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Thread started 07/08/02 11:47am


Prince sees Norah Jones in Toronto (another article)

{{{Catch a rising star
By SIMONA CHIOSE Special to The Globe and Mail

Monday, July 8, 2002 – Print Edition, Page R3
Norah Jones / Palais Royale / in Toronto on Friday

A few years from now, maybe five, maybe 10, Norah Jones will show up to see an emerging talent play a smallish club in Toronto. Crowds will part for her and ushers will tell each other at the end of the night: "Norah Jones was here." And when that day comes, Jones may think back to her show on Friday night, when the arrival of Prince and his friends caused ripples of excitement to pass through the audience for her show.

Heads swivelled from the stage, people whipped out their cellphones and called their friends, and everyone smiled at each other with childish glee at the thought of him walking among us.}}}

The man, who incidentally was wearing a light coffee-coloured suit and looked charmingly sheepish passing through the crowd with the help of a security guy, has good taste. Prince, as everyone else in the sold-out crowd knew, also realizes that the time to catch Jones in the relative intimacy of a medium-sized venue are numbered. He caused a ripple, but it was her voice and music that gently held the hearts and swayed the bodies of her fans.

Sitting at the piano in jeans and a tank top, Jones showed that despite her young age (23) and her sometimes just slightly too serene delivery, she has the ability to conjure up both the lyricism of Joni Mitchell and the smoky seduction of Koko Taylor.

She started the set with Hank Williams's Cold, Cold Heart and then followed it up with Nightingale. As on Come Away with Me, the title track of her first CD, Jones's voice on all these was that of a lovely lullaby. Soft, pleasant, but not quite experienced in the Hendrix sense of the word.

Her potential started to become fully evident on Lonestar. Jones's voice is so interesting because it is at a crossroads. On the one hand, it possesses the sweetness of someone quite young, yet on the other, it hits the darkest notes of the blues and turns melancholy into sharp memories. On Lonestar as well, Jones's piano picked up the echoes of her voice and refracted them back.

In the same smoky, mature vein was Turn Me On, a slithering snake of a song that saw the piano tussling with the fat notes of Lee Alexander's bass.

The most affecting song of the evening may have been I've Got to See You Again. The faster tempo and another seductive pas de deux between the piano and the bass conjured up the hungry scratching of a cat at her beloved's door. As the song progressed, Jones's piano took on the allure of a dame driven forward on a doomed romantic mission with the the bass escorting her escapade.

Some may grouse that with Ravi Shankar for a dad, it must not be so hard to make Rolling Stone and Entertainment Weekly and The Los Angeles Times, among many others, as one of the most promising young musicians to watch. After listening to Jones, though, there is no danger that her talent won't measure up to the hype -- just that the buzz will overshadow the talent.

So, solely in the interest of giving fans a few more small evenings with the singer-songwriter, here's a request: Lovely to see you, Prince, but next time, please stay home.
Norah Jones will be at Sonar in Vancouver on Aug. 10.
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Reply #1 posted 07/10/02 5:54pm



What a schizo report. On one hand, she talks of Prince's arrival as signaling the momentum of Norah Jones. On the other, she asks him to stay home next time.

Obviously, she doesn't know where Norah was two weeks ago.
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Reply #2 posted 07/10/02 8:29pm



I think she was joking. smile
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Reply #3 posted 07/11/02 12:35pm


I knew it wouldn't be too long for Prince to notice her. She has a great voice and I love the cd! Talk about soothing!smile
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Reply #4 posted 07/11/02 4:21pm


Ravi shankar is not her dad but a cousin. I asked her this at the celebration. She told me she never even met him which made me wonder how a musician could have a genius like Ravi Shankar in her family and never care to meet him.

I think she is an amazing talent, I really like her cd, but not giving a crap about Ravi just about kills it for me.
I know most Prince fans wont agree with me but I like all kinds of music.
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Reply #5 posted 07/18/02 12:21am


do u hang with every last 1 of ur cuzzins?
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