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Thread started 08/22/03 1:44pm


Look Up 4 This Country Singer

FUNNY, SHE DOESN'T LOOK LIKE COUNTRY SINGER: This sexy hot mama is out to challenge the status quo.
by Angela Spann

Vivki Vann
(Aug. 22, 2003) Female country music artists have traditionally kept close to the fringed-shirt, cowboy hat image set in motion by such pioneers as Loretta Lynn and Dolly Parton. That is, until Shania Twain came along and blew the collective roofs off of Nashville and its Grand Ole’ Opry.
Well, there’s a new belle of the ball in town and she’s anything but traditional. Vicki Vann, who resembles a bronzed Halle Berry, may very well become to country music what Beyonce is to Pop and R&B. If you don’t recognize her name, don’t worry, in time you will.

Ms. Vann, who has all the makings of a country music star, recently sat down with Lee Bailey at the Bill Pickett Invitational Rodeo in LA to discuss her love of country music, her album, and her acceptance into the mainstream country industry. When asked how she came to love country music, Vicki states that it isn’t as far fetched as one might think.

Growing up in a rural section of Altadena, California, she was no stranger to horses, chickens, and chores. As a young girl, she was exposed to various types of music, such as gospel, jazz, and country. However, her love for country music grew very strong, despite the fact that her father, a Baptist minister, was a member of the world famous gospel group, Mighty Clouds of Joy. Recognizing his daughter’s talent, he wanted Vicki to be the next Aretha Franklin, but the talented beauty had other plans.

“I fell in love with country music because most country songs have a story. They have a beginning, middle, and an end. I’m a storyteller and it fits. I really get into the lyrics,” explained Vicki. “It makes me laugh and cry.”

Admittedly, Vicki is a rare gem in the genre and has large shoes to fill in her quest to gain crossover appeal and acceptance. There haven’t been many successful African -American country artists since the legendary Charlie Pride, but that doesn’t discourage the singer at all.

Although most of the local country music fans that she’s sung for are usually shocked when they see her, they change their tunes once they hear her sing. “They seem to love it,” stated Vicki. “They’ve been wonderfully receptive.” She’s also finding international acceptance, as well. A recent performance in Switzerland was met with warm reception by the fans. Vicki seems to be taking this challenging endeavor all in stride. She explained this phenomenal challenge to Bailey.

“Someone has to step over the line and do something. It hasn’t been done. It’s a risky thing. A lot of people are afraid of not being received. It’s been a while. Someone just needs to say what about me. Listen to me.”

Our prediction is that fans will not only be listening, but watching as well. This natural beauty is bringing her personal style to the stage. Although she doesn’t wear the traditional cowboy hats on stage (only to avoid hat hair), she does wear them occasionally when riding horses. Instead, Vicki prefers to dress classy, sophisticated, sexy, and glamorous when performing.

Her self-entitled album has eleven songs and one traditional inspirational bonus track at the end. Vicki’s record label is in the initial stages of releasing her first single “Wednesday Kisses,” which is a song about a gal not interested in bling-bling, but simply wants a kiss, perhaps on Wednesday. This song seems to be a self-portrait of Vicki, who claims that she’s not a bling-bling, marbled-floor kind of girl.

“I like horses, family, cats, and God,” explained Vicki.

After discussing her album, Bailey asked about the music that rotates in her stereo and she responded that, although R&B and Pop is not her style of choice to sing, she does have favorites. She mentioned Celine Dion, Christina Aquilera, and Beyonce as some of her favorite artists.

We suspect that with the release of her first album and her successful introduction to the music industry, her name will soon be added to that illustrious list.

For additional information on Vicki Vann, visit her at The website has a photo gallery, headshots, merchandise, and a guest book. Fans can also purchase her CD on the site. Fans who choose to drop Vicki a message are assured that she will write back.

In closing, Vicki gives Bailey her last words of encouragement.

“I think that country music is great for a lot of people to listen to even if they think they don’t like it. Give it a shot. They will be pleased. Stay prayerful, peaceful, and close to God.”

Spoken like a true star.
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