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Reply #60 posted 02/17/21 8:47am



jfenster said:

SantanaMaitreya said:
So you like Prince, but not Jimi Hendrix, Sly Stone, James Brown or Santana?
I liked those artists before prince came along

I was listening to those artists straight out of training pants. lol

"Music gives a soul to the universe, wings to the mind, flight to the imagination and life to everything." --Plato
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Reply #61 posted 02/18/21 7:17am



Margot said:

SantanaMaitreya said:

Yeah, George is my favourite Beatle. In case you didn't know, next month, the recordings he made with Bob Dylan will be released. [Edited 1/14/21 9:15am]

Thanks for the info, I appreciate it.

Can't wait for the Georges stuff with Dylan. George is my favorite Beatle as well. All Things Must Pass is by far the best solo album from any of them. However thats not to dismiss John and Pauls solo work. I still think Plastic Ono Band is John's best, with Imagine close behind. Of all of Pauls, the one I still listen to on a regular basis is Ram. I also really like Band on the Run and Flaming Pie.

We're gonna need a bigger boat
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Reply #62 posted 02/18/21 9:50am




No, it was the 60's who were the best decade in music, with all the innovations : The Beatles, to quote just one act.


I agree on (not only) The Beatles !

And all these sixties artists had Buddy Holly, Little richard, Elvis, etc, as examples.

Just like the beatles had 'skiffle' and black music comming in through the british havens, etc.


Actually, the sixties (the way you say were the best decade in music), actually started (much) later in the 60's.

In the beginning of the sixties (lets say the first 3 to 4 years) there wasn't al that much innovation going on to shake the world.

The highlight of the most inventive developments in contemporary (pop and rock) music (like The Beatles, Stones, Who... etc) came about at the end of the sixties.


Where to draw the line of change ? ...where does it begin, and end ?

I skip the use of the word 'decade' for this matter.

Its like the eighties starten actually at the end of the seventies.

The nineties went on till basically throught all the nillies.

Just sayin'

There isn't that much happening in music these days, the way it was.

Contemporary music (these days) is based on the ability to create perfection, influenced by image culture and social media - for instance.

Everyone can make music at home. Perfect quality, no need for record companies, you don't even need to play an instrument or know how to sing.

I call it 'the age of easy and cold perfection', always singing about the heart, but heartless in my ears and mind.

Mind the reality shows to discover new talents (that aren't that talented), and the industry boy bands and girl groups, etc.

Anyways. There still is great music, like Billie Eilish, or Gaga, or The National, Radiohead...

But it often is a (strong or weak) copy of an older style, or a copy of a copy.

Depends on how you look at it personally.

And here and there we still have originality that is picked up by the masses, like Radiohead did for example (and imho).


Somewhere i've read in an article or book that the year 1979 is proven the year with the best crafted songs, writing, releases, styles coming together, technical possiblilties, etc, on all different levels and genres.

Sort of a perfect opportunity where all elements come together resulting in an interesting and perfect mixing results, (kind of) well received by the masses.

Like the song writing, sound creation, synths, and better production techniques which made it possible to create at such a high level- even comparable with the recording quality of today.

Now, the digital and information age create loads of possibilities and countless quantities done by whomever wants the do it.

(... quality will always stay on top no matter what.)


The 80's were particularly not as great as the70s or 60's altogether.

But these 80's influences are still counting today, and are often heavily refered to.

Like, Disco, New Wave, cold wave, punk, Romantic, Ska, crossover, hard rock, etc... all these genres are still touched today, or mixed up to try and create new styles.

Then on the other hand, (50's) Rock 'n roll, folk, twist, prog rock, etc, don't have that much influence anymore since their origin.

Which doesn't mean it might never return.

But in the last 30 years, actually not that much has changed in the development of new 'styles'.

Grunge in the 90''s were a continuation of rock, stripped off the frills or 70's R'nR.

Hair Rock/Bands, an interpretation of Glam Rock.

House and rave was a certain continuating answer to the dancing of Disco (maxi singles, discotheque music so to speak),

Minimal music, is close to classical approach melody wise, with often a repetitive soft danceable beat.

(Contemporary) Industrial Independent Music derives from John Cage and the avand garde music from the early 20th century.

Dance and DJ music, again from Disco and soul.

Indie music give continuation to Rock , prog rock, or even rock 'n roll. Etcetera.


There is so much to say about all these early innovative styles influences.

In nearly 20 years time (from late 60s up to half 80s) you had so much opposite styles answering the previous one, (or strongly building up on others; from Disco to new wave for example).

Or also sort of a contra-sound or a soft rebelious answer to the previous style(s).

Those styles were ananswer what was going on in the world and society back then.

I for one find it fascinating, the same is happening right now.

Our current perfect-pop music and artists.

Good looking, shiny white teeth, gigantic lack of the rock 'n roll attitude.

As if everything is perfect in a perfect world. The influence of the internet.

Emotions are translated to 'for ever and ever love', or for ever hurt, or plain childish fun tunes, even the melodies.

And then I haven't mentioned rap music yet.

I love rap. But rap is still going on since the late 70's.

Rap also is way beyond the street credibility it first brought along.

Rap nowadays is tuning back to pop. Even with melodies, and teh mingling with pop and rock by inviting these (older) artists.

So much to say about.

Anyways. wink


There is such a good book i can recommend on one of these topics :

''Mars by 1980: The Story of Electronic Music'' - written by David Stubbs.

A wonderfull British music jounalist.

(And so many other books i can recommend.)

But this particular one is great, because it starts with avant garde in the '10/'20s, up till now.

A recommendation.


"The whole problem with the world is that fools and fanatics are always so certain of themselves.
And wiser people so full of doubts"
(Bertrand Russsell 1872-1972)
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