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[[Prince Go Gospel: Want to Encourage You_Erica D. Haynes_In This Life Not The After World!

Dear Prince,

Let me be the first to write this Loving and Encouraging message to you in the Princepedia! First of all I love what you've done here at! It is above excellent! But I would not expect anything less from you! You are a Blessed, Talented, Gifted Man! And I know that you know "Only good things come from above".

That is why I need to encourage you to completely give your life, music, songs, and talents to Christ Jesus! Give GOD the Glory for your Life, Love and Blessings. God has given you the gifts to play many different instruments, to be able to sing in more than one tone of voice(when you hit those high notes and the low notes)! Also God has Blessed you with the gift to write songs(lyrics), to compose, and music, and to write movies about your life, to act as well. I have even had the pleasure to read your biography(correct me if I am wrong: autobiography). I read that one book in the 1990's. It was very interesting!

As you know you have many fans and followers! What I am saying is lead your followers and fans to the Lord by asking God to Bless you to write, compose and sing Gospel/Christian/and Inspirational Songs. You can play your guitars(stringed instruments), your pianos, and organs, even your tamborines to GLORIFY the LORD! You can win souls to Christ Jesus! It is written in the Holy Bible "Greater is your reward in heaven".

You know that God Love you! I believe that you have excepted and received Christ as your Personal Lord and Savior! I believe you are grateful and thankful unto the Lord for your innumerable and great Blessings He has bestowed upon you. You are Blessed with success and prosperity. You are Blessed and Highly Favored. I am telling you these words to encourage you , and to remind you of who you really are and because I LOVE you with a Godly Love!

Even though I never met you nor seen you live but from reading your book, listening to your songs and music and seeing your movies "Purple Rain" and "Under The Cherry Moon", I can truly say I know so much about you. I have shared and felt your happiness, your joy, your hurt, your pleasure , and your pain.

I know and truly believe that God will do even Greater things in your life. So please summit your life, love, talents, gifts, finances, your body, mind, heart, soul, strength, and spirit to The LORD CHRIST JESUS, your everything. I am Encouraging and urging you today.

Jesus is coming back soon. No man nor angels, nor the son of man know the day nor hour. But God tells us to be ready when Jesus come. So continue to Pray in JESUS NAME, for He said "No man can come to the Father except by Me". Please Pray for me and my family, too. We Love you! My Mother Love you. She love your songs and she love to see you dance(she seen you on television, she has even bought me your album Controversy Album w/poster of you in it). My children, and my niece Love you. She thinks your cute, and she is right. Besides your gifts, Blessings, and talents, YOU ARE THE BEAUTIFUL ONE!!! I would love to see you some Sweet Day, and a SWEET DAY it will be, even if it is not until we enter into the Kingdom of GOD, and that would be even better and far more perfect and beautiful!!

I am Praying for you, your band, your family, friends and your associates.

I am expecting to hear from you soon with a PRAISE REPORT!!!

Love Erica Denise Haynes



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address: 606 Lee Road Rm. # 167

             Orlando, Florida 32810

You can contact me by email, phone(leave a voice mail message if I'm unable to answer,with your name, number)

You really are a Prince because Jesus Christ is your Heavenly Father, He is King Jesus, and that makes you a Prince. I am a Princess because King Jesus is my Heavenly Father." It is written in the Holy Bible that we are heirs of GOD and co-heirs of CHRIST".