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Reply #150 posted 04/02/14 7:37am



I did see that I mentioned this and was still told the opposite - that he was going to close it.

I do plenty of research before I book any trips.

laurarichardson said:

1sexymf said:

I was in touch with the organizers who assured me that Prince was closing out the festival - they were adamant about it.

Well the organizers were telling you the exact opposite of the information that was sent out to the media back in March. The truth is people do not take the time to read or pay attention to anything and then blame the artist for their mistake. If I am not mistaken Frankie Beverly and Maze always close this festival so I doubt P was every going to close it out.

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Reply #151 posted 04/03/14 2:30pm


check your facts!im always right!he playing Friday! biggrin

laurarichardson said:

kidmelody2012 said:

Prince is the opening act July 4th...where earlier it was implied he would be the closing headliner on Sunday

Not according to this link from March.

He was listed as the headliner on opening night. He was the headliner the last time in 2004

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Reply #152 posted 04/03/14 7:13pm



Here are some of my notes from that night.

"As soon as I walked in, i thought to myself. This is going to be EPIC!

I only knew this because both rooms were already open. There was a long line for refreshments in the smaller room and it was dark. It could be cool but whats that? i wondered. prince already on stage and look Hanna's drums. Yep it's going down tonight. I have to be cool, lord knows i don't want a scandal.

I am just gonna stand over here on the side and go unnoticed. Wait a minute. There's Donna.

I wanted to scream, Donna it's me. that would have been to scandolous, considering she was on the other side of the room. Standing back i with my directors eye, just watched.

3rd Eye Girl they are so much like Vanity 6, in that moment they stand together, rock out together, they laugh and root on the party together. When i say they remind me of Vanity 6 I mean it's just the 3 of them. They are 3rd Eye Girl.

The difference between them and Vanity 6 is that they are different then just a girl group. 3rd Eye Girl is a band and having been in bands myself, there is a bond between band members very strong, especially when you spend that much time together. You become a family of sorts and when your in a really good band, there is a really strong emotional connection. you create with one another. It's love making a whole different level. Hanna is a Beast on the drums and she has a playful spirit. She is aways smiling, Hana seems to be having fun. She is the fun in the bunch. She did this really cool thing at the end of the show. this guy went over by the exit of the staging area and he waited for them respectfully and when the girls came out he asked Hanna if he could have one of her drum sticks, and the cool thing was she stopped the girls and then darted off to her drum set, when she got back to where the girls were she handed the guy the stick. The smile on his face was priceless. Hana's smile was contagious. What was also great about that was Donna reaction.

When Donna is on stage she is very focused. When she is not playing, like during the time when Prince was singing at the keyboard. Donna was standing at full attention the whole time. It made me wonder if she had ever been in a marching band. Very disiplined. She came over to the side where I was standing during the show, like 5 feet away from me. For a split second I saw Wendy. Then Donna turn and hurried back to her position. I was that close to Donna. Now i know i have to be objective in my review. See what's there and not what you want to see. But, Donna is so amazing!

Ida on the other hand she walks out onto the stage, everything about her exudes confidence. When she is holding her bass, she stands there and everything about quitely says, "I got this." smile she is a grown woman.

Trevor groooves. That's all i am going to say.

Paisley Park, it seems much more innocent now. What ever that means. The vibe is music, dance, dreams and the engery is electric. It is Electric Blue."

I like how the people who work there are also people who get to perform. It reminds me of a movie, where everyone gets a chance to shine but in the meantime dishes need to done, patrons need to be served, the house needs cleaning.ect. ect. ect. lol

I wish i could hang out there more. The place is such a creative enviorment. At least that's what i get from it. I feel creative when i am there and for some time afterwards.

there is more more to this story but for time reasons, these are just some of my mental notes from that night.

P.s. It was my first actual 3rd Eye Girl show. I had a blast!

The Valentine,

within this loveletter

[Edited 4/3/14 19:13pm]

Special Thanks 2 Paisley Park and The DownLoad Society
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Reply #153 posted 04/03/14 8:00pm



Has Donna been using a drumstick as a pick before? That was really cool. I enjoyed how several people in line commented even before getting inside the door "man, This is all so weird!" Strange is my favorite flavor! Loved the love mirror, lotus flower, all the mystical chairs. last concert i went to was under a full moon and princes clothes matched the indigo sky. and this time he was wearing the black new moon sky with golden stars woven into borders. The i like it there video for sale on has become one of my favorite videos ever, such a beautiful guitar song, so it was such a gift to hear it there live in the moment. Beautiful strange was amazing -- my first time hearing it -- how were the lyrics different? prince's vocals seemed to be coming from especially exspecially deep within. And how many places can i go to experience the separation of funk and drunk? Its a great place to learn to have fun with just a naked brain. I hope security is tight enough. I felt very unexamined, but probably all the staff are psychic superheroes and needn't bother with the usual security procedures. That watermelon stuff is true, its a basic food combining law -- only eat melons by themselves. hehe. There are so many highlights in a purple life, but this weekend was the best in mine. i seriously giggled myself to sleep! so funky i think my heart became twins and one is stowed away somewhere in chanhassen so i can function here without constantly pinin' 4 the park.Theres just something special about visiting the headqWaters of funk before it travels down the missIssIppI. i feel, anointed? I love MPLS and Chanhassen and metro transit, all so lovely, i would buy a house there. Hope to visit again some day. The way people were dancing to Funknroll i really felt like part of some kind of purple army of love.Its always great to meet purple souldiers at these shows. Thank you Brenda for giving me a lift back to the Inn, and for being awesome! Thanks Sexydancerno.7 for being so nice to me! i salute prince and 3rdeyegirl, NPG and paisley park, i hope you have at least as much fun as we do. Thanks for being a force of awakening and wonder and love. As much as i love the shire, now that i've been to the house of tom bombadil, home is more buttersweet now. But now that i've been there i can avoid becoming yellow plum jelly of all you locals who can ride a bike there any day. but at least i found all these purple seeds in my hair to keep me busy for a while in this funk outpost. well courage my soul, heres my stop, goodnight!
flowing through the veins of the tree of life...purplemaplesyrup
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Reply #154 posted 04/04/14 3:07am




"Music gives a soul to the universe, wings to the mind, flight to the imagination and life to everything." --Plato
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Reply #155 posted 04/25/14 4:49pm


Weird b/c the couple times i went recently to PP i felt like i got groped/molested before going inside.

I had shorts on/t-shirt/light jacket w/ 2 small pockets. Not like i had big bulky clothing.

I understand no pic's,phone, camera's etc. But all those you can feel/see in pocket/bag.Plus If someone take's a pic or try's to there 98% going to get thrown out.

So i don't see a reason to make people feel violated, espicially after you travel expecting him to play 1 of the night's an he doesn't. Thats 1500-2,000 down the drain each trip!!

I understand P don't need money but c'mon. Were the people who are going to buy yr new album/reissue's etc. But i no people who where complete P fan's and are now anti-P. So he might make money but the more people get irked by no show's after he say's this is hapening til eternity or whatever. I don't expect him to play every show but 2 out of how many, that's not cool for the fan's who have to travel.

I'm lucky i was able to see the Fillmore show. Even tho i had to pay 800 bux for a ticket, that someone bought an let me in w/. Fillmore on 3/19, was amazing!! Plus no1 groped me going in, they searched bag's of course/anything bulky, and kicked out a few for TRYING to take a pic. So goes to show you don't need to be groped/violated by security to not have any troubles.

I'm sure Prince wouldn't enjoy someone doing that to him!!!

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