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Thread started 04/08/99 2:49pm

Ginuwine's opinion of Prince

Ginuwine was interviewed by the Global Television Network for Global News Entertainment. In the interview, which aired on April 8, 1999, he mentioned that Prince and Michael Jackson were "two of (his) favourite artists". He said "I always watch them and try to (emulate) what they do." He was referring mostly to his live performance act which was heralded as one of the best in current R&B music. A clip was shown of prince from the Emancipation Day concert in which he was singing Purple Rain.

Andrew Goodale ( reports:

Ginuwine has given another interview where he mentions Prince. This months
issue of the Sony Music Entertainment magazine Freebase (which is avavailable
in the UK by returning the postcard with a Sony Artists cd), has the interview.
The following are the questions and answers that mentioned Prince:

FREEBASE: So who are your heroes? Who inspired you, like, as you were growing

GINUWINE: Michael Jackson, of course...Prince, and probably New Edition.

FREEBASE: Do you also plan to work with any one else when it comes to duets?
If you had your own way who would you like to do a duet with and why?

GINUWINE: Proabably Michael Jackson, that would be the only one, off hand that
i could think of.

FREEBASE: What about Prince?

GINUWINE: Yeah! I would like to do a song with him, I would love for him to
write a song for me or produce a song for me. Not to do a duet as afar as
singing with me, but...Prince, I would like for him to produce a song for me,
Michael I would actually like to do a duet with.

The rest of the interview is about working with Timbaland and the rest of his
new album 100% Ginuwine.
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Forums > News Comments > Ginuwine's opinion of Prince