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Thread started 03/29/09 1:48pm



Profile Picture

How do you get your profile picture to appear in the side under your user name? I've been trying with all different formats and resolutions. It's actually on my profile but no in the side to the left.
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Reply #1 posted 03/29/09 3:51pm



This might help...

...The profile picture has nothing to do with your avatar btw

...Your avatar being the picture under your userneme to the left whew

We need the FAQ's back confused

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Reply #2 posted 03/29/09 5:19pm


I don't see any picture on your profile either.

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Reply #3 posted 03/29/09 8:04pm





Profile pic 101

You can use

1. Click on your “my org” link

2. See Account Settings on the left. Click on “Public Profile” link.

You will see at the top of your page “Change your Public Profile”

3. Go to the box that says: “URL to your picture:

Note that the URL must begin with http://… to work.

4. Copy and paste your photobucket url link into the box.

5. Click on: “Save public profile” when done.

Please check to make sure your profile pic is not giganticly big.

6. Go back into your “my org” link and check your profile to see how it turned out.

Here’s another link to check out -


Uploading avatar images

What you need:

A GIF or JPG image you'd like to use for your avatar, less than 15K in size on your disk

What to do once you've got that:
On the 'Change Forum Preferences' screen, simply click 'Browse...' and find the image on your system. Select it. Then click 'save forum preferences'. Your image will be uploaded and processed. Note that your avatar will not be immediately visible on the site! It must be "approved" by one of the moderators first. This usually takes less than 24 hours.

Can I use animated GIFs as my avatar?
No, they don't work. Only the first 'frame' of the animation will be saved as your avatar. It's best to stick to static images.

What if my image is bigger than 15K? How to I make it smaller?
You'll need to use an image editing tool such as Photoshop or Paint Shop Pro. First, resize the image down to around 64 x 64 pixels. Any text will be totally unreadable in that size, so keep that in mind. If possible, reduce the number of colours as much as you can, and if your software has a web compression wizard (for example, Paint Shop Pro has an Optimizer wizard that helps you save out files really small), use it. You should then have a nice small avatar image ready to upload!

If you have any further questions feel free to orgnote me. smile

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