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Mon 30th Mar 2020 11:16pm
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Joined:October 11th 2017
Cynthia D. Whitaker is a humanities employee in this sector. "First Name" worked with numerous sources on the subject and is eager to share her expertize with our readers. Here is an example of essay:
Nigerian Oil Spills Essay
Examines the vast environmental damage in Nigeria due to oil spills and other factors connected to mismanagement in the oil industry.
Oil has been an important part of the Nigerian economy since vast reserves of petroleum were discovered in the 1950s. In 1997, Nigeria earned over 95 percent of its foreign exchange from the sale of oil on the global market. Foreign oil companies dominated oil exploration, drilling and shipping in Nigeria, with Shell Oil controlling approximately 60 percent of the country's domestic oil market. This paper examines the huge environmental damage in Nigeria caused by oil spills, gas-flaring and oil waste dumping. The paper looks at the destruction to the biodiversity of the affected regions, loss of wildlife and soil fertility and health problems. It looks, in particular, at the problems which affect the Ogoni people of the Delta region and the compensation Shell was forced to pay. Finally, the paper discusses the future of Nigeria's oil industry and Shell's promise to improve environmental concerns in the region.
Critics note that such low-tech security operations can surely be significantly improved, especially when hundreds of millions of dollars are spent in developing technologies to discover oil under the ground. There are many oil pipeline surveillance technologies currently on the market, including a host of fiber optic sensors that detect stress in the pipelines and drilling equipment through subtle shifts in the optic wavelength. Researches at the Southwest Research Institute in San Antonio have developed harmonic sensors that can be placed inside of pipes via the flow of oil and then attach themselves to the interior to measure outside force. And over the last two years, ChevronTexaco has invested tens of millions of dollars in startup companies that design pipeline sensor networks (ibid).
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