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Thread started 12/11/18 9:55am



Anyone remember this R&B female quintet from the 90's? They had one song I used to love called "Just Fa My Man". Anyone know what ever happened to them and if they had anything else besides "Just Fa My Man"?


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Reply #1 posted 12/11/18 10:09am



The only thing I could find was this review from Amazon on their album Promises:


"Skillz, 1995 release, "Promises" shows a bit with tracks like, "Just Fa My Man," "Human," "Messin' Around," "Promises, Promises" and even their rendition of "The Star-Spangled Banner." With the exception of "Be Your Lady," the rest of the tracks seem to fall below average in quality and in my opinion too many unnecessary interludes. I think if they had better promotion, they possibly could have seen more success, I am surprised since I hear the lead singer has some relation to Gladys Knight. "Just Fa My Man" was a good single choice, but once again, I think it goes back to promotion (record label), and maybe if they did a better video for the song (you can probably find the video on YouTube, somewhere). Most of the above tracks I named were single-worthy, but in the mid 90's (and the 90's period) there were sooo many girl groups coming and going. So that could be another reason why this group never sought the attention of R&B/hip-hop soul fans, like TLC, SWV, Mary J. Blige, etc during that time, and maybe five members was too much?! When you can only really identify one or two! Nevertheless, I believe you should try to check "Promises" out, the lead singer; Kaye West has a good voice! Obviously deserves more attention, going by the amount of reviews =| lol"

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