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Reply #30 posted 04/20/18 4:21pm


spacedolphin said:

Gary Numan - Sacrifice

Bob Dylan - Time Out of Mind

Marianne Faithful - Broken English

Deep Purple - Deep Purple

Roy Orbison - Mystery Girl

Killing Joke - Pandemonium

Black Sabbath - 13

Johnny Cash - American Recordings

The Mission - Aura

Faith No More - Sol Invictus

ATCQ - We got it from here...

Dead Can Dance - Anastasis

[Edited 4/17/18 20:11pm]

I had absolutely no idea that Tribe had released another album!

Another album to add to the list of best comebacks should be Californiacation by the Red Hot Chili Peppers. They had some some rough years in the mid 90's following John Frusciante's departure after Blood Sugar Sex Magik from '91. The guy was in an awful state from a really addiction problem and the band struggled to replace him going through a couple of short lived ill fitting replacements, eventually releasing a disappointing album with Dave Navarro (who was then fired). But he eventually got himself clean, rejoined the band and released their biggest selling album Californiacation, fantastic comeback record. Scar Tissue and the title track are all time classics. And how on earth could we forget The Next Day by David Bowie as a great comeback record, especially as it appeared almost out of nowhere.
[Edited 4/20/18 16:23pm]
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