Planet Earth 2007

1. Planet Earth – 5:51
2. Guitar – 3:45
3. Somewhere Here on Earth – 5:45
4. The One U Wanna C – 4:29
5. Future Baby Mama – 4:47
6. Mr. Goodnight – 4:26
7. All the Midnights in the World – 2:21
8. Chelsea Rodgers (featuring Shelby J)– 5:41
9. Lion of Judah – 4:10
10. Resolution – 3:40


1. From the Lotus... – 2:46
2. Boom – 3:19
3. Crimson and Clover – 3:52 (retail edition) The Morning After – 2:06[26] (replaces "Crimson and Clover" on digital edition)
4. 4ever – 3:47
5. Colonized Mind – 4:47
6. Feel Good, Feel Better, Feel Wonderful – 3:52
7. Love Like Jazz" – 3:49
8. 77 Beverly Park – 3:04
9. Wall of Berlin – 4:16
10. $ – 3:58
11."Dreamer – 5:30
12. ...Back 2 the Lotus – 5:34


1."(There'll Never B) Another Like Me" – 6:01
2."Chocolate Box" (featuring Q-Tip) – 6:14
3."Dance 4 Me" – 4:58
4."U're Gonna C Me" – 4:36
5."Here" – 5:15
6."Valentina" – 3:59
7."Better with Time" – 4:54
8."Ol' Skool Company" – 7:30
9."No More Candy 4 U" – 4:14


All songs written by Prince and Bria Valente. Sung by Bria Valente.
1."Here Eye Come" – 4:28
2."All This Love" – 4:39
3."Home" – 4:26
4."Something U Already Know" – 5:44
5."Everytime" – 3:50
6."2nite" – 5:02
7."Another Boy" – 3:56
8."Kept Woman" – 4:15
9."Immersion" – 4:02
10."Elixer" (with Prince) – 4:00

4.2 Where can I find out more about alternate versions of album configurations?
There have been a number of informative and factual threads about work in progress/alternate configurations of Prince's work on the Org in the past. You can find mountains of information on these and more besides via the following links:

4.3 Where can I read some reviews of Prince's albums?
One of our members (Moonbeam) has reviewed a number of Prince's most important albums. His reviews have been collated and are made available for you to read HERE

If you would like to read further opinions & perspectives, check out the excellent Prince In Print website which has a vast array of reviews and articles spanning Prince's career for you to browse. We also recommend the following links to you:

4.4 Where can I get a tracked CD version of 'Lovesexy'?
Although originally released on CD as one continuous track, this album has long been available in tracked format in UK retail outlets - including UK-based online music stores e.g. and

4.5 Where can I find a relatively recent list of Prince penned and co-penned officially released songs?

4.6 I'm not sure about some lyrics on a Prince track - are there any helpful lyric transcription sites?
The following sites have good coverage of Prince and related artist songs:

The Databank Transcription Team:

Prince Lyrics:

Be aware that some of the lyrical content may differ between the sites, due to people hearing things differently!

4.7 Where can I find out more about Prince songwriting credits and copyright holding?
This has been extensively researched with significant detail provided most recently in Uptown's 2004 book, 'The Vault':

Details of how to order the book can be found here:

Much of Prince's songwriting is registered for copyright purposes at The Library of Congress and for publishing purposes at ASCAP.

The search engines for these sites are:

Library of Congress:


Be aware that the entries on the database are not always 100% accurate. (Data-handling is invariably vulnerable to human error).

Moreover, Prince's work has been registered over the years in his own name, under pseudonyms, and sometimes under multiple entries.

*The Library of Congress database is taken offline for a period of time over weekends*

4.8 So does Prince own the Mastertapes to his older recordings now, or what?
This has been covered many times on The Org, including details in THIS recent thread.

Prince most likely has legal ownership of the actual master recordings to his songs. He has contractual obligations with Warner Brothers under which he has assigned the rights to use of the recordings. These rights will legally revert back to him 35 years after their original release. Meanwhile, he continues to benefit financially from publishing monies from the recordings.

There are lots of articles on the web which explain how such rights generally operate, for example:

4.9 Is it okay to talk about unreleased songs or albums (bootlegs) here?
Yes, just as long as you do not ask or tell how or where to get them. Be aware that the moderators here strictly enforce this.

4.10 What is 94 East / Symbolic Beginning / One Man Jam?
Prior to Prince securing a record contract, Prince's early musical adventures resulted in him meeting a musician, Pepe Willie, who had moved to Minneapolis from New York and married Prince's cousin. Pepe Willie offered Prince opportunities to perform on a number of studio recordings with his group, 94 East, dating back to 1975.

In 1986, Pepe Willie released some of these recordings, originally under the title, 94 East: Minneapolis Genius - The Historic 1977 Recordings. Pepe Willie has subsequently released essentially the same recordings, sometimes remixed, on more than one occasion through different record labels and under different titles (Symbolic Beginnings, One Man Jam).

4.11 Where can I find the online artwork produced to accompany the release of Crystal Ball?

4.12 Did Prince write songs for Coca-Cola and Pepsi?
Prince is registered with ASCAP as having written a song entitled "Coca Cola". Although apparently not the "Always Coca Cola" jingle, which is registered separately. For all we know, it could be a jingle that was never used by Coke for any commercial. Just because it’s registered with ASCAP doesnt mean it was ever used. All that is known is that Prince did write a song called "Coca Cola".

There is also an unreleased Prince song in circulation called "Uh
Huh". Pepsi's slogan around 1991-92 was "Uh-huh, you got the right one baby", and a song was used in TV ads similar to the Prince outtake, performed by Ray Charles and a couple of back-up singers.

The story goes that Pepsi gave Prince an undisclosed amount of money (rumors of $7 million) to "beef the song up" for them. It seems the song was not originally written by Prince, and although Prince's version of the song was never released and he did it before a Ray Charles recording was finally used for the Pepsi advertisement.

4.13 Why is track four on Rave Un2 the Joy Fantastic silent?
The track is a moment of silence in honor of the late jazz trumpeter Miles Davis, Prince and Miles were close friends. You can read more about their relationship via an insightful interview with Alan Leeds HERE

4.14 Are there any other backward messages in Prince songs apart from 'Darling Nikki'?
Yes, a surprising amount too actually. To find out which songs feature backmasking, click HERE

4.15 So what's the deal with the Black Album?
In late 1987, Prince planned to release an album popularly known as The Black Album - which was also rumoured to have been given the provisional working title of 'The Funk Bible' by Prince during its conception. The actual album had an all-black cover with only a catalog number, and no artist information or title. The Black Album contains eight tracks, most of which are "funk" songs.

The album was canceled mere days before its scheduled release, after hundreds of thousands of copies were pressed. A few escaped destruction, and rank among the most coveted Prince collectables. In addition, the Black Album became the most bootlegged record of all time.

At the time, a rumor circulated that Warner Bros. canceled the album due to concerns about explicit lyrics. Prince, on the other hand, has said that he canceled the project after having a religious experience involving a vision. What really happened? Per Nilsen, respected author of several books on Prince, claims that Prince decided to scrap the album after an experiment with the drug MDMA (aka 'Ecstasy') that resulted in a bad trip. Former Prince associates have confirmed the Ecstasy story, although it should not be forgotten that there are two sides to every story...

The Black Album was replaced with Lovesexy, an album that contained one track ("When 2 R in Love") from the Black Album. In 1994, Warner Bros. officially released the Black Album as a limited edition.

4.16 Which Prince albums have been officially released as music songbooks?
The following album-related transcriptions were issued by Warners as vocal / guitar / piano songbooks:

Purple Rain
Around The World In A Day
Sign O' The Times
Graffiti Bridge
Diamonds And Pearls
The Hits (covers volumes 1 and 2 but not the B-Sides)
The Gold Experience

Additionally, a 'Very Best Of...' songbook was released during the 80's which included a range of Prince's hit singles.
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5 Miscellaneous Questions

5.1 Who is Jamie Starr?
Prince. He used this name to hide his appearence on The Time and Vanity 6 albums.

5.2 Who is Camille?
Camille is an alter ego character of Prince. An "Evil" Prince, if you will. Prince originally created Camille as a side project in 1986, but after the release of SOTT, Camille became the dark side of Prince, and was blamed for creating the Black Album.

Despite what you read, Camille is not just Prince with a speeded up voice. Camille has surfaced with speeded up, standard and slowed down voice. The character seems to be a state of mind, rather than a sound. Camille has never resurfaced since Prince "killed" him off on the Lovesexy tour, although tracks from the Camille album have surfaced since then.

5.3 What is 'Dreams'?
'Dreams' was an early incarnation of the Purple Rain movie. The script for 'Dreams' can be seen HERE.

5.4 What's all this about an unreleased film from 1982 called 'The Second Coming'?
Well, this is what one entry taken from Per Nilsen's 'Prince - A Documentary' has to say:

9th December, 1981
The concert in Houston is filmed for a planned documentary, tentatively called 'The Second Coming'. Several concerts on the tour were filmed by rock video pioneer Chuck Statler who had previously worked with Devo and Elvis Costello. His Minneapolis-based Location Services filmed Prince in concert and off-stage, but the resulting documentary was never released.

You can find further background information as well as see the few surviving photos from the shoot by clicking HERE

5.5 How many songs are there in the vault?
No one outside of Paisley Park can be sure. Prince has stated anything from 324, to thousands. Prince's output seems to have slowed down a lot of recent, but no one can be sure now that he owns his own masters.

5.6 Has Prince ever worked with Michael Jackson?
No. Although they have met, chatted, played table tennis*, ('tis true - we're not making this up, honest) had dinner, and most likely discussed projects. It is believed that MJ offered to record "Bad" as a duet with Prince, but Prince turned the idea down flat.

Prince also offered up "Wouldn't You Love To Love Me", but MJ turned it down.

Prince was pencilled in to sing a line on MJ's joint composition "We Are The World", but he never ended up at the recording session....but that's a whole different story!

*Just in case you're wondering, Prince thrashed him!

5.7 Is Prince currently touring?
Tour dates were usually announced in advance via the official web-site at, although this has now been replaced by That said, members of the now-defunkt(sic) NPGMC seemingly still receive concert updates and advance booking notices via e-mail.

NPGMC members should also receive an email advising them of tour dates (although email notification cannot be guaranteed).

Inevitably, any such official tour announcement is posted at unofficial Prince-related websites such as very quickly, and has normally featured in the 'latest news' and 'upcoming dates' sections of the home page.

5.8 What have other musical artists said about Prince?
Check out this thread

5.9 Does Prince change his mind often?
VERY often. Here are a few examples, from this thread

1985: Announces he is quitting touring forever to "look for the Ladder". Undertakes a series of surprise 'Hit 'n' Run shows throughout America, and begins rehearsals for a full-scale Parade tour within six months.

1987: Prince shelves the "Black" album, claiming it will never be released. It is released in 1994.

1988: Prince and Albert Magnoli begin work in earnest documenting the Lovesexy tour - both on and off stage. It covered the whole Lovesexy tour into the beginnings of the 'Batman' era in early 1989. It was supposed to be at least 90 minutes long, the pitch by Albert Magnoli being to 'show what a day in the life of Prince was really like'. Apart from a heavily edited 10-minute version released to TV, the documentary is never released in it’s original format - although some different footage does turn up in BBC TV’s Omnibus special: 'Prince Rogers Nelson' in 1991.

Allegedly, someone who worked at a production company in Los Angeles during the time that this documentary was being edited stated that Prince was doing this documentary to air as a TV special, when an unforseen event happened - Prince ran out of money after it was uncovered that his (then) accountant had been embezzling from him. During this time Prince was also preparing for another single and video release from the Lovesexy album - the title track. However, with sudden cash-flow problems, the project was shelved and Prince took on the Batman project - where he made a considerable amount of money for an album that only took a few weeks for him to complete from start to finish.

As for who owns the rights to the infamous unreleased documentary now - Limelight closed, and there is no way to truly substantiate who bought the rights to all the footage they filmed. As an informed guess, it would be that Prince owns these rights, since he has since released the heavily edited 10 minute version of the documentary on his own NPGMC website.

Some shots from this documentary can be found here:

Prince & Cat check proofs backstage on the Lovesexy '88 tour

Prince makes his 1st in-store signing session in years with his Lovesexy band

Prince performs an aftershow at Camden Palace, London

Prince working the desk in Studio A at Olympic Studios in London

1990: The Nude tour - promoted as a 'hits' tour.

1993: Announces that he will retire from studio recording. Is already working on the tracks that will be found on Come and The Gold Experience.

1993: Announces that he is changing his name to prince and that "Prince is dead". In January 2000 he changes his name back to Prince.

1993: Announces that he is retiring his hits, as he is no longer 'Prince'. The Act II tour in Europe is promoted as the last time he will play 'the hits'. By 1995 he is including many of them in his set again, and by 1997 he is doing mainly hit-oriented shows.

1994: Declares that, due to his conflict with WB, The Gold Experience will never be released. It is released in 1995.

1996: Declares that Mayte is his "soul mate" and that they will never be apart. Marries her, and dedicates an entire three disc album to her. In 1999 Prince holds a press conference with Mayte in Madrid announcing they are annulling their marriage to each other.

Prince read a statement that said they would renew their vows in an unconventional cermony, free of all legal contracts, February 14th, 1999. He bases this decision on his newly-found belief that all contracts (including marriage vows) are morally wrong, and in his typically bizarre Princely way states: "We pretend it didn't even happen. Like a lot of things in life I don't like, I pretend it isn't there and it goes away". They officially divorce in 2000.

1998: Prince announces on his Love4OneAnother website that he is working on a new Prince & The Revolution album entitled: 'Roadhouse Garden' (named after an unreleased track from 1984) The record will consist of "things left unfinished" when the band broke up, and "several new cuts that prince is putting together using parts from many tunes" according to the website.

Prince claims at the time to have offered Wendy Melvoin and Lisa Coleman co-production credits on the project - something they later deny. Wendy and Lisa did however state in an issue of Entertainment Weekly in 1998 that they are "doing an album together soon" - which was presumed to be 'Roadhouse Garden'.

In October of 1999, Kurt Loder asks Prince in an interview for MTV: "There's been talk of some old tracks with The Revolution coming out, is that maybe going to happen?" Prince's response was: "We did 3 tracks for the record, meaning I went in and finished them, and then I put Roadhouse Garden on one side, so right now it's not... nothing's really happening".

1999: Prince's announces via his (then) website Love4OneAnother that Crystal Ball II was being compiled, and fans are given the opportunity to vote from a selction of tracks for inclusion. But after many months nothing more of the album is heard of or indeed, ever mentioned again.

The album continued to be assembled in various configerations throughout 2000 (a compilation video was also being put together at the same time). The full final tracklisting for Crystal Ball II is not known, but it was going to include the following tracks, amongst others...

Electric Intercourse
Love & Sex
3 Nigs Watchin' A Kung Fu Movie
Adonis & Batsheeba
Eye Wonder
Others Here With Us
American Jam
Lust U Always
Strange Way of Saying Eye Love U
Everybody Wants What They Don't Got
Girl 'O'My Dreams
U're All Eye Want
Turn It Up
Kiss - Xtended Version (never released b4)
Katrina's Paper Dolls

The above tracks were voted for by fans at the first Celebration in 2000 (from a list of 22 tracks). But by the time this 'vote' was instigated, the album had already started to be sequenced. Seemingly, voting would only have a marginal effect on the finished album. With that in mind, it's pretty safe to assume that the 17 tracks listed would have made it onto the finished album.

One early rumor about Crystal Ball II was that it was just going to be a no-frills 2CD set, and would be shipped in sleeves for 'Kamasutra' and 'The Truth'. The Idea being that you would take the 'Kamasutra' and 'The Truth' discs out of your existing Crystal Ball round case and replace them with the new 'disk 4' and 'disk 5' of Crystal Ball (II), and then use the new sleeves for the 'Kamasutra' and 'The Truth' discs.

The main reason it was shelved was Prince's new religious beliefs. A lot of the material Prince now deemed too racy (particularly a lot of the videos), and he also felt the need to 'leave the past in the past' - regardless of lyrical content.
(much of the above CB II info provided courtesy of BorisFishpaw)

1999: Announces the impending release of a 7-disc 'Newfunk sample CD series' on, whereby budding producers, musicians and DJs would have access to a treasure trove of Prince audio samples for a 'one-time fee of $700'. The CD set falls off the radar never to be heard of again:

2002:On his 'One Nite Alone' tour, he declares that those "waiting to get their Purple Rain on" are "in the wrong house". He plays "Purple Rain" at several of the ONA shows.

2003: NPGMC announces the immenent release of a 7-disc set entitled 'The Chocolate Invasion'. Most of the songs were previously made available for download through the NPGMC website. The idea is later announced as on hold indefinitely via an e-mail from NPGMC:

The Chocolate Invasion is put on hold 4 now, indefinitely. There was a
problem with the manufacturing and until the bug is worked out, we'd
rather not have u wondering when ur home would b invaded. As soon as we
have any new info 2 report, u will b notified immediately. The members
of the NPGMC deserve the best, thank u 4 ur patience.
NPG Music Club

Some months later, a one disc version is suddenly made available on NPGMC for download.

2004: he claims the Musicology tour will be the last time he plays the hits...

5.10 Is there anywhere online where can I find guitar tablature etc for Prince songs?
Yes, try HERE

5.11 Does Prince have a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame?
No, he does not.

5.11a Really? Why ever not?!?
He would either have to buy his own star or be nominated to get one. For more information on the Walk of Fame nomination process, go HERE

5.12 What does 'Habibi' mean?
It's Arabic for my love.

5.13 Have any hip-hop/rap artists sampled any of Prince's songs?
Yes. You can find a listing of the tracks containing the samples HERE.
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6 Movies, Media & Awards

6.1 What songs has Prince released promo videos for?
As of January 2007, there are promos for the following songs:
(*denotes unreleased)

I WOULD DIE 4 U (Live)
4 THE TEARS IN YOUR EYES (Live Aid performance, not strictly a promo)
POP LIFE (Live footage of the song from the Parade Birthday show, shown on MTV way after the single's release)
SIGN O' THE TIMES (US Version 1)
SIGN O' THE TIMES (Version 2, with some different computer graphics to version above)
IF I WAS YOUR GIRLFRIEND (compilation of other Prince footage)
WHEN 2 R IN LOVE (Black Album promo - different typeface to the above)
BATDANCE (Vicki Vale Mix. Re-edit of Batdance)
BATDANCE (Batmix. Re-edit)
THE ARMS OF ORION (compilation of other Prince footage from Batdance, U Got The Look, etc)
THIEVES IN THE TEMPLE (extended video version, Pts 1 & 2)
(Rough Cuts = outtakes from the movie, circulating amongst fans in low quality)


DIAMONDS & PEARLS VIDEO COLLECTION (Live footage not listed):

MONEY DON'T MATTER 2NITE (Spike Lee version - no Prince footage)
WILLING & ABLE (Superbowl version)
STROLLIN' (Alternate version)


MY NAME IS PRINCE ('Porno version' video for The Playboy Channel utilising the 12" remix, intercutting/overlaying original video footage with kaleidoscopic effects of butt-nekkid Stellas...)
SEXY MF (Playboy Hot Rocks version)
SEXY MF (Censored Edit)
THE CONTINENTAL (Complete, from The ABC Special 1992)
PEACH (Rough cut with time code)
PINK CASHMERE (another compilation of older Prince footage)
NOTHING COMPARES 2 U (Prince and Rosie Gaines, mix of live footage from the
D & P Tour 1992 along with a few outtakes from '3 Chains O' Gold' home video and older footage)

INTERACTIVE (Live from The Beautiful Experience TV Special - 1994)
COME (From The Beautiful Experience TV Special - 1994)
DAYS OF WILD (Live from The Beautiful Experience TV Special - 1994)
RACE (From The Beautiful Experience TV Special - 1994)
THE JAM (Live - from The Beautiful Experience TV Special - 1994)
SHHH (Live from The Beautiful Experience TV Special - 1994)
THE MOST BEAUTIFUL GIRL IN THE WORLD (From The Beautiful Experience TV Special - 1994)
ACKNOWLEDGE ME (From The Beautiful Experience TV Special - 1994)
PHEROMONE (From The Beautiful Experience TV Special - 1994)
LOOSE (From The Beautiful Experience TV Special - 1994)
PAPA (From The Beautiful Experience TV Special - 1994)
ORGASM (From The Beautiful Experience TV Special - 1994)
BEAUTIFUL (From The Beautiful Experience TV Special - 1994)

LETITGO (Mainly comprises footage from the '3 Chains O' Gold' home video)
PURPLE MEDLEY (Full length)
GET WILD (Full version)
THE SAME DECEMBER (Version #2, with added FX)

18 & OVER*

I HATE U (Full version)
I HATE U (Edit)
GOLD (From the 'Love 4 1another' TV Special - 1996)
ROCK N' ROLL IS ALIVE (& IT LIVES IN MPLS) (From the 'Love 4 1Another' TV Special - 1996)
INTERACTIVE (TOTP version - also featured on the 'Interactive' CD-Rom, different to previous version)
ENDORPHINMACHINE (TOTP version - also featured on the 'Interactive' CD-Rom)
2MORROW (Comprises footage from 'Blue Light' video + other older promos)

BETCHA BY GOLLY WOW (Alternate version: only ever shown on TOTP in the UK and is simply footage from the original video shoot, just the blue screen shoot, none of the hospital shoot, little or no FX).
FACE DOWN (Censored promo)
FACE DOWN (Uncensored promo)



NPG MUSIC CLUB INTRO (Hit 'n' Run tour intro video)
WHEN EYE LAY HANDS ON U* (Incomplete promo - only the intro, 1st verse and chorus are known to exist)


HOT WITH U (Nasty Girl Mix)


FURY (Version #1)
FURY (Version #2)

SONG OF THE HEART (from the movie 'Happy Feet')

Many of Prince's official promo videos can be viewed HERE at VH1's website.

In addition to the above, the following also exist:

PUSSY CONTROL PROMO (Only ever seen live on screens prior to 1994/95 shows)
DADDY POP PROMO (A brief excerpt was shown on the 1991 BBC Omnibus show, of Prince rehearsing with the NPG, so this may simply be rehearsal footage only)
LOVE SONG (duet with Madonna, the video simply comprises old footage from both artists)

Prince also makes a cameo in Mavis Staples 'Time Waits For No-one' video,
playing guitar while leaning against a lamp-post at the very end of the video.

There are undoubtedly other promos he has made that have yet to see release, e.g: a promo for 'A Million Days' from the 'Musicology' album was shot (and a photo of it from the directors website was posted on, but until we get to see them they remain firmly locked away from prying eyes in the vault.

It is also worth noting that (according to reputable sources) that videos were shot at Paisley Park for almost every song released from 1994-1996 (Come, TGE, Emancipation, C&D etc) and Prince was originally going to release a video companion to Crystal Ball with videos to (some/all?) of the songs on the set (although it's unknown if he ever actually recorded any of them).

6.2 Who's the girl in the veil in the 'Kiss' video?
Yo momma! Sorry, seriously, her name is Monique Manning.

6.3 What films has Prince appeared in?
Prince starred in the following:

Purple Rain

Under The Cherry Moon

Sign O' The Times

Graffiti Bridge

The first three films received a theatrical release, later appearing on video. All of these films have subsequently been released remastered, on DVD.

To view the original movie trailer for 'Purple Rain' CLICK HERE

6.4 Which concerts have been made available on film?
Concert footage has been used in movies (parts of Sign O’ The Times above) as well as numerous television 'specials' and documentaries over the years. It is widely-known that Prince has filmed a large majority of his live shows since as far back as 1981 for his own personal collection.

The principal concerts that have been filmed and released widely have been:

Prince and The Revolution Live – a video release of a Purple Rain concert from New York, 1985.
Lovesexy Live – a double video release of the 1988 Lovesexy concert in Dortmund
The Sacrifice of Victor – footage from Prince and the NPG in London, 1993.
Beautiful Strange – footage from London concert, 1998.
Rave Un2 The Year 2000 – footage from The Time and Prince at Paisley Park, 1999
Live At The Aladdin Las Vegas – concert footage from the end of the One Nite Alone tour, 2002.

Further shows from various tours have been professionally filmed and televised around the world over the years, but have never receieved a commercial release. These include:
Prince & The Revolution - Live In Detroit (1986)
Prince - Nude Tour Live From La Coruna, Spain (1990)
Prince - Nude Tour Live From Tokyo, Japan (1990)

Furthermore, prior to 'Purple Rain' a "mini-movie" was shot by video pioneer Chuck Statler comprising of live footage liberally interspersed throughout with specially shot scenes called Prince - The Second Coming (1982) but after a disagreement between the two the project was aborted at the 11th hour. You can read a lot more about that HERE

Also, two consecutive London shows on the Diamond & Pearls tour were also professionally filmed for a planned release in 1992, but Prince was not happy with the footage that was captured, and they too remain locked away.

6.5 Was Prince really in the movie 'Fargo'?
Short answer: nope! It was an extra who wished to remain uncredited, and so it became bit of an in-joke at the time.

A modified version of the symbol does appear in the credits, though. Here is an excerpt from an interview with the Coen brothers in Premiere magazine, explaining it:

Premiere: A question for all the Coenheads on the Internet: What is that Prince-like symbol, the smiley face on its side, in the end credits?

Ethan Coen: That was our storyboard artist, who played the guy who drives by in the car with the red parka. He asked us if he could have that credit. We also use a lot of names of people we grew up with, scattered throughout the movie, being paged on telephones. But that's mostly because we couldn't think of names that would be appropriate.

6.6 What is the hidden message in the "Alphabet St" video?
There are a few to be found, but the main one most people ask about can be found after the first verse ("...from my head to my feet"), and before the first chorus, the following message appears printed vertically in small purple letters on the screen for a split second:

"Don't buy the Black Album. I'm sorry."

'DON'T BUY THE BLACK ALBUM, IM SORRY' hidden flash in the Alphabet St promo...

© Warner Bros

6.7 How many awards has Prince won?
Well, he must be stockpiling them at Paisley as the list keeps getting bigger:
(This list should not be considered complete, but these are the ones we know of)

NAACP Awards - NAACP Award (2007)
Golden Globe Award for Best Original Song: 'Song of The Heart' (2007)
UK Music Hall of Fame Induction (2006)
Minnesota Music Awards - Song of The Year: 'Black Sweat' (2006)
BET Awards - Best Male R&B Artist Award (2006)
Webby Online Awards - Lifetime Achievement Award (2006)
NAACP Awards - NAACP Vanguard Award (2005)
Pollstar Concert Industry Awards - Most Creative Stage Production (2005)
Pollstar Concert Industry Awards - 2004 Major Tour of The Year (2005)
Grammy Awards - R&B Best Male R&B Vocal Performance "Call My Name" (2005)
Grammy Awards - R&B Best Traditional R&B Vocal Performance "Musicology" (2005)
Backstage Pass Awards - Top Draw Award (2004)
Rock 'n' Roll Hall of Fame Inductee - Lifetime Achievement Award (2004)
Black College Radio Awards - (award unknown) (2001)
Yahoo! Internet Life Awards - Best Internet Only Single "One Song" (2000)
Minnesota Music Awards - Record of the Year "Rave Un2 The Joy Fantastic" (2000)
Minnesota Music Awards - Artist of the Year (2000)
Genesis Awards - The Dolly Green Special Achievement Award (2000)
Yahoo! Internet Life Awards - Best Internet Only Single "The War" (1999)
Essence Awards - Honarary Award (1998)
NAACP Image Awards - Special Achievement Award (1997)
Brit Awards - Best International Male Artist (1996)
Brit Awards - Best International Artist (1995)
American Music Awards - Award of Merit (1995)
American Music Awards - Living Legend Award (1994)
VH-1 Honours - Outstanding Contribution Award (1994)
Monoco World Music Awards - Gold Key Award (1994)
Brit Awards - Best International Solo Artist (1993)
MTV Video Music Awards - Best Dance Video "Cream" (1992)
Brit Awards - Best International Solo Artist (1992)
Minnesota Music Awards - Best Album "Diamonds & Pearls" (1992)
Minnesota Music Awards - Best Song "Cream" (1992)
Soul Train Heritage Awards - Lifetime Achievement Award (1992)
ASCAP Pop Awards - Best Composer Award "Nothing Compares 2 U" / "Kiss" (1991)
American Music Awards - Award of Achievement (1989)
Minnesota Music Awards - Best Album "Lovesexy" (1989)
Minnesota Black Musicians and Artists Award - Best Video "Alphabet St." (1988)
Minnesota Black Musicians and Artists Award - Best Male R&B Vocalist (1988)
MTV Music Video Awards - Male Video "U Got the Look" (1988)
Minnesota Music Awards - Album of The Year "Sign o' The Times" (1988)
Minnesota Music Awards - Top Male Rock Vocalist "Sign o' The Times" (1988)
Minnesota Music Awards - Top Male R&B Vocalist "Sign o' The Times" (1988)
Minnesota Music Awards - (award unknown) (1988)
Minnesota Music Awards - (award unknown) (1988)
Minnesota Music Awards - (award unknown) (1988)
Minnesota Music Awards - (award unknown) (1988)
Minnesota Music Awards - (award unknown) (1988)
Minnesota Music Awards - (award unknown) (1988)
Minnesota Music Awards - (award unknown) (1988)
Minnesota Black Musicians Awards - Hall of Fame Inductee (1987)
Minnesota Music Awards - Single of The Year "Kiss" (1987)
Minnesota Music Awards - (award unknown) (1987)
Minnesota Music Awards - (award unknown) (1987)
Minnesota Music Awards - (award unknown) (1987)
Minnesota Music Awards - (award unknown) (1987)
Minnesota Music Awards - (award unknown) (1987)
Minnesota Music Awards - (award unknown) (1987)
Minnesota Music Awards - (award unknown) (1987)
Minnesota Music Awards - (award unknown) (1987)
Minnesota Music Awards - (award unknown) (1987)
Minnesota Music Awards - (award unknown) (1987)
ASCAP Songwriters Award - cited for the following compositions:
"I Feel For You", "Raspberry Beret", Purple Rain" and "When Doves Cry" (1986)
Minnesota Music Awards Best Video "Raspberry Beret" (1986)
Minnesota Music Awards - Best Film Video Score "Parade" (1986)
Minnesota Music Awards - Best Cover Artwork "Around The World In A Day" (1986)
Grammy Awards - Best R&B Performance by a Duo or Group With Vocal "Kiss" (1986)
Grammy Awards - Best Rock Performance by a Group "Purple Rain" (1985)
Grammy Awards - Best Album/Original Score for a Motion Picture "Purple Rain" (1985)
Grammy Awards - Best R&B Song "I Feel For You" (1985)
BPI Awards - Best International Artist (1985)
BPI Awards - Best Soundtrack Album "Purple Rain" (1985)
American Music Awards - Best Pop/Rock Album "Purple Rain" (1985)
American Music Awards - Soul/Rhythm and Blues Single "When Doves Cry" (1985)
American Music Awards - Soul/Rhythm and Blues Album "Purple Rain" (1985)
AMPAS Oscar - Best Original Song Score "Purple Rain" (1985)
Minneapolis Black Music Awards - Most Valuable Performer (1984)
Minnesota Music Awards - Minnesota Music Hall of Fame Inductee (1984)
Minnesota Music Awards - Best Songwriter (1984)
Minnesota Music Awards - Best Producer (1984)
Minneapolis Black Music Awards - Musician of the Year (1983)
Minnesota Music Awards - Male Vocalist of the Year (1983)
Minnesota Music Awards - Musician of the Year (1983)
Minnesota Music Awards - Producer of the Year (1983)
Minnesota Music Awards - (award unknown) (1982)
Minnesota Music Awards - (award unknown) (1982)
Minnesota Music Awards - (award unknown) (1982)
Minnesota Music Awards - (award unknown) (1982)
Minnesota Music Awards - Musician of the Year (1982)
Minneapolis Black Music Awards - Honarary Award (1982)

*It should also be noted that in August 1990, Prince was presented with a special award by his British tour promoters
commemorating selling out 16 dates at Wembley Arena - a record that to this day remains unbroken.

List compiled by BananaCologne.
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