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Thread started 04/09/14 7:29am



Research paper on Prince

Hi guys! wink I would like to ask you for some help with my research paper. As every 2nd year BA students at my department have to write a research paper concerning English/American culture, I as a huge Prince fan, have chosen to to write about him. Now, the thing is, I know you guys know EVERYTHING about the man, some of you have been Prince fans far longer than I even live! biggrin so I would like to ask you to throw any ideas, interesting stories, rare facts, so that my research paper would be great and fun to read. I am posting an intro to it, with the aspects I have to focus on in bold. I would REALLY! appreciate any kind of advice!

The Artist, The Artist Formerly Known As Prince, Jamie Starr, Alexander Nevermind. Even though, at first glance, those names may not have anything in common, it soon becomes clear that behind all those stage names stands one man: Prince Rogers Nelson. It would be really difficult to find a single person who wouldn't know such legendary songs as „Purple Rain” or „The Most Beautiful Girl in The World”. Prince, being an extremely prolific and gifted singer, musician, songwriter, producer and actor, has been making his music since his early twenties. His music is described as being a mixture of such genres like pop, funk, rock, disco, psychodelia and hip hop. Throughout his nearly 40-year career, Prince has been awarded countless times. Winning an Oscar and a Grammy, being introduced into Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, and recently declared by „The Billboard Magazine” to be an icon is only a tip of this success iceberg. In the 1980s Prince took the world by storm with such massive hits like „Purple Rain” and „Kiss”; however, the most interesting period in his career is the last decade of the 20th century. The 1990s were a highly prolific era in Prince's career. The major highlights of this time included the iconic image change, the release of some of his greatest songs and the formation of a new band, „New Power Generation”.

(PS some time ago I asked for a similar thing here and someone told me I was lazy because I didn't want to do my own research - let me get this straight - I am the author of this, I am the one who will write this, but I would really like it to be a good piece of reading and I know I won't find any other place with such a concentration of Prince addicts who can share their vast knowledge with me smile )

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Forums > Art, Podcasts, & Fan Content > Research paper on Prince