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Sun 23rd Feb 2020 9:39pm
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Joined:January 13th 2020
Recently, most users found that their DNS server to be blocked or be jammed by the DDoS attacking and what we could say is that the DDoS attacking has changed their targets when they choose to start the large-scale attacking on the poor internet environment in the past. Against DDoS attacks, can help vpn proxy master. But now we will talk about what DDoS. At present, the DNS server would be chosen to use due to its stability for those users to play the games without any limitation. That is the main reason why those malicious hackers would choose to attack the DNS server to make the users to be unable to stop DDoS attacking effectively.

And there is absolutely no way to fight DDoS attacking without employing the high capacity, the stable and secure internet channels, the specialized software solutions and the distributed hardware equipment. So, if we really want to find an effective way for anti DDoS attacking to the DNS server, we should learn to improve the internet security mechanism and we could try the following ways on our computers to protect the DNS server.

We should know that if we really want to solve this problem totally, we should realize that the DNS server is regarded as the core of the internet security on the DDoS protection. And we should learn to differentiate them in a way. For those random large-scale DDoS attacking, we should judge the attacking packets and the normal flow. This is the key to avoid the DNS server to be overloaded when they get under the DDoS attacking on the internet.

As for the regular DDoS attacking on the DNS server, we should know that if we could lower down the risk of the DNS server checking and, in this way, we could avoid the DNS server to be jammed when it is attacked. Thus, the problem of fighting DDoS attacking is usually not readily solvable for small and medium sized businesses. From a financial point of view, it is much more viable to engage the services whose core competence is the development and provision of the DDoS protection.

DDoS mitigation

Sometimes we could also consider to build a DNS server checking test in order to strengthen the leaking test protection and in this way we could defend the DDoS attacking more effectively and actively and we should respond to such DDoS attacking when it begin to hit our computers. Try to avoid the leaking holes on the DNS server would become the channel for those malicious hackers to attack our computers. We should keep that in mind and continue to find the solution in the future.
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