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Thu 9th Apr 2020 11:11pm
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Joined:January 2nd 2020
Consider the concept of fingerprints. What does running a cookie-cutter business mean for the affiliate marketer? Well, look at it from Google's point of view. Google's mission is to answer users' queries by delivering the best and most informative information it can. Google's life and advertising revenue depend on it. All of a sudden, Google sees thousands of new sites looking very similar, like they could be from the same cookie-cutter mold. Google sets its engineers to work to see what they can find. What they find is that all of these sites have a common "fingerprint" -- whether it's the same software, the same underlying code, or the same collection of plug-ins.

The effect is dramatic. Google then cuts the ranking of all the sites with this fingerprint, moving them to the bottom of the listing. Owners of these websites see their income seemingly vanish overnight.

This actually happened several years ago to a company that was selling instant stores. Even though the stores were selling different items, and from that standpoint they were different, from Google's point of view, they all had the same fingerprint and, as such, were thin sites that didn't bring much value to visitors and deserved to be dropped. A thin site is one where the owner doesn't do much work to develop it and add value -- after all, instant businesses are advertised to purchasers as not requiring any work on the buyer's part.

You don't want Google to view your website as a thin site bringing little value to the web visitor. Your goal as a new affiliate marketer is to develop your site to have at least 50-100 pages.
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Hobbies:Internet marketers are constantly bombarding people with their latest "get-rich-easy" plan for the new affiliate marketer. They sing about the magic of the latest Google, FaceArticle, YouTube, LinkedIn, or Twitter secret hack they have discovered. They sa