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Mon 17th Jun 2019 1:54pm
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Joined:March 15th 2019
This is one of my favorite times of day, waiting for you to come home from work. I'm on the sofa, undressed except for the panties you picked out for me to wear today. I run my hand along my hips and feel their silkiness, then put my hand between my legs and feel how damp they already are from sheer anticipation. The room is chilly, and my nipples are hard. They crave your attention.

I hear your key in the door and watch you walk in with a smile on your face. You set your things down, walk straight over to me, take my face in your hands and kiss me. I inhale your scent, pull you into me, and suck your tongue into my mouth.

You stand back up and your crotch is just at my eye level. I can see by the bulge in your pants that you are already hard, and this makes me even wetter. "Take it out," you say, and I reach up to unfasten your belt, looking you in the eye as I unbutton and unzip your pants. I lower my gaze then and watch for your cock to appear as I slide them down. There it is. Your cock is beautiful, the perfect size and shape. The head is bulbous and purple; it's erect and engorged. I want to touch you, but you will tell me when. I pull your pants to the floor so that you can step out of them. Then I clasp my hands in front of me and wait, just looking at you. Finally you say it. "Touch me now."

I reach out with both hands. My left cups your balls and my right takes a hold of your dick. What I really want it to put your cock into my mouth immediately, but I'm trying to be satisfied with feeling you with my hands. You love my soft touches, and I very softly stroke the length of you, up and down, while I massage your balls gently, squeezing and gently pulling on them. "Oh baby," you say, "I've needed this all day." ...You don't know how much I've needed it all day too.

I use the just the tips of my fingers and thumb to cover the very tip of your cock from the top, and bring them down over the head, and back up, over and over, so lightly that you can barely feel it. Your knees buckle and you lean in closer to me. "More," you manage to say. I use my fingers to encircle your cock and rub the head up and down, to the ridge and just under, lengthening my stokes as I go, adding pressure, making them longer and faster, and I listen as you moan, watch your face, your closed eyes. My strokes tighten, taking in the full length of you.

"Turn around," you tell me - just as I am about to lean down to take you into my mouth. I stand and turn to face the sofa. With your hand on the middle of my back, you push me down, so that I catch myself with my arms on the back of the couch, my ass sticking out towards you. I feel your hands on my butt, caressing my cheeks, feeling me through the silk of the panties I'm wearing. Suddenly, you rip them off of me in one fast move. I feel a sting as they bite into the side of my leg and then they're off and lying on the floor in a torn heap anal porn videos.

You press your rock solid cock against me, and shove it into me. You're rough tonight, and immediately start to fuck me. Hard. My head is jerked back as you grab a fistful of my hair, and you slam into me over and over again. "I wanted to suck you," I say, almost begging. "Mmm, no." You moan. "I just had to fuck you. I couldn't stop thinking about fucking you."

With one hand entangled in my hair, you start to play with my nipple with the other, running your thumb across it, and I feel it respond and grow under your touch. Then you're squeezing it, tweaking it. I secretly want you to make it hurt, and you instinctively know. You pull and twist it and I can feel my pussy begin to contract around your cock. "Bite me," I whisper, and you bring your mouth down on my shoulder and open your mouth. I feel the heat of your breath, and then your tongue, and then the pain as your teeth are against my skin. You're fucking me so hard, it's so good, and I know I'm going to come from the intense mixture of pain of your bite and pleasure you cock is bringing me.

I'm listening to you, and feeling the signals your body is sending that tells me you're almost ready to come too. You move your mouth to a new spot, kiss me there, and then bite again at this tender place, as you pinch my nipple harder. I can't hold back. The feel of your cock filling my pussy, pounding me over and over again is too much. I'm coming now, and I tell you. "Yes. Come for me... Now," you say, and I explode, feeling a million tiny rockets going off inside of me, from the very core of my pussy, and radiating throughout my entire body.

I'm coming so hard and good now, and you don't lessen the pace, just keep it up, slamming into me over and over as I come. Just as my orgasm is beginning to calm down, you pull your cock from my pussy and put it against my asshole "Do you want me in your ass?" you ask. You always want to hear me say it. You love to hear me say it. "Yes."

"Tell me," you say. "I want you to fuck my ass," I tell you quietly. "My dirty slut wants an ass fucking now?" And I nod my head, dying here, as you press your length inside me, loving how you call me your slut, knowing I am your slut. You feel so good as you enter my ass and begin to move, sliding it in more, and back out, in short little thrusts. I notice I'm already pushing back against you, needing to feel you deeper. I want you all the way in. It's tight, and my body keeps trying to push you out, but it's alright, you're in now, all the way, and the pressure is amazing. I'm so full. You fuck me again then, as hard as you just fucked my pussy. You're moving quickly, going in deeply each time, holding onto my hips to push and pull me back onto you violently.

Damn, you feel hot and your groaning drives me crazy as you fuck me like an animal. You slap my ass, shove into me, slap my ass again, harder. "My little cock loving slut," you tell me as you spank me. "You are such a bad little girl." My bottom is burning now. Your words thrill me.

Suddenly you stop. It all stops. The talking, the groaning and moaning, the slapping, and you pull me towards you as far as I can go, as deep as you can go into me, and I feel your spasms start deep inside me. You're filling my ass with your hot cum while you keep me still, held tight against you.

You shudder, once, twice, three times and even stop breathing for a time. Your body goes limp, and then you're finished, and you pull out, cum dripping down. You lower your head and lay it on my back and just stay that way a minute. Then you fall down onto the sofa and pull me on top of you. We're both still breathless, and exhausted – but with highly satisfied grins on our faces. I can't wait for you to fuck me again when we go to bed.
Name:Davud Magomedov
Location:Santa Fe, USA
E-mail:(Not disclosed, but click here to mail through!)