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Thu 20th Feb 2020 10:44pm
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Forums > Music: Non-Prince > Went to see Yasiin Bey ( formerly Mos Def) last night.
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Thread started 05/04/19 5:01am



Went to see Yasiin Bey ( formerly Mos Def) last night.

Saw him six years ago for the first time and had a really good time . Back then Big Daddy Kane was the first act and then came Mos Def who did a long and pretty good show but last night, although still enjoyable, was a bit of a letdown for me because the "concert" was quite short (65 minutes), pretty expensive (ca. 55 US dollars = 50 euros), and most parts of the "concert" consisted of him spinning around and dancing, humping the speakers and throwing rose petals and roses into the crowd while his DJ played the backing tracks from a Macbook. Some songs were cut short and some others, including some of his more wellknown songs, were performed with drastically different beats, more or less House style remixes, which was ok but sounded a bit like some Europop dance version.


I still enjoyed the positive vibe he tried to spread and just seeing him on stage again after so many years but many folks in the audience were really disappointed and felt ripped off.

Don´t think I´ll go to another one of his performances again unless he changes his show or at least extends it a bit. I spoke with some guys who saw him in London and Manchester and they complained about the same things and their criticism was pretty harsh.

Love Mos Def/Yasiin Bey´s music and positive attitude and the last show six years ago, albeit very similar in concept, was really good but if he wants to continue attracting crowds he should maybe reconsider some things about his show.


Also went to see producer and DJ Pete Rock the same night and left early because it was just boring to see him play one 90s rap tune after another without adding anything special to his performance. And every time he fucked up he just grabbed the mic and asked the crowd to shout stupid , worn out and cliché stuff such as "Say hoooo, say I love Hip Hop!" , say "I love Pete Rock!" etc. etc. and he played half of Nas´s Illmatic album just like that. But the 90s Hip Hop crowd loved it and went nuts.


I guess I´m getting too old for Hip Hop "concerts" even though Hip Hop is my true foundation.

After witnessing Prince and D´Angelo going to such "concerts" can only be a frustrating experience.

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Forums > Music: Non-Prince > Went to see Yasiin Bey ( formerly Mos Def) last night.